Finale: Promotion

Dear Vera,

The Battle of the End of Days has finally finished in The Hidden District. The Behemoth, the Leviathan, and Ziz (I think that was the name that the giant bird-like creature had written in the back of its neck, but Aramaic was never one of my strong points, so I might be wrong) have disappeared, and only a crater has been left where The Hidden District used to be. The fiery bird has taken me down there, where I haven’t been able to find even a single living creature, not even a piece of a robot.

As I’ve arrived at the very bottom of the crater (about 200 metres below ground level), I have seen glowing portals appear at what used to be ground-level in The Hidden District. After that, some screaming figures have dropped from it, and hit the bottom of the crater hard. The weird masses of meat and bones have stayed there, unmoving, while the portals have disappeared, and then reappeared at the crater’s bottom.

Christina, the High Priestess, has come out of one of the portals and advanced directly towards me. She has congratulated me on destroying the Freemasons and reaching the summit of the White Mountain by myself, and declared me a hero of the Illuminati. I have asked whether this was a promotion, and she has said that, actually, it technically wasn’t, because there hadn’t been any vacancies at higher levels of the of the Illuminati hierarchy, and that I would have to stay as sub-Lieutenant Third of the American Branch of the Illuminati.

I don’t know what has happened next exactly. The point is that, somehow, the High Priestess has ended up ensnared between the feathers of the fiery bird’s tail. Unfortunately, the fire has burnt her soul, and her hollow body too, and not even dust has been left. Everyone has looked at the fiery bird, and then declared me High Priest of the Illuminati! I cannot believe it! I’ve reached the top of the Illuminati hierarchy!

Also, from what I’ve been told, the Illuminati have seized power of the Plains of Angst and Sorrow, and all of their surrounding worlds. This is incredible! So many good news in a day!

Anyway, I think that, now that I’m at the very top, I’m going to change some things here. But first, I think I’m going to take a holiday.

I’ll see you soon at home!



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