History of Fiery Creek 25: The Second Battle

The intelligence provided by Satan pointed out that Everything would attack once more at some point in 1857. Mary Clark had started to prepare for the battle with time, getting the fighters that she could on point. The evacuation procedures had been arranged for, in fact, under the excuse that town was at war, Mary had made them move into the Library City, where Erin had prepared a space for them.

But Mary knew that her forces were not enough. She could compromise the citizens’ security by luring Everything into the Library City, thus making Erin – who, remember, was omnipotent in that dimension – deal with it, but the point was that the rest of the Multiverse would be compromised. Considering that Erin’s powers were not enough outside the Library City, Mary could only count on herself, Ba’al, Merlin and Diane.

One day that Mary was waiting, keeping the town under her watch, Satan appeared and greeted her. “Mary, I need to make a proposition”.

“If it’s about Ba’al, you know what the answer is” Mary answered.

“Darn, I had to try” he said, jokingly. “No, but more seriously, I think I know the way to beat It“.

Mary turned around from the watch with interest. “Tell me”.

“Basically, the idea is to let It spend its power in a giant attack, but opening a portal that will direct the energy somewhere else”.

“Where?” Mary asked.


Mary opened her eyes widely. “But that would destroy Hell! What about the souls trapped there? It’s also your home”.

“I am not bothered by that. I find the Earth to be a lot more fun to live in. Also, the souls there will be freed and go to Heaven” Satan explained.

Mary thought about it for a while. “OK, but then, what?”

“Then… I don’t know. We destroy It?” he proposed.

“I guess that could work” Mary said. “But how will we open such a large portal? Also, how are we going to be ready to do so when It comes?”

It likes populations of large power. If I bring the Infernal Army here, It will not take long to appear. We can open the portal together”.

“Are you sure about this whole thing?” Mary asked.


The preparations were swift. Mary did not want to wait. She hated waiting, and would rather apply a solution to the problem.

“Do you think we can trust Satan?” Ba’al asked Mary.

“I don’t know, Ba’al. But I’d rather try to face that monster with whatever we have than wait here for it to come kill us”.

Ba’al sighed. “I guess you are right”.

“You don’t need to participate if you don’t want to” Mary said. “Diane and you don’t need to get involved in this”.

“There’s no way I will not participate in this” Diane said, approaching them, fighting gear on.

“I guess it’s settled then” Ba’al said.

“OK, so Satan and I will keep the portal open. When the attack ends, you and the rest need to attack with all you’ve got” Mary explained.

They both nodded and got ready for the fight. They did not have to wait long, as Everything came out into scene just a few hours after the Infernal Army. It attacked the demons there first, killing most of them easily. Satan and Mary soon counteracted by opening up an enormous portal that covered the whole town.

It was not amused, and, from the air, threw a giant beam of destructive energy, which disappeared through the portal. The energy was overwhelming, and Everything did not stop attacking, trying to tire them until the portal closed. The continuous attack was taking its toll on Mary and Satan, who were spending all of their energy in keeping the portal open.

“Dad, go help them!” Diane shouted.

“What? But then who will attack…?”

“I’m ready! But the portal needs to be open for a bit more!”

Ba’al joined Mary and Satan, taking the load of energy that meant keeping the portal open. The monster was spending all of its energy, which seemed almost unending, into that massive attack, and they were managing to hold it. Suddenly, after a peak of energy, the energy output started to decrease.

Diane flew, dagger in hand, and the portal started to close. Satan, Ba’al and Mary looked up, and they did not see a thing. After a few minutes, Diane approached them calmly.

“Did you destroy it?” Satan asked.

“Yes and no” was her answer.

“What does that mean?” Ba’al asked.

“I have managed a deadly hit, but the creature has escaped. It shouldn’t bother us anymore” Diane said.

“If it means that the danger has disappeared… It’s good enough for me, I guess” Mary said. “Thank you for your help, Satan. We can now part ways in peace?” she offered her hand.

He shook her hand. “Actually, I have nowhere to go now, Hell being destroyed and all that. So I have to stay in here now. I think I’m going to go into politics” Satan said.

