Dear Vera,

I am still at The Hidden District, but, boy, how the situation has changed. I’m now trying to find and stop the Behemoth , and the Leviathan, who have gone on a rampage and are wreaking havoc. But I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Let’s rewind to my situation when I wrote the last letter to you guys. At the time, I had been imprisoned by a hive of robots controlled by an incredibly advanced Artificial Intelligence (Scynet? I don’t remember well, but it was something like that). From what my robot guard explained to me, when war was declared on the Illuminati, the humans retreated to the core of the Hidden District, and the robots were ordered to arrest any humans that they saw while the Freemasons decided on their war strategy.

I demanded a fair trial, and a lawyer that would defend me (those are my rights as an American citizen!), but my petition was denied. They explained that The Hidden District, as well as the Plains of Angst and Sorrow and all of the surrounding regions (including The Occult Neighbourhood) do not actually belong to the United States, and are actually not eve a part of that dimension. Apparently, the territory’s ownership is being contested by several races, including the reptilian overlords who rule Russia. It is the reason why the Plains of Angst and Sorrow are uncolonized. The reason why everyone is so interested in the Plains is that it can be a source of power. Legend claims that whoever conquers the summit of the White Mountain and survives, will obtain all of the Plain’s immense power for their people.

Among the humans, it’s the Freemasons and the Illuminati who claim this land, and for some reason, they know that, whichever faction gets the power will obliterate the other one. And that will mean World Domination for whoever wins. So the tension between the two factions was already quite intense, even before the war declaration. This, the large forest that now covers the Plains, and some nuclear test that an unidentified power has carried out on the Plains of Angst and Sorrow near Illuminati territory have taken the tension to the next level, and complicated Interdimensional Diplomacy (yes, that was an extremely informative Interdimensional Geopolitics I received from my robot guard!).

Anyway, after a few days of listening to the whole history of all of the worlds and nations (I learned a lot! Like how the Alien powers who ruled over Egypt were enemies with Gradrgfbni, the Lord of all Martians (who actually moved out of Mars before Gradrgfbni became their Lord), and how they fought the war that ended all wars, and all other wars after that have just been a figment of our imaginations), I was getting quite tired, and lonely, so I decided to summon the Behemoth. I had met the Beast while at university, and had become quite good friends with it.

Anyway, it would seem that the Apocalypse was going on at whatever dimension the Behemoth had been at the time. It was fighting the Leviathan in a battle that was going to end the world, and they had both been in a lock position at the time of my summoning. As a result, both of them appeared through the portal, in their Titanic forms, which took the size of an entire block. Needless to say, the prison building blasted out as the two monsters appeared inside of it.

Now the two are fighting the battle to end the world in The Hidden District, without realizing that they have been transported to some other dimension. I need to stop them and send them back to where they came from if I want to ensure peace with the Freemasons.

I’ll write again as soon as I manage to control this situation.




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