The start of something new

Everything had been taken care of. There were no more powerful beasts to worry about. The city had been rebuilt and cleaned from radiation, and the citizens of Somewhere had joined the community. many of the citizens of Fiery Creek had decided to stay in the Arc, which Joana had been fine with. Erin and John had finally married, and were now living together. Having confirmed the Council and the previous Mayor dead, Vee was elected the new Mayor of Fiery Creek. The town’s problems were being solved smoothly, thanks to the renewed attitude of the citizens and the host of powerful protectors that worked together.

Diane’s spirit and diaries had revealed the whole truth about the Author, how he had deceived humanity for millennia just to save his fantasy creation, and how Diane had manipulated the whole situation smoothly to destroy the Plan. She had used John’s tunnels to build Somewhere, and had also created a hex that made him conjure Doris into town without him knowing, which had meant that some sectors of his brain had been damaged for him to forget about what he had done. She had also had the people of Somewhere send the horoscopes to guide everyone for her. She also explained everything about Anne’s origins, and called her daughter.

This was a day of celebration, and the whole town had been decorated as such. But those who had made it possible were not in town, not yet. They were in a small oasis, enjoying their time with two spirits who had been central to the whole story.

They a went back to town, hearts warmed, and celebrated with the other citizens. There was Alex Cooney, and Eleanor West, who was talking to Frank. Daniel and Kyle, the two extraterrestrials, had deemed Earth more gay-friendly than their home systems, and had decided to stay. The Kulmala were playing around with their kids, and Jennifer played a couple of games with them too. John and Erin had escaped the celebration to have some privacy. Amanda and Joana were in a corner, speaking calmly, while Mamma, Ba’al and Laurel were louder in the centre of the celebration. Satan, who had lost the presidential elections against his opponent that same week, looked at Ba’al from a table.

Anne looked at them and smiled. Vee arrived with a drink for her.

“Is everything OK?”he asked.

“I’ve found my family and my lover, so I don’t think it could go any better” she smiled.

He sat next to her, and she pulled him towards her, kissing him in the lips.

The celbration lasted for hours.


The end

They had all gathered in the safe flower garden. It was just a small group: Vee, Mamma Luca, Ba’al, Laurel, Amanda, Joana, Erin, John, Denna, Frank, Jennifer and the Kulmala family. The rest were in the Arc, oblivious of everything that was transcending Reality.

“We need to recover Anne somehow!” Vee insisted.

“That thing is more powerful than any of us!” Mamma said, pointing towards the sky. “Laurel and I could probably hold it for a while, but not long. The rest of you would be small fry for it. If you can save Anne in the window of time that we can give you, then let’s do it, but know fully well what we are going into”.

Vee had tears in his eyes. “Then what? Are we just going to abandon Anne”.

Mamma Luca was also crying. “No… But everyone needs to know!”

“We have no plan whatsoever, we are going to have to go all out” Laurel said.

“We could lure that thing into the Library City” Erin proposed.

“No, that thing is not going to go into the Library City” Amanda said. “It knows better than that”.

“But, if we try…” John insisted.

“No, we would have to take the Library City to It” Amanda said. “And even then, I’m not sure that Erin could destroy it”.

“I’m omnipotent there” Erin said, raising an eyebrow.

“I know, but that thing is something else. It’s transcendental. It was created directly by the Author, and granted special status for the whole Multiverse. We probably cannot beat it even with our maximum power” Amanda explained.

“We need another monster to destroy it” Joana summarized.

“Yes, thank you” Amanda thanked.

“Guys, the clock is ticking. We need to decide quickly” Vee said.

“Ve don’t have enough pover to fight zat kind of zing. Ve vould be in ze way” Liza said.

“Yes, actually, you should be in the Arc” Vee agreed. “Frank, go with them”.

“But I want to record the whole thing!” Frank complained.

“Just go, OK?” John asked.

“OK, but you wear a camera in your head to record the whole thing” Frank asked, handing John a helmet with a camera on top.

They left towards the Arc, and the conversation resumed.

“OK, now what we should do…”

“No, that’s no good. Let’s go with…”

Joana interrupted the discussion. “Guys!” she pointed towards the sky.

Anne was falling at great speed. Ba’al was the first to react. “I’ll get her!” he said, as he flew like a dart towards her.

They followed him through the streets until he got Anne, and when he took to the Caliph’s Palace, they followed him there, too. They gathered inside the Palace, where they hugged Anne, relieved that she was OK. A burst of energy made them go still like rocks. They looked outside the windows, and saw it clearly: the creature had reformed into one.

