The tower of the world’s fate

Dear Vera,

I hope everything is well. I’ve finally managed to make it out of the Plains of Angst and Sorrow. Let me tell you how it all happened.

So, as you might remember, I followed the ram-skull-head person (that’s what I’m calling him… maybe her? I don’t know, let’s say “it”), and tried to ask it for directions. However, it was completely silent, and for some reason, kept advancing through the forest, without me even realizing where I was going. I think it was quite a long time until we reached the tower.

This was the most massive thing that I had ever seen. A large monumental complex, a tower larger than had ever been built, a giant shrine with some complex name like “Tower of the world’s fate” (I can’t say for sure, my reading speed is not as good for runes as it is for English, and we just went past the sign that indicated the name quite quickly). Now that I think about it, it’s quite strange that I had never seen it before, neither from The Occult Neighbourhood, nor from the air after the gigantic explosion. I guess a bone-white spear that cuts through the sky would be pretty visible. Weird.

The ram-skull-head person started to ascend. It went up the monumental complex, and I followed it. If it wasn’t going to give me any directions, at least I could walk up the tower to get an approximate sense of what direction I had to take to get to the Freemason headquarters. I spent many days climbing, avoiding the sculptures that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was really strange, the ram-skull-head person would go up a blank space, and when I got there, there would be some statue with a longsword, and I would almost hit it! I don’t know who thought about this mobile-statue kind of thing, but it’s quite dangerous, if you ask me, to have a 4-meter-tall statue holding a claymore as sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel to move around without any sort of warning (artists should consider health and safety, too!).

Now, when I got to the very top, the view was breath-taking. Like, literally. I think the tower went up over 8 kilometres, and the air was so thin up there that I had to use a ventilation spell to keep myself oxygenated. To be fair, I don’t know why I kept going up, following the ram-skull-head person. Maybe I should have stopped climbing after the first kilometre or so. I was looking for some landmarks in the surroundings of the tower to get some orientation when the ram-skull-head person raised its arms and bellowed as he looked out of the tower.

I have to recognize that I was quite startled. For a moment there I thought that he was having a heart attack (then, of course, I remembered that I had only seen the creature’s bones, so the heart attack seemed, though not impossible, quite unlikely). I hurried towards the ram-skull-head person and I saw that it’s robes and body had turned into the same white stone of the rest of the tower, in a position of raised arms.

Seeing that there was not much that I could do there, I looked around until I saw the Illuminati headquarters. It was quite hard to spot, but I saw the gold triangle shining in the distance. Thus, turning in the opposite direction would be the Freemason headquarters. The square and compass were extremely difficult to distinguish, but I saw them. It was a long way away, and would probably take me just as much time as it had taken me to get from headquarters to this tower to get there from the tower.

I must not have stepped properly when I was looking around, because I tripped and fell from the tower. I saw a statue with a lance launch towards the position in which I had been an instant before, probably to help me, and wondered what I would do. I barely had a few seconds to think of something. But before I could cast a spell, a large red bird with a fiery tail picked me up in its back.

I thought that I had seen this before. The bird seemed all too familiar, and I suspected that I had seen something like this before. And then it dawned on me: this was just like that Lord of the Rings scene in which Gandalf escaped the tower using the eagles! It was so amazing to fly like that!

The large bird took me out of the Plains of angst and sorrow, and near the Freemason headquarters. The white tower is not visible anymore, and there is just a vast green opening between me and headquarters. Let’s hope that this contact goes smoothly!




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