Killing a president

“Hey, it’s been nice getting to know you a bit better” Robert commented, as they approached their target.

Alissa smiled. “Yes, it has”.

“Anyway, the president has already started to give his press conference. Maybe it’s time to get things going” Robert pointed out.

“Yes, we should. Also, we need to think of a way to increase the shock factor”.

“Mmm. Maybe we can torture the president in front of millions, just before killing him?” Robert proposed.

“Uh, I know what we can do. I can snap everyone’s necks and force them to stay in place” Alissa said.

“That sounds like the kind of thing a supervillain would do” he said. “OK, let’s go!”

The two of them descended over the White House. This time, Robert went down as quick as a dart, and concentrated his power. Alissa saw him glowing bright, much brighter than his hair had before. When he touched the rooftop, the energy blasted a large hole into the building. Before anyone could hit the alarm, Alissa immobilized everyone in the building. Robert and her walked to the press conference room, and went all the way next to the president. Everyone could see them. The cameras were on, and the world was watching them at that same moment.

Alissa looked at the cameras that were facing them, and started to talk. “You might be wondering, who are these people? Why are they up there, next to the president? Why has nobody done anything to stop them? Well, the truth is pretty simple. We are supervillains. We are superhuman beings that have the mission of taking over this rotten world of stupid peace that you have created. And there is nothing that any of you can do”.

She paused, and looked at the president. “Do you think you can burn his face?” she asked Robert.

“Sure thing”.

He concentrated a bit of energy into his index finger, and started to pass it over the president’s cheek. Alissa could smell the burning skin of the president, and decided to let him move his head and scream. The expressions of the people gathered in there were changing. They were not completely stoic anymore. They were disgusted, and panicking. Alissa decided it was time to continue her speech.

“We are going to kill the president of the United States here and now. Just because we can. Yes, we can murder the allegedly most powerful man on the world, and nobody can stop us. And there are thousands out there, many of them as powerful as we are”.

Robert had poked a hole in the president’s face, and his teeth were showing through it. Alissa moved him around the room, showing everyone the horrible view of the president’s face. The people of the front row were foaming in their mouth, and their eyes had gone blank. They were managing something.

“We are among you, and you cannot make a difference between us and you. You are stuck in this pool with us, and we are the largest predator out there. Get ready for the hunt, because you are our victims. Now enjoy the show”.

She broke some people’s necks, choosing randomly. The rest, she freed from her grip, and let them scream for the cameras. Meanwhile, Robert pierced the president’s chest, and extracted a piece of lung, which he immediately threw towards the public that had gethered for the press conference, splashing them with blood. The smell of burning meat had permeated the entire room, and it was even making Alissa’s stomach revolt. But they needed to do it. The heads of a few, clearly visible people were crushed by her power, at view by everyone in the world. Meanwhile, Robert was keeping the president alive, while still going on a slasher show.

“Come on, let’s give them some more shock” she said, ripping the president’s heart out of his body. It was still beating, and full of blood, which was going everywhere. Alisa knew that she would need way more than a shower after that, but she needed to do it. She crushed the heart and made it look as if she was devouring it.

The operation had been a complete success.


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