Nadia: journey to school

Her parents had finally calmed down, but her brother had never recovered from the weekend’s incident. Nobody said what had provoked such a sudden panic attack, yet things had gone back to the usual routine. Or they more or less had. Nadia’s parents had insisted on staying at home for the weekend, and had not taken her brother to hospital until Sunday evening. 

On Monday, Nadia was supposed to go back to school. Her neighbourhood looked almost the same as usual, though slightly dishevelled. It was as if everyone in that whole area had aged a little bit more than they should have during that weekend. One of the first symptoms of this sudden transformation was the couple who lived opposite of Nadia’s family. They were, as usual, each getting into their car, getting ready to drive out to their respective jobs. Yet, this time, the wife seemed careless in her driving, as she almost ran over the tiny dog of Mr Johnson, the widower who lived at the end of the street.

Nadia had been a little startled to see the little dog almost get killed, but understood that tiredness could be the cause of such behaviour. Her parents had also been a bit careless in the morning, and she thought that it was understandable that not everyone had good days. It was probably the same thing with the old woman who usually went to mass and to do some grocery shopping around that time of the day, who, as Nadia saw when she passed next to her kitchen window, had stayed home that morning.

But Nadia had an ominous feeling when she crossed to the other side of Finley Avenue. The people there looked similar to everyone in her nieghbourhood, as they always had, but Nadia couldn’t shake the feeling that something was different about them. The ones who noticed her, stopped to stare at her. Their eyes opened wider than Nadia thought was normal, they stood there, unblinking, as if they were processing something. 

When she got to the bus stop, she looked around: while the people she had left behind were not looking at her anymore, they all seemed to face the ones on the other side of Finley Avenue. When she looked at the side of the street she had come from, she noticed similar behaviour. What was going on? Before she could receive an answer, the bus arrived. Before anyone could get onto the bus, the driver got off, inspected everyone, and then pointed at Nadia.

“You can get on” he then looked at the others. “I’m afraid the rest of you will have to wait for the next bus”.

Nadia followed the bus driver into the bus, and when the door closed behind her, she took the courage to ask him. “Why did you only let me onto the bus?”

“Because you’re not like them. You are like me. We’re different. We’ve been awakened, you and I” the driver responded, as he carefully drove through the street.

The answer had confused her even more. “What? Awakened? I don’t understand”.

“When the president was assassinated, it all clicked back into place. Some of us have awakened. Like you and me. There are a few others out there” he continued in his frenzy.

“The president was assassinated?”

She received no response. They had reached an intersection, and the bus stopped. Groups of people had gathered on every side, and they were looking at each other. Nadia was more and more confused at everyone’s attitude, and wished this was all just a bad dream. When the light became green, the bus driver started the engine again, and slowly continued his way.

“We need to act in a way that they will find predictable…” he mumbled, trying to look normal.

As the bus passed, Nadia was startled by a loud bang. Someone had hit the bus on the side. She saw the people running against each other, against the bus, and attacking the people from other groups. As they left that horrible scene behind, she tried to keeping looking forward.

“Why… What’s going on?” she asked, more to herself than to the bus driver.

“I don’t know. But there are factions out there. There’s something in their minds. You need to keep acting normally to hide from them” he stopped the bus and opened the door. “Your stop. You need to go to school”.

“Wait! What made you think I was different? Why did you pick me up?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know, I just knew. Anyway, you need to get off now. And remember, act normal and predictable. They won’t notice you if you do that”.
Nadia was left with more questions than answers.


Killing a president

“Hey, it’s been nice getting to know you a bit better” Robert commented, as they approached their target.

Alissa smiled. “Yes, it has”.

“Anyway, the president has already started to give his press conference. Maybe it’s time to get things going” Robert pointed out.

“Yes, we should. Also, we need to think of a way to increase the shock factor”.

“Mmm. Maybe we can torture the president in front of millions, just before killing him?” Robert proposed.

“Uh, I know what we can do. I can snap everyone’s necks and force them to stay in place” Alissa said.

“That sounds like the kind of thing a supervillain would do” he said. “OK, let’s go!”

The two of them descended over the White House. This time, Robert went down as quick as a dart, and concentrated his power. Alissa saw him glowing bright, much brighter than his hair had before. When he touched the rooftop, the energy blasted a large hole into the building. Before anyone could hit the alarm, Alissa immobilized everyone in the building. Robert and her walked to the press conference room, and went all the way next to the president. Everyone could see them. The cameras were on, and the world was watching them at that same moment.

