Fiery Creek Public Service Announcements, 01/06/2016

The following Public Service Announcement has been made public by Town Council on the 1st June 2016. Its aim is to let citizens know that:

  1. An Eldritch abomination has taken hold of our town. It is impossible to understand what its intentions are, or how much power it may hold. It is recommended not to approach the creature. The Town Council, however, cannot take any action in this matter, as supernatural creatures are to be treated as normal visitors according to town laws so long as they do not destroy any public property. Though the abomination has destroyed several households and crushed the souls of its victims, those are considered to be private property, and thus each victim has to take legal action against the creature on their own.
  2. The Council takes this opportunity to announce that we are taking our yearly vacations to Barbados. This has absolutely no relationship with any of the events that are currently happening in town. We have just decided to advance the vacations in order to avoid the long queues and the mass tourist arrival to the islands. Wishing you well, we are now going to take a holiday to come back with renewed strength to serve our citizens.

Fiery Creek Public Service Announcements, 25/05/2016

The following Public Service Announcement has been made public by Town Council on the 25th May 2016. Its aim is to let citizens know that:

  1. William Sato, Town Council member for the last 6 years, has announced his retirement. This means that the Council’s Development Seat will be left vacant in the next few months. The Council, in an attempt to ensure stability of the Cat-Dog negotiations, will not nominate any candidates for the position until matters are settled.
  2. A faction of black mambas has settled in town. They are a criminal gang that has attacked several citizens already. Among their illegal activities are impersonation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, violent attacks using knifes, and, allegedly, traffic of illegal drugs, according to the town’s police force. They are to be considered extremely dangerous, and avoided at all costs. The Town Council and Town Police are currently cooperating to manage the situation.
  3. The recycling system is not being used properly. Workers that pick up the trash to send it all to the same plant in the edge of town where everything is processed have complained that many citizens do not separate their rubbish because “they’re going to process everything together, anyway”. While this is true, the recycling system was created by our ancestors for a reason, and unknown as that reason might be to us, the recycling system needs everyone’s cooperation. So remember, on Monday it is Assassination tools – like a knife or a Voodoo doll -, on Tuesday it is Warm stuff – like some nuclear waste that you may have lying around the house -, on Wednesday it is Ears, on Thursday it is your Salary – you are going to waste it, anyway! -, Friday it is broken Oaths – are they useful anymore? -, Saturday it is Magic sludge, and Sunday it is Ears again. So remember, the mnemonics is AWESOME, not KNEECAP.
  4. This year Literature Week will probably be cancelled due to the weather. The weather predicted for October is going to be pretty bad – from what we know, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will probably ride that month, and it will rain blood -, which is highly inconvenient for the outdoor activities planned for that week. The Town Council is trying to negotiate with the Horsemen so that they ride one week later, but a positive outcome cannot be ensured in this tense negotiation.

Fiery Creek Public Service Announcements, 18/05/2016

The following Public Service Announcement has been made public by Town Council on the 18th May 2016. Its aim is to let citizens know that:

  1. There are still two more days to move to the neighbourhoods that are available for each type of pet. However, due to availability problems of houses in certain sectors, the Town Council has extended a period of grace for 12 hours. Thus, pet owners will have until Saturday at noon to move to the neighbourhoods that have been assigned for cats and for dogs. Any activity of dogs and/or cats outside their respective delimited areas will be punished with a fine and imprisonment in the Gulag.
  2. Last week’s predictions have finally come true, and the town is currently surrounded by green flames. These flames cannot be extinguished, and no material can resist the fire which extends for hundreds of kilometres around our small town. Do not, by any means, attempt to go through the fire. This will cause a painful death, and the town police will not be able to help you in your agony. In the meantime, make sure you enjoy the fire for some quality family time doing some barbeques.
  3. The Spring Fair last weekend was a success. Thanks to everyone who cooperated by helping us put up the stalls and dismantle everything when the Fair was finished. On the other hand, the Town Council would like to warn the citizens that a bunch of highly venomous black mamba’s escaped their crate and have run loose around the town. Caution is advised, and it is recommended that under no circumstances should you open the door to a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as it may be a group of black mambas in disguise.
  4. Finally, the Town Council would like to remind the citizens of Fiery Creek that it is illegal to ask any visitor for their reasons to come to Fiery Creek. It is also illegal to start a conversation with them, but it is legal to follow a conversation that they started. If any such activity is spotted in town, it will be punished instantly by the police force.

Fiery Creek Public Service Announcements, 11/05/2016

The following Public Service Announcement has been made public by Town Council on the 11th May 2016. Its aim is to let citizens know that:

  1. Cats and Dogs have finally reached a truce in their territorial war. From now on, the districts of Fiery Creek will be tagged as dog free or cat free. Pet owners will have to move houses according to the pets they own. The city centre will be reserved as a shared space, for citizens that may own both types of animals. These changes will be enforced immediately, and no later than the 20th May 2016. Check the Town Council website for more information.
  2. Remind the citizens in the Old Creek district, especially the ones living near the Old Faerie Caliph Palace, that summoning thunder storms to power Frankenstein monsters or perform other such experiments into town is strictly forbidden and punished by the law. Such activity has now called the attention of the authorities and will be investigated. For reference, check a list of illegal scientific experiments in Fiery Creek Law, page 1437 (remember that the law is subject to change, and make sure to obtain updated documents).
  3. Current predictions point out that the desert may be on fire in the next few weeks. The gravel, rocks and sand that surround our town will probably burn with a green flame, signifying the arrival of terrible catastrophe to the world. This may have something to do with the presidential elections that are being carried out in the nation, but there is no way to know. Make sure that you get your Amazon deliveries before the fire starts, because we will probably be isolated for a long time.
  4. The Town Council needs volunteers for the Spring Fair this weekend. We will gather early in the morning to put up the stalls that will be full of pies, fruit, vegetables and poisonous snakes, as every spring. The volunteers will be chosen randomly from the population and teleported into the venue at around 7AM. Thank you for your cooperation!