“That should be fun to see” Mary laughed.

The remaining forces of the Infernal Army looked at them. “Wait, you mean that we can’t go back home?”

“Had you told them about the destruction of Hell?” Ba’al asked Satan.

Satan looked extremely uncomfortable. “I might have… forgotten” Satan laughed nervously.

There was an upheaval. The few demons gave way to their rages, and their shared anger somehow turned them into one large, monstrous being.

“I have no strength to deal with that” Mary said, shaking her head.

“Same here” Ba’al said.

“It’s OK” Diane said, her eyes going violet. “Let’s take it to the Caliph’s Palace and seal it there. If it breaks something it will get back to normal, so that should help. We can deal with it later”.

She took control of the beast, and made it walk into the Caliph’s Palace. She left it there, and they sealed the Palace.

“That settles it, I guess” Satan said.

“It does” Diane said. “Now let’s go celebrate.

They never dealt with that monster, and the town was still at peace with that for years to come.


History of Fiery Creek 24: Commerce between Fiery Creek and Hell – A historical analysis

Excerpt taken from “Commerce between Fiery Creek and Hell – A historical analysis”:

It would seem that the citizens of Fiery Creek did maintain commercial relationships with Hell for a short period of time that spanned between 1854 and 1857, right before the destruction of Hell by Mary Clark. It is unclear how the relationships between both parts worked, whether they were friendly or not.

Currently, there are two main theses about what happened during this period of time: those who, like Smith-Anderson, believe that the relationships were actually quite good, which spawned strong commercial ties, and that an abrupt crisis in 1857 led to the destruction of Hell; and those who, like Kauffmann and Jameson, believe that the official relationship between Fiery Creek and Hell was rough, and that it was the lower classes of both populations who, out of necessity, almost in secret, led the commerce through those years.

The problem with Kauffmann and Jameson’s thesis is that the commercial ties between Hell and Fiery Creek were highly publicized, as can be seen in documents 7 through 24, and that all citizens from the time who are still alive confirm the commercial ties to be open and public. In fact, several sources [25, 33-44, 77, 84, 86 and 91] have extensively documented the existence of objects which came to earth from Hell, through Fiery Creek.

This would seem to prove the Smith-Anderson theory, however, the fact that commercial relationships were flourishing at the time would mean that the relationships between both factions were good, which cannot explain the abrupt events of August 1857. None of the living who survived those events have ever given a good account of what happened, and no documentation exists on how Hell was destroyed.

History of Fiery Creek 23: Reality

Merlin was recovering from his injuries. In the end, he had been the one with the slowest recovery, and was still in bed.

Alba Luca left the town for some time.

Diane was in a bitter mood, doing stuff by herself. Ba’al had tried to speak to her, but she had shut everyone out.

Odin had gone back to Asgard.

John had been grounded once more, after his parents knew of the horrors that he had witnessed.

Erin concentrated on her Library work.

Mary Clark was the only who was trying to lead a normal life. She had also been the one to bury The Cactus, all by herself.

That evening, she had poured a cup of coffee with sugar after a long day’s work. She looked at the walls of the Caliph’s Palace, looking nowhere in particular, pretty much emptying her mind from any thought. She had not slept been able to relax or take a moment to herself after the attack. She had not let herself, after they had all been overpowered with such ease.

Her state of emptiness was interrupted by a sudden entrance. Satan had come to the Palace. Mary could not help herself. “God, not you again, please. Just leave”.

Satan ignored her. “I’m not here for Ba’al, Mary. I’ve heard things. Horrible things”.

Mary had not expected that. “Oh”.

“I understand that you fought It“.

“It? What do you mean?” Mary seemed quite annoyed.

Satan was surprised. “You mean to tell me that you know absolutely nothing?”

“Nobody tells me anything in this town until it’s too late” Mary pronounced bitterly.

“Then I need to tell you”.

“You? What does someone like you have to tell me?”

“All of it” Satan said, solemnly.

Mary sighed. “OK, if you say so… But don’t expect me to hand over Ba’al in exchange”.