Alissa looked at the cameras that were facing them, and started to talk. “You might be wondering, who are these people? Why are they up there, next to the president? Why has nobody done anything to stop them? Well, the truth is pretty simple. We are supervillains. We are superhuman beings that have the mission of taking over this rotten world of stupid peace that you have created. And there is nothing that any of you can do”.

She paused, and looked at the president. “Do you think you can burn his face?” she asked Robert.

“Sure thing”.

He concentrated a bit of energy into his index finger, and started to pass it over the president’s cheek. Alissa could smell the burning skin of the president, and decided to let him move his head and scream. The expressions of the people gathered in there were changing. They were not completely stoic anymore. They were disgusted, and panicking. Alissa decided it was time to continue her speech.

“We are going to kill the president of the United States here and now. Just because we can. Yes, we can murder the allegedly most powerful man on the world, and nobody can stop us. And there are thousands out there, many of them as powerful as we are”.

Robert had poked a hole in the president’s face, and his teeth were showing through it. Alissa moved him around the room, showing everyone the horrible view of the president’s face. The people of the front row were foaming in their mouth, and their eyes had gone blank. They were managing something.

“We are among you, and you cannot make a difference between us and you. You are stuck in this pool with us, and we are the largest predator out there. Get ready for the hunt, because you are our victims. Now enjoy the show”.

She broke some people’s necks, choosing randomly. The rest, she freed from her grip, and let them scream for the cameras. Meanwhile, Robert pierced the president’s chest, and extracted a piece of lung, which he immediately threw towards the public that had gethered for the press conference, splashing them with blood. The smell of burning meat had permeated the entire room, and it was even making Alissa’s stomach revolt. But they needed to do it. The heads of a few, clearly visible people were crushed by her power, at view by everyone in the world. Meanwhile, Robert was keeping the president alive, while still going on a slasher show.

“Come on, let’s give them some more shock” she said, ripping the president’s heart out of his body. It was still beating, and full of blood, which was going everywhere. Alisa knew that she would need way more than a shower after that, but she needed to do it. She crushed the heart and made it look as if she was devouring it.

The operation had been a complete success.

Nadia: a reaction

Elizabeth had always been involved in politics. She would go to rallies, volonteer for the campaigns of her chosen candidates, and had always participated in the debates surrounding any topic that was related to or tangential with politics. Even before the Enlightenment Event, she had seeked to be informed about politics on a daily basis. Therefore, it was not a surprise that she was in front of the television that evening.

On the other hand, Joseph had never been interested in politics. In that sense, he had been the opposite of his wife: though he shared common values and political ideas with her, the apathy he felt and the general sensation that no candidate would ever solve the problems of the country prevented him from being an active member of his community – he hadn’t even voted in the last few elections!

Yet, there he was, watching a public television commentary before the president of the United States gave a press of conference for everyone in the world to see. There was no real debate on any of the issues that the president was going to comment on: all public appearances had become extremely neutral and measured. However, audiences had started to love the debates as they became more and more mellow.

Nadia wondered what had happened with her parents in the last few months for them to silently watch those programs. Her mom had not uttered any sort of complaint in months, and her father had suddenly started to get interested in the affairs of the country, and the world. Maybe there were changes like that in old age?

Even her brother, who was just barely 18, was watching the television with them, silently concentrating on every single word that was said in those television programmes. His change had been the most shocking for Nadia: he had gone from super-aggressive to pretty considerate from the morning to the evening. Nadia could see him sitting on the sofa, between her parents.

“Am I a weirdo, for not being interested in these things?” she had wondered, once and again.

She had also noticed similar changes at school. It was all so weird and structured. However, although she didn’t understand these changes, she had not said a thing about it, and had accustomed herself with the new ways of her family and society.

Yet that evening was going to disrupt the social order around her. She first heard a scream from the living room. When she got there, Nadia saw her parents panicking, while her brother’s body was contorting on the floor. Foam was falling from his open mouth, and his eyes had gone white.

Nadia could not approach them to help them calm down, because her parents were moving extremely violently. With the swing of his left arm, her father kicked the television, which fell to the floor and broke. However, that didn’t calm them down. Seeing that she could do nothing, Nadia called 911. There was no response.

