Wrapping things up

They listened carefully, and heard no more buzz. They had spent over an hour in complete silence. Jeffrey finally spoke. “I think it should be safe to move now”.

The three women walked outside. They saw a bunch of corpses throughout the street. It would seem that the town and its surroundings had not been abandoned when they had arrived. The Genetically Modified Soldiers had swept past the town, killing everyone that they could detect. As Helena’s grandmother inspected one of the corpses, there was a large buzz.

Helena turned around and saw a mosquito-man. Its eyes were looking at them, and it seemed ready to attack. Before Helena could react, an axe cut through its head. Helena gasped, and the creature screamed in pain, as it received several hits from the axe. The body fell dead, revealing Dani, who had sneaked up behind the soldier and hit it several times with the axe.

“Dani?” Helena suddenly noticed.

“Hey! Helena, Jeffrey. I suppose that this is your grandmother?”

“So you’re Dani” Helena’s grandmother registered Dani’s face.

Dani nodded. “It’s nice to meet you, but let’s leave the introductions for later. We need to move now”.

“Move? Where?” Helena asked.

“This whole eco-revolution thing is coming to an end. Social order is decomposing, and the eco-regime is losing control. They are losing battles all over the world… And we are now going to cut-off its head” Dani explained.

“But what about these insect-soldiers? How are we going to destroy them? There are thousands of them!”

“Helena does have a point. We can’t be reckless about this” Helena’s grandmother said.

“I will explain everything as we go. Let’s head towards London”.

The four of them got onto Jeffrey’s car, and started to move south. Dani started to talk.

“OK, so let’s start from the beginning. This whole eco-revolution thing was not started by environmentalists, or anything like that. It was started by scientists. In particular, a group of scientists that was researching several pathogens that disrupted human DNA” Dani said. “They discovered that, using these pathogens and several viral vectors, they could transform people into hybrids with animal characteristics. Radiation can help with the mutation process”.

“That is the reason why those soldiers in Newcastle…!” Helena realized.

“Yes. Those were a test run. The thing is, the human body cannot process these pathogens well. In fact, initial trials were a complete fiasco, and so the project was cancelled”.

“I imagine someone went bonkers about this” Jeffrey hypothesized.

“You are right. The principal investigator did not want the project to be cancelled, so he sought out for funding and support. Most world-governments did not want to hear anything about it… But somehow, nobody knows how, the current eco-president heard about the project, and seemed interested”.

“Mad scientist and crazy environmentalist. Sounds like a bad combo to me” Jeffrey added.

“The researcher somehow managed to convince the environmentalists that his project would help humans evolve onto a next level, with hybrid features, in which they would be more in sync with nature. They could change the world, and he would help them by testing his chemicals on as many people as possible” Dani continued.

“Is that the reason why most of the killing actually happened in hospitals, and not in the street?” Helena’s grandmother asked, remembering how she got called.

Dani nodded. “Yes. The environmentalists went onto that spiral of madness somehow, and are now actively participating in this whole thing. I don’t think I need to explain much of what has happened since the eco-revolution. The data that they’ve gathered has allowed our mad scientist to improve the formula, and that is the reason why there are now so many genetically modified soldiers”.

After a pause, Helena felt like she needed to ask a few questions. “How did you know all of this stuff? How did you know where we were moving?”

“Well… Scientists like myself were the first ones to get persecuted. Some were kidnapped and sent to work for the genetic modifications project. Many others were killed because the environmentalists thought, in their madness, that science is a depraved practice that leads to technological improvement and strain on natural resources. So me and others had to go into hiding. We organized, and have managed to create quite a complex association. We have spies everywhere”.

“Like myself” Jeffrey explained.

“And what now?” Helena’s grandmother asked.

“The eco-regime had killed over five billion people in about a year. They have somehow proven to be the deadliest force on the world. We are going to stop them” Dani stated.

“How? They have those soldiers, and what do we have to fight them?” Helena asked, worriedly.

Dani smiled. “We have a plan. Those soldiers are quite unstable and don’t last over a few days, so we are going to wait while we get ready. And then we will finish the eco-government, and rebuild from the ashes of our society”.


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