The Hidden District

Dear Vera,

Last week (maybe not that long for you? I don’t know, considering how malleable time has been recently. Tying the shape of time to the exchange rate of GBP to EUR was probably not a great solution to the time travel problem that the Illuminati were facing, but well, at least it works when needed, and doesn’t fail that much) I reached The Hidden District, the place where the Freemason headquarters are located.

Many people say that this place is very similar to The Occult Neighbourhood, where the Illuminati headquarters is located. And, you know, sure, both places have grown around two superlarge secret organizations that are fighting a war to control the world in all times and spaces, across dimensions of possible and impossible realities. But that’s where the similarities end. The rest of it is all so different.

So, when we talk about Freemasons, we usually expect some secret satanic cult that has mystic hidden rituals (pretty much like the Illuminati). Yet, apparently, that only applies to the English branch of the Freemasons, as the rest are based on rational principles of science and engineering. Everything is mechanic in The Hidden District, automatized to the maximum, to a level unimaginable by current technology in the world.

And that has been, in part, one of my problems. When I walked into the nearest cafeteria for a drink (after weeks in The Plains of Angst and Sorrow I needed to get something!), I ordered a caffè latte and a piece of cake to the server in the counter. She pulled a weird face, and stared at me with large, unblinking eyes. In fact, the whole cafeteria stopped doing whatever they were doing, and stared at me.

“Unidentified meat-man” the lady in the counter pronounced. “Activate arrest protocol”. Before I knew it, the mechanical hive had captured me. Apparently, I had gone into a robot-only area of The Hidden District (that was the reason why the cafeteria looked so weird to me!) and, because they had not recognized my face, the robots in there used their hive-mind capabilities to perfectly coordinate a quick arrest.

Now I am waiting inside Freemason cell for my captors to come talk to me. I think this might take a while, because, apparently, due to the war declaration, the Freemasons have grown quite paranoid. Oh, well. I really hope I can work my way through this.




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