She got out of the house, and ran to the neighbours’ house. She rang the doorbell and waited, but the people inside were screaming, and she could hear loud bangs. She surrounded the house from the side, and looked at the living room from a window. The neighbours had also been affected by whatever her family had been affected by.

In fact, almost everyone had.

The last hours of Washington

Alissa jumped out of the platform, into the void. She had grown really comfortable with her powers in the last few months, and would now take any chance she had to use them. She felt the wind against her body, as she dropped at high speed from the Cloud Palace. Robert followed her swiftly, but he used an energy shield to reduce his speed of descent.

Alissa slowed down in the last few hundred metres, and landed softly on the top of a building. Robert jumped out of his energy shield, just behind her. He adjusted his coat and looked around.

“So, should we go look for the president?” he asked.

“No, we know where he’ll be” Alissa responded. “Also, I guess that killing the president in front of the cameras should have a greater effect than just murdering him while he’s having lunch” she explained, looking at her phone to check the time.

“In that case, we have a lot of free time until 18:30” Robert pointed out. “Should we do some tourism? I’ve never been to this city, and considering the destruction that we are probably going to cause, it’s unlikely I’ll see it the way it is now”.

“Sure, why not. We could grab something to eat, and then check some sites. But you’ll have to do something about your hair, because it’s a shining beacon right now” she pointed at the top of his head.

He looked up, almost as if he could see his hair through his skull. “Oh, of course. Let me adjust that…” He closed his eyes, and in a few seconds, his hair transitioned to a light brown tone.

“So you’re not blonde, then?” Alissa observed.

“No, I’m not. That’s just my energy seeping into my hair” Robert explained.

“Not an aesthetic choice, then?”

“No, not at all. It can be inconvenient at times, because it makes me an easy target”.

“I’m sure speleology must be great with you” she laughed.

It took him a couple of seconds to realize what she meant. “Come on!” he complained a bit, but then laughed with her. “My girlfriend used to say the same kinds of things”.

Alissa noticed the change in his expression. She wished she had Jane with her to know what was going through his brain. “Are you OK?”

Robert took a few seconds to get back to normal. “Yes, yes… It’s just… I still hope we can get her back”.

Alissa understood. Those unaffected by the Enlightenment, like herself, had lost many loved ones. Alissa’s sister had turned against her, and her friends reported her to the authorities (who had also been brainwashed). It had happened gradually, yet it would seem that nobody had been spared. Robert’s girlfriend had probably been another victim to the Enlightenment.

“Yes, I hope so, too” she said, putting her hand on his shoulder. “That’s why we need to do our best today”.

Robert’s hair lit up once more, just for a few seconds, and then he controlled it again. They headed towards the rooftop access, as that was the only way down the building tht would not call anyone’s attention. Alissa manipulated the lock of the door, which seemed quite complex for what she was used to.

“That’s quite the lock these people have in here!” she commented. “What is this building, anyway?” she continued, as she flung the door open and punched the security guard that had been waiting for them hard in the face. The man fell unconscious due to the pressure of her strike.

“Have you killed him?” Robert asked.

“I haven’t. But I don’t know if we should”. She thought about it for a few seconds. “I mean, what if he alarms everyone and the president’s press conference gets cancelled?”

“Wouldn’t that be perceived as weakness? Maybe this can be a source of even more stress to the network” Robert suggested. “Like, the security will be high, and we will still kill the president”.

“True” she agreed. Then, looking back at the conscious man on the floor, she said. “Seems like it’s been your lucky day. Please go alarm as many people as you can”.

“Anyway, this seems to be some sort of security house of the capital. Maybe we should not fight our way out of here” Robert proposed.

“Let’s not”.

They looked around the building, and found an alleyway that led to the main street. They carefully went down, and walked to the main road. From there, they headed towards the main tourist attractions. Those would be the last few hours of Washington.

New Strategies

I wasn’t expecting such a quick arrival from you” Daniel commented, looking as Alissa ascended towards the platform of the flying craft.

Come on, Daniel. I’m a top level supervillain” she answered.

Yeah, but I mean, your main ability is telekinesis. It doesn’t give you that much of an advantage for speed” he pointed out. “And I don’t think you can contend that”.

Well, then imagine how frigging powerful I must be” Alissa stated, ascending through the staircase.