Satan smiled, as he took a seat in front of Mary. “Don’t worry about that. I will make him fall for me with other methods”.

Mary pulled a face of disgust, but offered a cup of coffee anyway, out of politeness. “Coffee?”

“Oh, thank you for the offer” Satan said, taking a generous cup of coffee. He took a sip of it. “It’s Arabian coffee, isn’t it?”

“It is” she answered, as he enjoyed the cup. He was taking quite long to get talking, so Mary coughed, trying to point out that she wanted explanations.

“Sorry, I almost forgot. Anyway, the first thing that you need to understand is the way Reality works. I think you already know about the multiple dimensions that exist. There are also levels of Reality. Lower levels are nestled inside higher levels, and there are infinitely many possible layers of Reality. Are you following me? It’s a bit complicated…”

“Shut up and keep talking, I’m not retarded” Mary urged him.

“OK, OK… I’m actually quite surprised that you follow. Anyway, there is a highest level of Reality, and that is what we would call God. All of the beings in all levels of Reality are connected with God” Satan added.

“And God created us all?” Mary asked.

“Not quite. The fact that something like It exists proves that this level of Reality was created by a human” Satan pointed out.


“Only a human’s brain could conceive such an abomination. The Author created this whole Universe, and inserted It within” Satan explained.

“But then… what about The Author, who sometimes appears in this Multiverse?”

“That is the Author inserting himself in his creation. It’s not that rare”.

Mary thought about all of the things that Satan was telling him, and suddenly thought about one of the most important question that she had. “Wait, how do you know any of this?”

“Oh, that’s because I am a representation of something that exists at least in The Author’s level of Reality. Same thing goes for Ba’al” Satan stood up, finishing his coffee. “Anyway, I understand that Ba’al usually goes back home around this time”. He made a rose appear out of thin air. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go talk to him for a while, and we can resume our conversation tomorrow”.

“Oh, God” Mary sighed, seeing him go.

History of Fiery Creek 22: Stefano Luca

The space-time continuum was crumbling down in the battlefield. Diane was the only one who could move, and she had just been completely powerless when the Witches had taken Stefano Luca away. She started to pull Mary Clark into safety.

“I… can move… Help the others…” Mary pronounced.

Diane looked around and saw the breaches of space and time surrounding them. They were going to be engulfed. Her eyes turned violet, and she pulled them out of the dangerous region in one sweep of her arms. She then looked at the breaches, and started to close them with great effort. The town had been saved.

She assessed the situation: they were all heavily injured, Alba Luca in particular, but they looked like they could make it. Before she could think any further, a great light rose from the South. Diane turned towards the Forbidden District. There was no time for hesitation. She sent a beam of energy with a message for Erin and John, they would take care of the injured.

Diane run towards the column of light, expecting the worst. She found legions of Witches in her way, barring the entrance to the Forbidden District. She tried to go inside, but their magic power was united in an enormous barrier.

“Let me in!” Diane shouted.

The Witch that was right in the middle of the entrance looked at her. “We cannot let you inside. You would interrupt the ritual. That can’t happen”.

John Fier arrived in that moment, running from the opposite direction. “Diane! They’ve taken Eryn too!”


“A group of them attacked us in the Library, and took Erin away with them. They’ve left me unconscious, but when I woke up, Erin wasn’t there. They’ve taken her!”

Diane’s power overflowed around her, a violet energy vibrating violently. She turned towards the Witch in the entrance, and glared. The Witch did not seem impressed.

“You’re never going to get in here” she said, with contempt.

Diane threw her hand against the Witch, who looked unsurprised when the girl’s hand hit the magic barrier, which materialized in place. She was, however, taken aback when Diane hit her the barrier with her other hand, using her full power, and shattering it in place. The Witch tried to react, but she was too slow, Diane had already attacked. A shockwave threw the Witches away, most of them unconscious.

Diane started to run towards the light, as John followed her, horrified. It took them a while to reach the altar. Diane and John saw them clearly: Stefano lying down in a bed of rock, Erin bound to a seat, awake, the High Witch between them carrying out the ritual, and ten witches around the altar supporting Isobel Paris.

