The battle of the End of Days

Dear Vera,

I’m fine.

Now that that is out of the way, let me tell you about what happened with the Behemoth and the Leviathan (as you might remember, both of them were fighting the battle of the End of Days in some universe when I summoned them, and continued it in The Hidden District, this apparently created a lot of confusion both in The Hidden District and the universe that was going Apocalyptic).

Well, when the building was destroyed, even though the two beasts managed to leave the site pretty easily, I needed some time to escape. In that time, the fight had moved a few blocks away (actually, had moved through a few blocks, and away), and I had to run to catch up with the beasts, who were, at the time of my arrival, tearing a giant building of the shape of a golden orb-weaver down.

The robots in the District did not seem too aware of my presence at the time, which allowed me to advance pretty quickly. They seemed pretty distressed by the fight between the two creatures, and all headed towards the building, too. Thousands of robots were fighting to keep the building’s structure stable, but, in the end, it was all in vain, for the sheer power of the Behemoth and the Leviathan crushed the  large spider of cement and steel (and probably some reparation and maintenance nanobots, but I’m not very sure) to the ground.

Suddenly, the golden orb that had been stuck to the spider-building’s back disappeared. For an instant, there was a golden web that connected all of the robots together with the fading orb, and when it disappeared, every single robot in The Hidden District fell to the floor. I don’t know what this stunt was all about, but it sure made advancing towards the Leviathan and the Behemoth quite a hard operation, since I had to avoid the armies of robots that were piled in the middle of the street.

However, before I could get to the beasts, a sudden bolt of energy hit me, and I found myself on the floor, with energy shackles on my hands and feet. Several humans advanced towards me, one of them with a gun, and they yelled at me furiously. I had finally found the Freemasons! I explained to them that I was part of the Illuminati, and that I wanted to reach a deal with them, because I thought that our main objectives were complementary. I was quite disappointed to find out that the Freemasons were not very willing to negotiate with me.

When they put me upright, and were going to take me to the organic disposal chamber (I wonder what that is? My knowledge of renewable technologies is so lacking that I should feel ashamed), an electric blue circle opened up in the sky: someone was opening a portal into The Hidden District. A giant crossed through the portal, and asked what the heck was going on, because there was an Apocalypse that really should’ve ended by five pm, and that he was going to be late to the final celebration of the gods if we didn’t send the Behemoth and the Leviathan back.

While the Freemasons tried to explain that it hadn’t been them that had summoned the Behemoth, or the Leviathan, hundreds of humans started to jump out of the portal and into The Hidden District, and the giant (I think a deity of some sort?) crouched to collect them, and started to put them back through the portal. However, the size difference was quite considerable, so humans were managing to sneak around, and more humans were crossing the portal towards The Hidden District than the other way around. The giant asked the Freemasons for some assistance, and, seeing their territory being invaded by strange forces of other universes, they started to fight whatever humans they met. But wihtout the robot army, the Freemason forces were no match for the hundreds of thousands that were coming in, escaping from the end of their world.

In an instant, everything went black. Only whatever lights people were carrying with them were available in an otherwise complete darkness. I looked up, and distinguished a large bird-like creature covering the sky. I was grabbed by a bird-like creature significantly larger than myself, yet significantly smaller than whatever was covering the sky. The flaming bird that was carrying me flew over the Behemoth and the Leviathan, made a sharp descent towards the floor, and then, at the last second, turned vertically towards the giant bird-like thing.

And the bird and I were the fire. We ascended like a rocket, and burnt through the enormous creature’s feathers, rising to the very ceiling of the sky, and soaring high, well over the white tower that I had climbed just a couple of days ago. The wind was strong, but this flaming bird was stable, up in the air, as the Battle of the End of Days happened in The Hidden District.

I am sending you this from the bird’s back (after a few minutes it has agreed to carry me on its back), free from the energetic shackles of the Freemasons. When the Battle of the End of Days finally comes to an end in The Hidden District, we will get down to inspect the region.

Give mom and dad my regards!



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