Several others were entering the Cloud Palace at the same time, arriving through different methods. Alissa only knew a few of them, but most faces were familiar by now. The Scandinavian-looking man with the glowing gold mane was crossing the entrance at that moment, followed by a Latina that Alissa could not recognize. The large entrance to Chairman Patil’s dominions stood open for all of them.

They all went directly to the Main Hall, and sat in their allocated spaces. Alissa sat with a small group of high level telekinesis users – even though most telekinesis users were quite proficient with their abilities, very few of them actually qualified as high level, due to the nature of the ability –, and greeted them while she waited for the council to start. Beside them was the group of the Scandinavian-looking man that Alissa had seen before.

Hey, I always see you around here” he introduced himself. “I’m Robert, from Oxford”.

So he wasn’t Scandinavian, after all. Alissa shook his hand. “Hi, I’m Alissa”.

I see that you are part of the telekinesis group. That’s a rare one”.

She laughed. “We’re still the largest group in the energy division”.

True, true. Though I have to say that we have a couple of promising recruits that might reach our level soon…”

Do I have to take that as a threat?” she joked.

Oh, of course not, not yet… We’d have all of the elementals to deal with first” Robert responded.

And the council of fundamental forces” she added.

There is no officer of gravity, so that’s just three members to fight off. It’s still probably impossible…” he said, making some mental calculations.

Alissa looked towards the large table in the front of the room as she felt the presence of Chairman Patil. It was impossible to not notice her, which was part of her power. In her realm, she could do whatever she wanted, and imposing her presence on everyone else was an important thing to do in front of hundreds of super powered individuals that could get cocky. It was the reason why she had been chosen as Chairman of the League of Supervillains.

Good evening to all of you, fellow members of the League of Supervillains. I am pleased to welcome three new members to this meeting of high level supervillains” she announced, and then paused. “I’m going to be brief today. Our current strategy is not working”.

There was a murmur in the room. Alissa had known this some time ago. Others probably had, too. It was difficult to not notice if you were active in the field. Just a week before, Jane and her had completely destroyed an entire building, and killed dozens of people in the process, including policemen, yet there had been no reaction from the Enlightened. There had been no disruption whatsoever, and, from the lack of national and international news stating the opposite, Alissa knew that this must be happening on a global scale.

Chairman Patil let them have a moment, and then silenced them all. “The Enlightened can resist the kind of traumatic events that we have imposed onto them. Social cohesion is keeping everyone together, and our current methods are not enough. In fact, we have noticed a strengthening of the influence that the Enlightenment has on its victims in regions where the population density has reduced drastically. Lower and middle class supervillains might even have trouble moving through some of those regions, which have now become hostile to us, the unenlightened”.

A woman from the crowd stood up. “And what is the plan of action?”

We need to change our strategy” the Chairman explained. “For that we need to do several things. We need more survivors, and more trauma that will agitate the Enlightened. And we need press coverage of it all, so that the Enlightened cannot just avoid facing the trauma”.

The discussions went on for a while. The specifics of the new strategies were completely uninteresting to Alissa, if not for anything else, because she had yet to see a method that would actually manage to startle the Enlightened and change things. It was also mostly things that had already been discussed: don’t destroy a school, kill an innocent child with a name instead. The impact was supposed to be stronger, at least in theory, but the work that needed to be done to research their victims was too much of a hassle for Alissa.

They’ve got it all wrong” Robert murmured. “It’s more about killing central members of the social map, those which are highly connected”.

Alissa turned towards him. “Do you think so?”

He doubted for a second. “Yes, that’s what I think. It’s probably even better to do so while in a public act that is being broadcast to the world”.

Then we already know who our first victim has to be” Alissa concluded. “It has to be someone like the president of the United States”.

Oh. That’s actually a good point. But wouldn’t that create a lot of chaos?”

Isn’t that the whole point of this organization?” Alissa asked, making a hand gesture to point around her.

True” he conceded. “That was a very stupid remark on my part”.

It’s OK, it’s not even been a year, and we are all learning how to be supervillains” she smiled. “Let’s sneak out of this meeting and get to Washington. It should be a short flight, because the Cloud Palace is flying over Toronto right now”.

Wow, so apart from telekinesis, you also have navigational powers?”

She was caught a bit by surprise. “Sort of, yeah…”

That’s incredible. Anyway, let me check if the president is going to be there today” he said, bringing out his phone. “Yeah, apparently he has a press conference this evening”.

