The end

It had been a week since Jeffrey and Helena had escaped London. Now they were going back. They knew where the eco-president and the mad scientists would be. That was the only thing that was left to do. The group of survivors moved south without encountering any sort of resistance, and went all the way to Regent’s Park without meeting anyone in person. The black lady from the shop where Helena and Jeffrey had initially hidden was in the entrance, waiting for them.

“Well, that’s the end of it, then” she announced.

“It is, grandma” Jeffrey said, hugging the old lady. “We now need to arrest the people in here and start to rebuild”.

“Good, good” Jeffrey’s grandma nodded. “But don’t let those maniacs live. A bullet to the head should be enough to end the problem”.

“That’s what I think, too” Helena’s grandmother agreed.

The two ladies started to talk, and seemed to hit it off. They did not enter the bamboo palace that the environmentalists had built in the park. In fact, nobody did. Dani just gave an order, and they set fire to the building. A small group, which included the eco-president and Barbara, came out of the building. Before they could say a thing, Dani’s people shot them down.

“Wow. Wasn’t that a bit excessive?” Helena asked.

“These people and their followers have killed over 5 billion people. They had already sealed their fates” Dani explained.

“But I just feel that… I don’t know, this whole thing, this story, or whatever this is, doesn’t get much closure, does it?” Helena asked.

Jeffrey intervened. “I’ve told you before. Life is absurd. It is completely absurd that thee environmentalists did any of these things, but they somehow did. Sometimes life doesn’t make any sense, and you just have to accept that”.

Helena sighed. An absurd period had ended, after a completely senseless chain of events. Now rebuilding was going to take a lot of effort from everyone.


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