Diane threw herself against the altar, but it was too late. Though she tried to stop it using her magic power, Stefano’s life came out of him and rose in the column of light. Three figures appeared around Erin, surrounding her with their arms raised. Diane was going to destroy them when a hand stopped her. Her power had been depleted, so she could not get away.

She looked back and saw a tall man she did not know. Mary Clark and Alba Luca arrived to the Forbidden District in that moment. Alba saw the lifeless body of her son in the altar, and tried to run there. It took a lot of effort, and when she arrived there, she cried. She held her son’s body with both arms, hugged it against her. When she saw him, she shook her head.

“No… No, this cannot be. No…!” she screamed.

The man nodded. Diane looked at him and read his mind. She could not fight him, but at least she could do that, and he could not resist. She was horrified by the knowledge. “You knew this? You are a monster!”

“It was part of the Plan. Only a great sacrifice will bring them here” Aren said, pointing towards the three women.

“There are other ways!” Diane shouted.

“Don’t be silly!” Aren shouted. “You couldn’t do it. The Plan is the only solution”.

Diane cried, got off him and run towards Stefano and Mamma. She cried with them. In the meantime, Mary Clark approached Aren.

“And for the sake of what?” she asked him.

“For all of humanity” he answered.

Mary Clark stayed silent for a couple of minutes, looking at the whole scene. “Not your humanity. And you’ve definitely stolen part of these children’s”.

He seemed surprised by the response, and did not say a thing. He turned back and strolled back and forth, waiting for the three women to end their work. Eventually, the three of them bowed to Erin and disappeared. The girl was freed from the chair, and she run to hug John, both of them crying.

Isobel Paris looked towards Alba and Diane. “I’m sorry for your loss” she said in an arrogant tone.

Alba did not move, but Diane stood face to face against the High Witch, defiantly. The High Witch did not seem impressed, and she wasn’t, not until Diane spoke.

“I curse you. I curse your existence to suffer from the damnation of old age, disease and mortality. I curse your existence to be a life of suffering and distress. I curse your womanhood, hoping it will be barren, and I curse your powers, shall they grow weak with time. I curse your tongue, and every word you say, so it turns into bitter ash in your mouth”.

The High Witch’s back started to bend, her hair went gray, and a couple of her teeth fell. She held her face in horror, and looked around for help. Aren and the other Witches run towards her, but nothing they did reversed the transformation.

That day, Diane, Alba Luca, Mary Clark, Erin and John left the Forbidden district, taking the corpse of Stefano Luca with them. They never went in again, and nothing was known about the Witches until over 150 years later.

History of Fiery Creek 21: The Attack

Diane was running through the town, her eyes violet, ordering everyone in town to go towards the Orchard. She run uphill towards the Caliph’s Palace, and she looked at Fiery Creek trying to sense all of the lives that were there, completely unaware of the danger that was coming towards them. She spoke a spell, and several thousands of violet rays dispersed towards every living being, giving them the same order. She then called for San and ran into the Palace. Erin would know what to do with those people.

Ba’al, Mary and Alba Luca were having yet another meeting with Odin, who had ‘got lost’ once again in his way to Asgard. Diane did not wait for them to be finished, and just ran into the meeting, gasping. Everyone turned towards her.

“Diane, what’s going on?” Ba’al asked.

“A great threat… an attack of town” she said.

“We have to evacuate everyone!” Alba Luca bolted up to her feet.

“I’ve taken care of that. Erin, John and Stefano will help them all into the Library City” Diane explained.

“Merlin is having a meeting with the Witches, I’ll send him a message” Mary Clark said as she wrote something into a paper. She then folded it into a paper airplane, enchanted it and sent it out of the nearest window. “Do you have any clues about where the attack is going to happen?”

“Wherever the greatest concentration of people is” Diane explained. “We should go to the Orchard, and when everyone has been evacuated, go somewhere else”.