Let’s go kill a president, then”.

The Friday Supervillain Meetup

Alissa flew towards the skyscraper, and got into the penthouse at the very top. Marcus had left the entrance open, for any of the other arrivals, as he usually did. When Alissa entered the living room, Jane was already there, working on a painting. She said that, due to her mental powers, she worked best when she was around others like them – people who had not been affected by the Enlightenment. Jane raised her eyebrows, noticing Alissa’s mind in the background. She blushed a little, and her painting became noticeably more intense. Alissa didn’t want to interrupt her, so she greeted Jane just by thinking of her. She then went straight towards Marcus and the others.

So, what’s new?” Alissa asked.

Marcus turned to greet her. “Hey, Alissa, glad to see you” he smiled. “Lin was just telling us about this new suit of armour that she is building”.

Oh, that sounds interesting” she responded.

Lin, can you do a quick recap for Alissa, please?” Marcus asked.

Sure. I’ve told you guys on many occasions how I’ve been working on functional armour that was responsive to our powers” Lin explained. “Well, I finally have the blueprints and the first prototype for a hand piece that can optimize and even improve my abilities!”

That’s really cool” Alissa said.

Will you please make a demonstration? I want to see the difference”.

Well, Marcus, I wouldn’t be telling you guys about this to then keep you in the dark, would I? I’ve left my things next to the entrance, I’ll be back in a sec”.

Jane joined them.

Are you done painting?” Alissa asked her.

No, but I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to see that glove at work” she said. “Also, I’m working on quite a complex piece, so I’d like to take my time to complete it” she explained.

Before Alissa or Jane could say anything else, Lin got back into the room with two small potted plants that looked quite similar to each other. She was also holding a glove, and some measuring equipment. Before saying a thing, she placed one plant in the centre of the room, and set up the measurement equipment around the plant. She left the glove on a coffee table on the side.

So, I’m going to make a demonstration. I’m going to output about 2000 calories of energy each time, and make the plant grow” Lin announced. “The meters are going to make sure that my power output is the same in each case. You will see how different the results are”.

Lin started to concentrate her power. Alissa noticed how she was struggling – Lin had never been the strongest member of the team, which was, in part, the reason why she had geared her efforts towards innovation, in order to catch up with her teammates –, but did not say a thing. Jane took a hand to her temple, which Alissa knew was Jane’s way of closing her mind to her surroundings. Lin’s struggle seemed quite off-putting mentally for Jane.

Seems like a lot of effort for not much results, am I right?” Marcus murmured.

He was right. The plant had barely grown a few leaves, and looked greener than before. The meter had hit 2000 calories, and Lin looked quite tired. She showed the rest of them the plant, and left it aside. She then placed the second plant in the same position, and put on her glove. Without saying a word, she started to concentrate once again.

The change was immediate. The plant doubled in size, and its leaves were much thicker than before. Everyone in the room was very surprised, and gave a round of applause. Lin thanked them with a nod of her head, and took off the glove.

As you can see, the amount of calories spent has been the same in each case” Lin said, pointing towards the monitor.

That’s incredible” Daniel commented.

And this is only the first iteration” Lin answered. “It’s not been optimized, and could perform much better”.

I think you should take it to the next meeting of the League of Supervillains” Marcus said.

Now that you mention it, I received a notification” Alissa interjected. “The League has called for another meeting next week, I think”.

Marcus seemed pretty surprised. “I haven’t received any notifications” he stated.

I have, too. But I think it is a top-level-only meeting” Daniel explained.

Oh, I hadn’t had the time to read the whole notification” Alissa said.

Alissa noticed her anxiety going up a bit. The power-level classification was a sensitive topic for Lin and Marcus (even though he insisted that he didn’t care). Alissa herself didn’t really care much, but she noticed that their expressions had mutated, and felt some awkwardness continuing with the topic. She was looking for a way out of that situation when she started to feel relaxed again. Alissa knew that this must be Jane, softly tapping into their minds, helping them relax the tension.

It’s just some admin stuff, quite boring, really. The meetings involving the whole League are way more interesting” Daniel said.

It’s probably just Chairman Patil announcing some changes, right?” Jane added.

Alissa nodded, mentally thanking Jane for the assistance. “Yes, I think so. We’ll tell you guys all about it when we’re back”.