“God, it’s horrible” Denna said.

“That’s the end of it” Jennifer continued.

“No, it’s not” Amanda was shaking her head. “The battle starts now”.

“What do you mean?” Vee asked.

“I think I’ve managed to understand it… It’s Zero vs ∞ now” Amanda explained.

“That would make sense” Joana said.

Another great power appeared, and jumped towarda the first one. The runes in the walls of the Palace went violet, and a protective barrier appeared around them.

“What is this?” Erin asked.

“The Palace did not have any security measures” Ba’al stated.

“This was Diane’s doing” Anne said.

Ba’al nodded.

“So we let the monsters fight?” Laurel asked.

“I guess” Mamma said, a bit disappointed.

They looked at the energy bursting in every direction, two creatures clawing and attacking each other. Suddenly John noticed something. 

“Is that… yes, it is!” he exclaimed.

“Who is it, John?” Erin asked.

“Zero! It’s Doris!”

“Doris Waters?” Anne asked.

Everyone looled at the fight carefully.

“It is her!”

“Yep, definitely Doris”.

Mamma laughed.

“What’s going on?” Vee asked.

“It all makes sense now! Doris Waters was somehow conjured into town years ago, and has terrorized the Fiery Creek ever since. She was the kind of combination of dangerous and ditzy that did not allow for incredible power” Mamma started to explain.

“Then what happened?” Denna asked.

“In the Apocalypse, she was observed by several people when she was in a state of division and could not collapse back into one. This led to several Dorises with different personalities and powers. Zero was the most dominant one, because zero was the amount of ditziness she had, and so she destroyed the other parts and absorbed all of the power”.

They looked at ythe clashing forces. The space-time continuum was getting ripped everywhere, and the battle was reaching its height. The city had been levelled, the sand of the desert pushed hundreds of kilometers away, and only the bedrock was left was left where there had been dunes.

And then it came. The moment when they destroyed each other into a fulminating ball of energy that was brighter than the sun, visible everywhere in the universe. Both creatures turned into pure energy in a blast that shook the whole Multiverse. 

As the energy dissipated, they saw the molten landscape. It was grim, but it had all ended. A violet spell activated where the Botomless Well had been, and a city emerged from the underground. The citizens of Somewhere saw the light for the first time in over a century.

The end

Anne could see the town from the air. They had sat her in a throne, up in the air, next to them. The toaster and that human-looking thing were both concentrating their magics, Anne could feel it. She was trying not to react, and had, in fact, suppressed her magic energy to a minimum. The being and the toaster did not seem pleased with Anne’s lack of collaboration – Anne did not magically know that the toaster was not pleased, it had charred a couple of pieces of toast to signal its displeasure -, and were thinking about alternatives.

“You need to stay calm” a voice said in her head.

“Diane?” she asked.

“Yes. They are trying to reunite into one, and will try to make you one with them” Diane explained.

“Why? Why me?” Anne wondered.

“Because you were born out of the monstrous being that they formed together” Diane explained, plainly.

“What?” Anne was in disbelief.

Diane explained all of the circumstances of Anne’s birth, including the parts that nobody in Fiery Creek had ever known. “That was the reason why the noise disappeared when you came to town, and the reason that you could harm the toaster. It was because you were part of it”.

“So then…” Anne was in tears, which made the other two even more nervous. “Then, if I am part of Everything… Then the Author is my father… Then I have to let myself be absorbed by them?”

“No” Diane said, sharply. “No, how dare you. You were born because I molded you out of Everything, and even though I did it accidentally and I didn’t know what I was doing very well, you are still like my daughter. You are a beautiful human being, who is capable of love and empathy, and who has gone out of her way to help others. You are not like this monster created by a deranged mind who is incapable of anything really human. It’s just a mass of incredible power that was created as a fantasy of omnipotence of the Author. You are not like that, you are worth of love, and you deserve to live next to those who love you. You are a person that should be proud of herself, Anne, and your origin should not change that in any way”.

Anne was in tears. “Diane… Mom…”

“Anne, look up. Somewhere far into the horizon you can see a small oasis of trees. Please, go there when everything finishes. And now jump out of the chair as soon as you can. You are in danger here”.

Anne tried to compose herself and looked at the two beings, who were looking at her. The ritual was almost complete, and they were thinking about forcing her into it. She could sense it. Before they could do anything, Anne freed herself and jumped.

“I’m out of here” she pronounced, as she went down with incredible speed. She did not have a spell ready, nothing to stop her from crushing into the ground. She closed her eyes, and tried to think about something, but the emotional turmoil that had just appeared with the discovery did not let her concentrate. She noticed two arms holding her.