Mary turned towards Odin. “I’m sorry that we are being so rude, it’s just that an emergency is happening and…”

Odin smiled. “I understand. I will assist you with any issues that you might have, it’s only fair after you have greeted me so kindly all of these times”.

“You don’t need to…”

“I insist” Odin made an even broader smile, summoning his spear into his hand.

Mary smiled. “Thank you”.

San had already arrived to the Caliph’s Palace, so Diane mounted and they all headed to the Orchard, where John and Stefano were organizing the citizens. Mary run towards Stefano, in the entrance to the Library, pushing a few people aside. The people there had all been hijacked by Diane, and were not conscious of what was going on. Mary grabbed a paper airplane that came towards her as she got to Stefano.

“Stefano! Where is Erin?”

Stefano turned towards Mary and his mother. “Mary! Mom! Diane warned us about the emergency. Erin is taking everyone to the Library City dimension. They are not safe here”.

“Let us help you organize these people” Ba’al said.

Mary read the message that she had received. “Merlin is coming. The Witches are coming with him”.

They started to organize everyone, and soon Merlin and the Witches had arrived, led by Isobel Paris. With everyone’s help, the citizens had all been evacuated into the Library City dimension. Erin and John stayed inside to protect them all in case the danger might arrive. Ba’al and Alba Luca were having a fight with their respective children, insisting that they should stay inside. When Alba got angry she only spoke in Italian.

“You can’t stay outside, it’s too dangerous! Also, you’ve already spent a lot of your energy evacuating everyone! I’m very proud of you, but you need to take a break now” Ba’al stated.

“That’s not the point, dad. I’m the only one who knows about this danger. I’ve been getting ready for this for the last six years!”

“What? I don’t care about any of that. I am your father, and you have to obey!” Ba’al was red with anger.

“Like hell I will! You can’t make me stay here” Diane defied him.

“You…” Ba’al sighed. “Do whatever you want to, as you always do”.

“I will”.

The Italians came to a similar conclusion. Alba Luca was not very happy either, and cursed in Italian. They all gathered next to the Sacred Lemon Tree, though the Witches stayed a few steps behind, without participating, observing the rest.

“What now?” Merlin asked.

“Let’s go to The Cactus” Mary Clark proposed. “It will help us”.

They were a small group: Mary Clark, Ba’al, Diane, Alba Luca, Stefano, Merlin, Odin and the 10 most powerful Witches, including Isobel Paris, were the only ones who prepared for the fight. The Cactus greeted them with a small bow of its head. Mary bowed back. They were all waiting in silence.

Odin looked around. “OK, so now what?”

A blast of light hit him from the back, throwing him away. A silhouette appeared where Odin had been standing, engulfed in a white aura of powerful energy. Diane was the first to react, as she had been ready for that moment. Her eyes shining with a violet light, she took hold of The Cactus, Ba’al and Alba Luca, and used their powers.

The Cactus punched the figure from the top, and the man that was materializing held the power as the floor crumbled below him. Ba’al restrained him with plants, while Alba Luca held him with raw magic power. He was fighting against all three of them at the same time.

“Restrain him!” Diane shouted to the rest.

Mary, Stefano and Merlin soon joined with additional spells, and Odin stood up and held Gungnir against the enemy. In the meantime, Diane started to speak a spell, with violet runes and magic circles appearing around him. She was casting the spell as quickly as she could, but it was a complex spell, and before she could finish it, the being freed himself from the restraints.

He threw a blast of raw power against Diane, who had just realized that the spell had been broken. Mary Clark jumped in the way, holding her machete up, and took the most of the attack’s force. Odin, Ba’al and Stefano were thrown back with similar attacks. Alba Luca and The Cactus stood, fighting with all they had.

The Cactus threw another punch against him, but he stopped it with one hand. Mary stood up, leaning onto her machete, trying to fight once again, but her injuries wouldn’t let her fight. She saw the current of energy that he sent through the plant, and she also saw The Cactus dissolving as a consequence of the attack. The Cactus had been killed.

Alba Luca stood alone against the powerful being. She saw The Cactus die, which caused an impression, and then she saw her son, on the floor, injured from the attack he had received. Her eyes went completely black as she unleashed her full force against him. He clenched his teeth and started to fight her.

