Welcome to Tales of Fiery Creek. I don’t know when you are going to be reading this (This is one of the funny things with written communication: it can happen not only through space, but also through time), so maybe the Fiery Creek project has not ended yet, or maybe some time has gone by, and new projects have spawned in this place. Either way, I want you to understand some things (you know, just like those warning leaflets that pharmaceutical companies put in the drug boxes to warn you that ibuprofen will kill you if you take it in a night with a green moon):

  1. This is a work of fiction and should by no means be taken literally. Any similarities with real life characters or events is completely coincidental.
  2. This work does not intend to represent, challenge or defend any point of view about life. Everything that is written here is only included for the sake of having a good time.

Now that those points are out of the way, I think we are all ready to enjoy the experience. Have fun!