An unusual storm

Helena stopped the car. Jeffrey looked up, wondering what was going on. He saw a bloody old lady walking on the border of the highway, going south. She looked quite worn out, but seemed determined. Helena ran out of the car and went towards the woman.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jeffrey shouted at her, trying to move out of the car.

“Grandma!” Helena shouted.

The old lady turned around and saw Helena. “Helena?”

Helena grabbed and guided her to the car. Jeffrey had not managed to squeeze out from the tiny space he was confined in. “Helena, don’t bring that woman in! We don’t know her!”

“I do know her! She is my grandma!” Helena explained.

“Your grandma? That old lady who killed so many eco-policemen some time ago?” Jeffrey asked.

“Yes, this is her. Grandma, this is Jeffrey, she is a friend of ours” Helena introduced them.

Helena’s grandmother pointed a gun to Jeffrey’s face. “I have no reason to trust any of your friends, Helena. See what happened with Maud. This one could also be a spy”.

“Wow, you better calm down, old hag” Jeffrey got sassy. “I’ve saved your grand-daughter several times now, I think you should be thankful”.

“Mira, m’hija. I don’t know who you think I am, but make a wrong move and I’ll kill you” Helena’s grandma said.

“Hey, you two, calm down!” Helena said. “We are all in the same team”.

“I don’t think so” Helena’s grandma said, still pointing her gun at Jeffrey’s face.

“You don’t think so? You don’t think so?” Let’s see what you think about this!” Jeffrey said, putting a gun to Helena’s grandmother’s face. “You better behave, or I’ll have to make you leave my car”.

They did the rest of the trip holding their guns against each other’s faces. Helena’s grandmother did not trust Jeffrey, and Jeffrey thought that Helena’s grandmother had gone bonkers. They had no reason to trust each other. In the evening, clouds started to move up from the south. They were moving pretty quickly.

“Weird. That storm doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before” Helena commented, looking at her rear-view mirror.

Jeffrey and Helena’s grandmother looked back, and they could not help pulling a face of horror. “That’s not a storm” Helena’s grandmother said.

“Helena, push the engine to its very limit! And take the first exit!” Jeffrey shouted.

Helena panicked, and did as she was told. They were speeding towards a small town. “What now?” Helena shouted.

“This is an abandoned town!” Helena’s grandmother pointed out. “Let’s hide into any of the houses! Quick!”

Jeffrey somehow squeezed herself out of the car and ran towards a detached house. She opened the garage with brute force, let the car in, and closed the door behind her. Helena stopped the engine and walked out of the car. The three of them saw the cloud of modified eco-soldiers approaching the town fast. There were tens of thousands of them, flying quickly.

“Let’s hide in the basement” Helena said.

They went down and waited in silence, in darkness. The modified eco-soldiers would notice any sort of movement or light, and they could not afford to fight so many of them. They would need to wait this one out. The prospects were terrifying.


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