Diane and Mary saw them, fighting at the same level, black and white energies clashing in the daylight. The waves of destruction were the greatest that had ever been seen, and reality itself was torn in the fight. The energy traveled through those cracks into other realities, and Diane saw galaxies and even whole universes get destroyed in the fight. It was truly terrifying.

But there was a difference in power. They might be at the same level, yet he had had the upper hand during the whole fight. As the fight dragged on, his advantage became more and more apparent, and though his power had almost been exhausted, hers had already been depleted.

And he won the fight.

Alba Luca fell to the ground, half dead. The being used the rest of its energy to disappear from sight. They had been overwhelmed. Mary could not move from the position she had been watching the fight, and from there she saw what came next. The Witches, who had not moved at all during the fight, advanced between the injured, and surrounded a body.

They took Stefano Luca and left, leaving the rest right there. Mary tried to shout, but she couldn’t. She saw how they dragged him away.

History of Fiery Creek 20: Satan again

“My God, you are so persistent!” Mary yelled.

“I’m not leaving until Ba’al comes with me!” Satan answered.

“He has no interest in you! We’ve beaten you five times over this already!”

“I’m not giving up just because he has rejected me five times. That’s not enough” Satan said, crossing his arms. “I need him”.

Mary Clark sighed, and looked up at The Cactus, who had warned her of the presence of the Infernal Army. The Cactus just shrugged.

“Look, Satan, I don’t intend to be mean, but I don’t think you are understanding what love is. You are infatuated with Satan, not in love. What you have is an obsession, love is when the other person’s happiness is more important to you than anything else” Mary explained.

Satan did not look happy. “But Ba’al is important to me!”

“I understand, Satan. But you have to understand that Ba’al’s happiness also depends on being there for Diane, his own child, because he loves her”.

Satan was pale. Alba Luca approached from a nearby street. “Mary! What’s going on? Do you need me to get rid of this army?”

“No, no, Alba, it’s OK, I’m trying to be diplomatic here” Mary explained.

“So what’s the matter?” Alba asked.

“It’s a long story of unrequited love” Mary sighed again. “Satan loves Ba’al, but Ba’al doesn’t love him back, and Satan wants to take him to Hell”.

“Oh, a love conundrum! But Mary, why didn’t you call me any earlier? We Italians are the world experts in love!”

Mary was quite surprised. “I thought that was the French?”

Alba spat on the floor. “The French have no idea about what real, intense love is. We Italians know it best”. She then looked at Satan, who had been silent for a while. “Satan, come take a coffee with me. I will teach you about love the way Italians do it”.

He looked at her with a weird face, and she got serious. “Look, it’s not like you have an alternative” she explained. “I am the third most powerful being in the whole Multiverse. When I say something you just obey”.

The Infernal Army banished and Satan followed Alba Luca. “Thank you, Alba” Mary said.

“Don’t thank me” Alba smiled.

Mary headed back towards the Caliph’s Palace, and went right into the office, banging the door. Diane was quite startled to hear the bang, and started to collect a few papers that she had spread out in the table. Mary looked at her.

“Hey, isn’t that your father’s workplace?” Mary stated more than asked.

“Yes… He left so I used the space to work on a project” Diane explained.

“Is it related to your prediction diaries?” Mary asked.

“No! I mean, actually, yes, but it’s kind of a side project”.

“It’s OK, you keep working on your own stuff” Mary said. “I’ve just had a chat with Satan. He’s back in town to get your father. So persistent”.

“Oh, actually, my father left because I told him about that this morning at breakfast” Diane explained.

“Warning him was wise of you” Mary said, as she down in her chair, tired. “Though I don’t think he will be a problem this time, because Alba has taken him to give him some lessons on love”.

“That’s… weird” Diane felt it was weird and funny at the same time.

“Yes, I know. I just hope he stops with this obsession of his. Now that I think about it, that John Fier could also learn a lesson or two from Alba, if it works with Satan. All of this tunnel digging is creating a huge mess” Mary complained.

