Nadia: a reaction

Elizabeth had always been involved in politics. She would go to rallies, volonteer for the campaigns of her chosen candidates, and had always participated in the debates surrounding any topic that was related to or tangential with politics. Even before the Enlightenment Event, she had seeked to be informed about politics on a daily basis. Therefore, it was not a surprise that she was in front of the television that evening.

On the other hand, Joseph had never been interested in politics. In that sense, he had been the opposite of his wife: though he shared common values and political ideas with her, the apathy he felt and the general sensation that no candidate would ever solve the problems of the country prevented him from being an active member of his community – he hadn’t even voted in the last few elections!

Yet, there he was, watching a public television commentary before the president of the United States gave a press of conference for everyone in the world to see. There was no real debate on any of the issues that the president was going to comment on: all public appearances had become extremely neutral and measured. However, audiences had started to love the debates as they became more and more mellow.

Nadia wondered what had happened with her parents in the last few months for them to silently watch those programs. Her mom had not uttered any sort of complaint in months, and her father had suddenly started to get interested in the affairs of the country, and the world. Maybe there were changes like that in old age?

Even her brother, who was just barely 18, was watching the television with them, silently concentrating on every single word that was said in those television programmes. His change had been the most shocking for Nadia: he had gone from super-aggressive to pretty considerate from the morning to the evening. Nadia could see him sitting on the sofa, between her parents.

“Am I a weirdo, for not being interested in these things?” she had wondered, once and again.

She had also noticed similar changes at school. It was all so weird and structured. However, although she didn’t understand these changes, she had not said a thing about it, and had accustomed herself with the new ways of her family and society.

Yet that evening was going to disrupt the social order around her. She first heard a scream from the living room. When she got there, Nadia saw her parents panicking, while her brother’s body was contorting on the floor. Foam was falling from his open mouth, and his eyes had gone white.

Nadia could not approach them to help them calm down, because her parents were moving extremely violently. With the swing of his left arm, her father kicked the television, which fell to the floor and broke. However, that didn’t calm them down. Seeing that she could do nothing, Nadia called 911. There was no response.

She got out of the house, and ran to the neighbours’ house. She rang the doorbell and waited, but the people inside were screaming, and she could hear loud bangs. She surrounded the house from the side, and looked at the living room from a window. The neighbours had also been affected by whatever her family had been affected by.

In fact, almost everyone had.


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