“Are you OK?” Ba’al had flown to her.

“Yes!” she cried and hugged him.

Surprised by the sudden show of affection, Ba’al smiled, heart warmed. “Let’s go somewhere safe” he said, flapping his wings.

“To the Caliph’s Palace” Anne said.



The death of Stefano Luca had really affected Diane. She had managed to crack into the surface of Everything, and yet it had not been enough. When she met the Author, right after Stefano’s death, she understood the whole situation, she learnt all of the details of the Plan, and how the Author was correcting any details that might deviate from the Plan.

In fact, the noise that haunted Fiery Creek had all been a part of it. Anyone who dared to change the patterns of behaviour or who tried to destroy the Plan would be killed. The Author had set it all up so that the Plan always worked. Only Everything was immune to the noise, and anything else would die. The Author knew that Diane had all of the details of the Plan, but he also knew that she could not say a thing. She would die if she did.

This left her few alternatives. She studied her enemies, the Author and Everything, and looked for their flaws. She knew that the Author could be killed, because he was just a representation of the real Author, and that there would be no consequences to the world whatsoever. The world would not be destroyed. This, however, posed two problems: she did not know the Author’s whereabouts, and she did not have that kind of power.

The problem of Everything remained. The long research concluded in 1856, when she found out about the being’s weakness. Afraid that this might cause many deaths, she kept it all to herself and followed the Plan as the Author had laid it out. They would face Everything in 1857. Diane got ready through rigorous training.

In the attack, the opportunity just sort of happened. She flew towards It, who had been weakened, and she stabbed it with her dagger. The being cried.

“You are Everything, just a mass of power, great power, all of the power ever. And yet, you are so monstrous, that you are nothing definite. I hereby break you to pieces!” she recited.

The being exploded into three. One of the forms dissipated quickly, low of power, and another one turned into a concrete object, a toaster, holding great power, but not Everything anymore, just a powerful toaster. The appliance left the scene flying.

Diane was then surprised to find the third piece. It was a baby. A human baby. Devoid of evil, a girl that looked healthy. Diane held the baby in her arms, and saw the girl in the future, turning into one of the people who saved the world. She saw everything, she understood what she had to do, and she cried.

“Little one, you were created because of that crack I made, five years ago, in my innocence, to this being. You are pure, and beautiful, and you will face a lot of trouble. But your struggles will have results, and you will find friendship, and love and belonging. You are the piece to save the world, Anne Black. Now go into the future, where you are needed, and don’t forget about Fiery Creek”.

Diane opened a portal and left Anne in the door of the orphanage, with a note that said “Anne Black”. Diane cried, knowing what Anne would have to go through. But she knew she would be watching the whole time, and that she would be pride.

She dried her tears and went back to Fiery Creek, where she would need to start working. She prepared the letters, she built and started the project in Somewhere. And she always watched over the town, even after her death.


Three people came running towards the remains of the dead Witch. At the same time, Laurel, Mamma and Anne crossed through a portal nearby.

“What’s going on?” Anne asked.

“It’s the final battle” Amanda said, pointing towards the sky.

“Laurel and I could probably handle it” Mamma proposed.

“Who do you think you are!” one of the three people shouted.

They all turned around towards the three who had gone to examine the remains of the Witch that Joana had killed.

“How dare you kill the Black Tortoise of the North?” the woman continued, with rage. She was wearing a white uniform.

A woman with a green suit spoke. “We are envoys of the highest, and you’ve dared, not only to attack, but also to kill one of us. That is disgraceful”.

“In our defense, you can’t prove that we killed her. We just fell over her and she died, but the events may or may not be related” Joana said.

“YOU SINNERS ALL DESERVE TO DIE!” the woman in the white suit shouted.

Laurel walked up to her. “Wow, you need to calm down a bit. Who are you, anyway?”

“I am the White Tiger of the West, follower of the highest, Witch of…”

Laurel looked angry. “Wait, what did you call yourself? White Tiger? That’s my title…” she said, and, in a swift move, beheaded her with her katana. “And that’s a title that you need to earn, bitch” Laurel finished.

The head flew hundreds of metres away, and the body fell down, dead. Mamma approached them too. “Look, I don’t know what you Witches have with us, but it’s not like we are going to let you take over, or something. That highest being is, if I’m correct, the greatest abomination of all time. It is a monster created by the fantasies of a mad Author who does not know how to handle his own emotions, and we had all been manipulated into saving that being”.