“I think it’s quite cute, actually” Diane smiled. “He loves Erin, and digs tunnels to be able to meet her without his parents unreasonable control”.

Mary looked at her seriously. “Did you tell him any of this?”

“I… may have?” Diane didn’t want to lie to Mary.

“Oh, God, that must have made it even worse! He definitely needs a lesson from Alba Luca! I’m getting her to teach him after she is done with Satan”.

Satan staid in town for three more days.

History of Fiery Creek 19: The incident of the Temple

The beginning of the autumn has always been a time of celebration in Fiery Creek. It is traditional to hold markets and to thank the Author for ending the September heatwave without killing us all out of boredom – I mean, summer and winter are interesting and intense seasons, but autumn is that kind of so-so in between season where authors tend to get writer’s block and kill their projects with one final, unoriginal blow in which they don’t even make sure that the end is satisfying and answers all of the mysteries, so it’s important to thank the Author for not doing exactly that -, with celebrations that are usually held in the Temple – there have been no more fireworks since the town burnt five years in a row in the 1967-1971 period.

But at the end of September 1853, an unexpected incident interrupted the celebrations that were being held in the Temple. It is not known exactly what happened, and several different versions have been recorded. These do not agree with each other, and though historians have tried to make sense of the declarations of the witnesses – oddly, quite a few witnesses are still alive -, with little to no success.

Right now, only two things are clear:

  1. The fact that there was an explosion inside the Temple.
  2. The fact that none of the people who had been inside at the time of the explosion survived.

Mary Clark had been at the entrance to the Temple when the explosion happened, about to walk into the building. The shock-wave caught her and everyone else by surprise, and she was thrown to the floor. She run into the building to save whomever may still be alive, and her description of the situation has been saved in her diaries:

“The smoke and dust covered my view, and I could barely see a couple of feet away. There were corpses everywhere, and a terrible sense of power filled the room. Some shadows moved in back of the Temple, but when Ba’al and I got to the place, there was nothing but corpses there. I had seen worse than that in my lifetime, but I had never sent such sense of powerlessness”.

Ba’al, the Pince of Hell, had been with Mary Clark the whole time, and his version mostly agrees with that of Mary Clark. There are, however, certain details that Mary Clark did not record in her diaries, and when asked through the ouija board, she never remembered them, either. Ba’al’s version reads as follows:

“It was not the explosion that caught me by surprise, but an ominous feeling. Something paralyzed me in that instant, and when I saw Mary run into the Temple, I ran behind her, trying to stop her. There was dust and smoke everywhere, and the floor was covered with corpses. Something seemed odd about these corpses, though. It looked to me as if their souls had been stolen before the explosion, as if their physical deaths had just been a mere formality”.

At that moment, Merlin had been flying towards the Temple, so he saw the whole thing from far away. What he saw, however, was completely different to what the rest described:

“There was no explosion. A human looking silhouette was floating on top of the Temple, hovering through the use of magic. It was as if that person was carrying out a ritual, and at the moment in which the flying being disappeared from the top of the Temple, a lot of people dropped dead inside”.

This has created quite a debate among historians. Was there, or was there not an explosion? It is difficult to know, since the people who were near the building all agreed that there had been an explosion, while the one that were far away did not see it. The fact that the building was intact is a point that seems to confirm that there was no explosion. The corpses, however, had been charred and thrown around like it happens when there are explosions.

Most of the stories around this day are centered around these two different versions of the story, with several variations that have probably been added later on into this legend. There is, however, a third and even more mysterious account of what happened that day, belonging to Diane Vines, oracle of town. Her cryptic sentences contain a message that has yet to be understood:

“Everything was what happened. These people were harvested for a greater purpose. This was just a way to let the Author know”.

The reference to the Author, who rarely intervenes in the Multiverse that he has created, is the only one. None of the rest said anything about him, even though the incident happened in his Temple. In fact, not even the people who were near Diane Vines at the time of the incident had versions that could explain what she meant.

Whether we will ever know the truth about this incident or behind Diane’s words, nobody can tell.