The escape

Sister Jeffrey kicked the door open. It was sent flying through the room, and Helena and Barbara were startled to see the super-muscular Sister running into the room. She looked for Helena, and we she saw her, she approached with long and firm steps that made the floor vibrate.

“Prophet, you are in danger here. Your words of wisdom have divided the community, and the eco-government considers you dangerous. We need to leave, now” Sister Jeffrey said.

“What?” Helena was confused.

Sister Jeffrey did not wait for her response. She just took Helena on a shoulder and started to run out of the building. Barbara tried to follow, but Sister Jeffrey was over 2 metres tall, and it was difficult to follow her when she was running. With a free hand, Sister Jeffrey punched a guard so hard in the stomach that he flew for over ten metres before landing, completely unconscious.

The soldiers were confused, and did not know how to react. What was Sister Jeffrey doing? Could they stop her? They definitely could not shoot against two Sisters, so they let Jeffrey do as she pleased, and did not react until someone made the alarms go off. It was too late. Jeffrey had already planned how to escape.

People moved out of Jeffrey’s way (not like they had an alternative, really), and when she reached a relatively empty area, she turned a corner and ran into an open shop. There was an elderly black lady behind the counter, and she smiled at Jeffrey. She smiled back, and without stopping to say a word, she walked to the back of the shop, where she lifted a few of the boards on the floor and went down with Helena, closing right behind her.

“No talking, OK?” she said.

There was noise upstairs someone walked into the shop. Helena and Jeffrey stayed silent, and listened to what was going on. Jeffrey started to braid her long hair.

“Hey, lady. Have you seen two people running around?” a muffled voice asked.

The woman answered in a fragile voice. “I’ve seen a lot of people, running around to their jobs”.

“But did you see anyone running away just now?” another voice asked.

“I’ve seen my years running away from me in an instant” she continued.

“We mean people. Two people” the first one insisted.

“I’ve seen you two running into my shop” she said.

“Apart from us” the first one said.

The second one was getting nervous. “We mean a young girl and a huge dude wearing a wig”.

Sister Jeffrey had just finished making her braid, and was surprised and enraged. “Oh, no, you didn’t” she said.

She jumped up, throwing the floor boards flying up. Before they could react, she had them both up by the necks, one held in each arm. They tried to escape from Jeffrey’s strong grip, but their weak complexion was no match for her muscles. Before they asphyxiated, Jeffrey threw them to the floor with disgust.

“This is not a wig, understand?” pointing at her braid.

The two men were recovering on the floor, and could not say a thing. Helena walked towards the front of the shop.

“We need to leave, Helena” Sister Jeffrey told her. She then turned towards the old woman, made a hand gesture and nodded. The old lady nodded back at her. Helena looked outside, and seeing that the streets were empty, the two of them slipped out. They ran to a main street, and saw a tube station. It had been closed with the new eco-regime, which opposed cars and public transportation, somehow. Jeffrey and her managed to break in through a window.

Helena looked at Jeffrey as they started to walk down. “What’s going on?”

Jeffrey did not answer, she just walked up to a payphone, took one of the phones and waited for approximately 30 seconds. “We’re both here” she finally said. She hung up the phone and started to walk towards the stairs. Helena did not move, so Jeffrey turned towards her. “Come on, we need to go”.

“No. I want to know what’s going on” Helena said.

“No time for that” Jeffrey answered. He waked towards Helena, held her with both arms, and took her away on one shoulder. Helena complained and tried to escape, but Jeffrey just took her downstairs, all the way to one of the lowest platforms.

“There is no train” Helena said. “The eco-government stopped the tube service”.

Jeffrey did not say a thing. She just waited. And a train came. To Helena’s surprise, a London tube train came into the platform, and stopped to pick them up. The wagons were empty, and the train did not stop in any of the other stops. The train had come to pick them up.


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