Yeah, cool, that way we get the summarized version. I mean, come on, Chairman Patil can sometimes go on about stuff that nobody cares about!” Marcus said.

I don’t think she is that bad. Sure, she is quite repetitive, but at least her message tends to be clear. I think the Secretary, Salman, is way worse. Every time he talks it’s as if he is dictating a conundrum for us to solve. I cannot make out any sense of what he means, not even with my telepathic abilities!” Jane followed.

God, you’re right. He’s the worst” Marcus agreed.

From there, the conversation derived into other topics, gossip about other supervillains, future projects that they were working on, jokes… In the end, the Friday Supervillain Meetup ended on a light note.

The date

“You know, I don’t intend to be hurtful…”

“But you are going to be anyway”.

“Well, yes. This coffee is not very good at all”.

“Do you know how many people have died for this coffee?”

Jane looked around at the rest of the Starbucks. “I’d estimate around 35 people?”

In a sudden arm movement, Alissa destroyed the bathroom. There were screams inside, which finally faded as the rubble and humans inside were compressed to a small cube the size of a trash can. “That makes 38” she said.

“Look, I’m not saying it’s your fault. I really appreciate the effort it took to kill these people. It’s just that the coffee here has never been great, and since there is no incentive for improvement…”

Alissa sighed. “I know. Things have been pretty stuck ever since humanity found Enlightenment”.

Jane held Alissa’s hand, and smiled at her. “Hey, don’t feel down. This is the best date I’ve been to so far”.

“So far?” Alissa did not like those words.

“Yes, so far, because I’m sure our second date is going to be even better” Jane said.

The response took Alissa by surprise. She smiled at Jane, held her hand, and pushed her up “Let’s go. We’ll find a better place”.

As they were walking out, Jane stopped for a moment. “Do you think we should… I don’t know, destroy the place, or something?”

“I guess we should? I don’t know, I’m just not very good at this ‘being a supervillain’ thing”.

“Same here” Jane answered, while looking at the shop. “Maybe I can infuse these corpses with artificial minds, and use them to terrorize the city?” she suggested.

“That sounds villainous” Alissa conceded. “But only the ones that are in a proper condition”.

Jane concentrated her psychic powers, which made a small bright circle appear in her forehead. Several rays of light emanated from the circle, and hit the corpses in the Starbucks. The dead bodies rose back up to their feet, and exited the shop. The two women walked out, and looked at the policemen who had gathered outside.

“Please, we ask you to stop your criminal activities” one of them shouted.

“I’ll take care of them” Jane said, and she telepathically commanded the dead that she was controlling to attack the policemen.

The twenty or so corpses that were under her control attacked the agents that had surrounded the coffee shop. These men and women, shooting courageously, were not phased when any of them fell, and, without letting their emotions cloud them, they dealt with the dead effectively. Alissa looked extremely annoyed when she had to stop the stray bullets that flew towards them in the fight.

“Don’t you get angry that your comrades died?” she asked the policemen.

“No. We are going to miss them, but anger goes against Enlightenment. The best thing that we can do to honour their memory is to give them a dignified goodbye, and to try to stop you to the best of our power” one of them said.

Everyone seemed to agree.

“I can’t believe this!” she yelled. She then turned towards Jane. “Not even the slightest reaction!”

“Do you want me to…?”

“No, no. You must be tired. Let me do this”.

Alissa advanced towards the police agents. They warned her not to walk another step, but she did not listen. When they started shooting her, she deflected the bullets back towards them. Some of them were injured, but others were still trying to fight her. She pushed the ground open, and an enormous crack surrounded the police cars and agents. A nearby building started to sink, and Alissa pushed it to the ground, and down into the crack.

“I think that qualifies as supervillainous?” she said.

“I hope so. I’ve killed several police agents, and all of the innocents in that building. Plus, damaged a lot of infrastructure”.

“Anyway, what now?” Jane asked.

Alissa thought about it. “Let’s go find a coffee shop where we can get some decent coffee”.

She held Jane and started to fly away.


The next morning, Alissa was reading the news on the computer, looking for any sort of information about the destruction that they had provoked. She found a small piece of news. “Destruction in Clover Street” it read. The news report explained that a crack had opened on the ground, and that it had produced important destruction. No mention of Jane and her producing the destruction, and fighting and killing the policemen. It had all been deemed a part of a natural disaster.

“Damn it!” Alissa cursed.