“You dare say that? You dare call it monster? You, who killed the High Witch, and didn’t even get tried for it?” the woman in green spoke.

“Is that what it all is about?” Mamma asked.


“And you plan to follow the highest to the very end?”


“OK, then you might join the High Witch quicker than you’d expect” Mamma said, producing a blast of energy that destroyed the being. “What about you?” she then asked to the man in blue.


He was interrupted by a shot. His head had been crossed by a bullet that nobody had seen. Everyone looked at Joana, whose hand was raised like a gun.

“What?” she asked. “It was going to happen eventually”.

“True” Anne agreed. “Also, that was the serial killer that Vee and I stopped. He probably wanted revenge, or something”.

Everyone nodded.

“It’s all in my youtube channel” Frank said. “Anyway, Joana, I’ve had a question for you for some time now. How come you weren’t featured in the Quantitators’ list if you’re so powerful?”

“You can make your results private if you want to” she explained with a smile.

“Oh” Frank realized. “So you are one of those five people…”

Something held Anne by the neck. She tried to scream, but she couldn’t. The creature started to fly away, and nothing that the rest did stopped it. Anne had been abducted.

Neighbours of Fiery Creek, 10/11/2016

This is a public space to send messages to neighbours, to strengthen our community bonds and resolving our disputes. No form of violent comments will be tolerated, so refrain from sending them to this forum. Thank you.

From D3. Everyone, I am the only Doris that is left. I think that someone has been hunting on us.

From Frank. Here we go again. Get ready for the corpse, @Eleanor.

-> Liked by Sean and Ryan.

From Rita. OMG, @D3, that’s horrible! Someone needs to stop this! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

From Denna. Guys, I need help, and this is serious. I’m trapped inside the house and my sister is trying to kill me. I am going to fight her, but I don’t want to injure her. The police doesn’t respond, so please, send some help.

From D3. Excuse, but I think that my problem is far more important. Would you please give some consideration to me? I don’t think it’s asking that much.

From Liza. Uze ze vater zpell zat you taught uz. Bitchez don’t like to get vet, @Denna.

-> Liked by Denna.

From Denna. Thank you, @Liza! I think it worked!

From D3. Thank you, @Rita.

From Alex. Hey, @Denna, if you’ve managed to immobilize her, would you take her to my office? I think your sister needs therapy. First month is free.

From Denna. Really, @Alex? Thank you! I’ll take her right away.

From D3. You are all a bunch of insensitive bastard. Can’t you give me the least bit of attention? I have real issues here! Someone is going to hunt on me and kill me!

The account @D3 has been deleted because it’s user has deceased.

From Frank. Oh, wow. Someone was actually hunting on them. Now you need to find the culprit, @Eleanor.

From Eleanor. As if I didn’t have enough work already, @Frank. I’m working on regularizing some alien immigrants.

The Council’s Epic Adventure through the Universe 5: Last Transmission

Summary: we are not going to make it back.

This week has been a nightmare, but unfortunately, it’s all coming to an end. That’s it. There is nothing more to say. The Council of Fiery Creek is going to end.

For some reason, Doris exploded yesterday, destroying a part of the ship’s hull in the process. Council member William Sato, who went there to check what was going on, was sucked into the void and killed instantly. His remains could not be recovered.

The remaining four of us put on our space suits and tried to cover the whole or solve the problem. The spaceship had gone crazy, pointing that the ship failure was unexpected, and that there were no emergency measures that could be taken to solve the problem.

We are left with whatever food or air we can get for our spacesuits. We are in the middle of an uninhabited star system where the spaceship wanted us to do some chores. We are thousands of kilometres away from the nearest planet.

We are lost. The spaceship malfunction cannot be solved, and we have no power to go anywhere. There is no damn escape from this place. We are all dead. We all are.

We don’t have enough usable resources that we can get, not enough air in our suits, or food or drinks that we can put inside without letting the air out and dying in the process. However you look at it, this is the end for everyone here.

In fact, I think that, as I write this, I am the only one who is left here, the rest of them dead. I am too afraid to go check, and I am too afraid of what I could do to myself in the next few hours. I can’t talk for everyone, so I’ll talk for myself.

I guess this is what corruption brings you. I guess you make enemies. And I guess that, when you don’t work hard, and when you surround yourself with people who are as bad or worse than you yourself are, you don’t learn the lessons of life, and you lose opportunities for growth. I guess when you only look for your own interests, the people around you won’t think about them, and that, when you don’t take the consequences that others suffer into account, the harmed will ask for revenge.

But I guess I’ve learned the lessons too late, and that this is the last transmission.