Still alive

I’ve been pretty disconnected these last few months – OK, so maybe this is a bit of an understatement, I’ve been completely disconnected -, and I’ve missed writing for the blog. It’s been a few busy months, and I haven’t had any time to write anything at all, which was bothering me. But now I want to set some time apart for writing, so I guess I’m just going to force myself to be a part of my routine once again. Expect new updates of new projects (and also, probably a complete rewrite of the whole Enlightenment Event story).



I have not been posting anything recently. The last couple of months have been pretty busy with work, my studies… Oh, well, I guess that’s life.

However, I’m taking the anniversary of this blog (- It’s been 1 year since you started sharing stories here? You’re getting old… – Shhhhhhhut up!) to get back to writing here a bit more regularly, with weekly updates, and new stories to entertain you. If these can make you smile, I’ll be happy to share them.

And, as always, thanks for taking the time to read all of these, if it wasn’t for you readers of this blog, I wouldn’t have had such enjoyable writing experiences!

New series!

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since the crazy months of daily posting of Fiery Creek, and I am now working on two series with weekly publications, as you already know. This announcement is to let you know about the new series that is being added to the family, just today!

The title of the series is Internship with the Illuminati. I think the name is quite descriptive, so I’m not going to spoil anything here. Just let you know that it’s going to consist of a series of letters that Jan, our main character, is going to send to his sister Vera. It’s going to be published every Wednesday, starting today, so check it!

I hope you enjoy it!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2017!

I’m probably not saying anything new to anyone. But as the year is coming to an end, I feel the urge (I think there has to be something physiological about this, someone should study it. Maybe someone has already studied it, but the Reptilian Overlords who control the planet have not allowed them to make it public, because they discovered that it was all related to a mind-controlling agent that the Reptilians use to control us and create the illusion that we are the owners of our own lives. Maybe, or maybe not. Not like we have a way to check that) to look back and recap on all of the things that the year has given us.

It’s been a crazy year in most terms, a mad roller-coaster that has taken us through the highest highs and the lowest lows. We have managed to survive yet another year, and many are afraid of what is going to come next (Mostly because people don’t have divination powers. It’s OK, the world will not end any time soon. Unless you are reading this from dimension Q12O-TGA45-VX1O4, in which case you should make peace with your loved ones. Just a friendly suggestion).

In my case, I know what is going to come next (Or, at least, what I intend to make happen next). This has been a wonderful year in which I have completed my first novel, and it has all been possible thanks to the support and encouragement of all of you, my readers. I have really enjoyed writing these crazy stories, and I hope that you have enjoyed reading them and being part of the whole process. Seeing this, my intention is to keep writing new stories, and to share them with the few of you who have followed me through this crazy-crazy year.

Thank you for being there, and I hope that you all end the year well. I wish you the best for 2017!

It’s out!

This is the piece of news that I had been saving. The Fiery Creek novel is out.

It’s been a hard editing period, but finally, after revising and editing everything, the first ever Fiery Creek novel is out. It’s available in ebook format through the Amazon Kindle store.

You might think to yourself (I know that you will, I have hired a telepath to allow me to peek into your minds!): what does the ebook add to Fiery Creek if it’s all out here? Well, there is the editing and revising of the whole thing, which should hopefully clear out some points and correct some mistakes.

But there is more to it, of course. The reason why this book has taken a bit longer than expected to come out was that I was preparing a small surprise, by the title of:

The Kulmala come to town

This is an exclusive Fiery Creek novella that is only available with the Kindle edition of the book. It tells the story of how Liza and Mikloz Kulmala got to town, and what adventures they followed through the turbulent 90s (remember, that was the time of the Atomic Bomb Incident and Red Week 1997!).

So, hey, maybe check that out. If you finally decide to buy it, thank you for supporting this project! I really appreciate it.

But, whether you decide to buy it or not, thank you anyway, for following this project all the way here!

Yes, I’m back

If you’ve been to my blog in the last couple of days you might have noticed a few changes. Yes, I’ve changed some stuff. The appearance of the blog needed updating, in preparation of the contents that are to come. You might have noticed the “Writing projects” category in the menu, and also two new categories under it. These are new projects that I’m going to start publishing in the blog starting tomorrow. Yes, you’ve read right. The flood of posts will be back starting tomorrow.

OK, maybe there won’t be as many posts as there were for Fiery Creek. That was utter madness, and I’m going to make it a bit easier on myself this time. Let’s first see what I’m going to be writing about in the coming months…

London Monster Hunter Service is a fantastic account, with a humorous touch, of an Agency that hunts monsters in the Greater London area. Due to an incident, the Agency will have to start making their cases public, and we will get to know the adventures that the agents go through. This story will be updated every Friday.

The Eco-revolution is a humorous dystopia set in the near future. If you miss the absurdness of Fiery Creek, then this might be your thing. This section will be updated every Thursday.

Well, there it is. Those of you who were expecting Fiery Creek news, don’t fret, I am still working on that, and I will soon update you on what’s going on with it. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these two projects!

Author’s final remark

What a ride!

The first few ideas for this project came about a year ago. A bit over a month ago, I started working on it seriously, and now it’s done.

It is, obviously, far from perfect, but it has been fun, and I have to thank everyone who has supported me, family and friends, but particularly you, my readers. Thank you for reading this whole project.

I am starting some new stuff right now, and I don’t know where life will take me, but if you’ve liked the Fiery Creek universe, don’t leave yet. There will be more news about this project during the month of December.

Once again, thanks a lot!