Some explanations

It was quite an awkward trip. Jeffrey did not say a thing until they reached zone 11, out of the city. They left the train and started to walk outside. Helena was not happy with the situation, but it was not as if she actually had much of an option. Jeffrey walked directly towards a tiny car, opened the door, and signaled for Helena to come in. She had to make an effort to fit inside the back of the car, so Helena drove the car.

“Take the North route” he signaled.

Helena sighed. “Are you going to just point directions until we get wherever we need to go, or are you going to tell me what’s going on?” she asked.

“I can tell you now” Jeffrey said. “I am on Dani’s faction. My work was to destabilize the eco-regime… And well, seeing that you ended up getting tangled with the Sisters somehow, save you in the process of doing so”.

Helena was extremely surprised. “Wait, what? This was Dani’s doing?”

“Yes, who else’s?” Jeffrey answered.

“So you’re not a Sister?” Helena said.

“Nope, I’m not. I am web design and community management expert. Well, I was, before this whole eco-revolution thing” Jeffrey explained. “I was saved by Dani, and I was given an extremely important mission. I infiltrated the Sisterhood and quickly went up the ranks because of my knowledge of social media, which gained me the title of Preacher Supreme. I forced everyone to follow me on social media, and thus made my word the visible moral authority of the eco-community. In fact, I need to make an update…”

Jeffrey brought out a phone and started to update all of her social media. She posted messages about their terrible escape, and how they had been attacked by the eco-government’s forces. She was ambiguous about the state of Helena, their newly appointed Prophet, and thus created an uproar.

“I didn’t know that social media could give you such power” Helena said. “At least, not in this eco-obsessed world”.

“Well, the thing is that it’s not even been a year since the world governments were toppled by the new eco-world order, and after a decade of social media… You know, old habits die hard”.

“And what is next?” Helena asked.

“Well, Dani has planned everything, don’t you worry. Right now, we need to decompose the eco-world. I mean, it’s not very difficult to do, because the eco-regime has had quite some self-harming practices, so we are going to have it quite easy. Then…” Jeffrey went on.

“Halt!” Smith shouted.

Jeffrey could not finish his sentence. Smith and Smith, the two eco-police agents that had searched Helena’s house for some sort of evidence to find her grandmother, were blocking their path with their guns out. Helena had to stop.

“What now?” she asked.

“Let me handle them” Jeffrey reassured her.

Helena tried to curl a little and put her face down, as she did not want to get recognized by the two agents. Jeffrey opened the door and walked herself out of the car. Smith and Smith were suddenly taken aback, as Jeffrey towered high above them, and they felt like ants. Jeffrey used her deep voice as a form of authority.

“Excuse me, agents, don’t you read social media updates? I am the Preacher Supreme, and I am taking our prophet to a safe place”.

They kneeled. “Sorry, Preacher Supreme, we didn’t recognize you at first… Please, go on”.

Jeffrey took five minutes to get back in the car. They then moved on.

“That was easy” Helena commented.

“Yup” Jeffrey agreed.

After a while, Helena talked again. “I have so many questions. The world does not seem to make sense at all. It’s like suddenly a lot of weird stuff is going on”.

“That’s what life is about, really. A lot of weird stuff happens, and you cope with it” Jeffrey responded. “Think about it, before the eco-revolution people were spending their money on receiving a random box of stuff they did not want every month. They also cared more about watching sports than voting for their leaders… The world is, and has always been, quite a weird place, when you actually think about it”.

“True” Helena had to agree.

“Take the highway. We are going to drive for a couple of hours, and then stop somewhere to rest”.


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