The past few days had been plagued with incidents. The three of them had been attacked several times by Genetically Modified Soldiers, but had somehow managed to escape. Helena’s grandmother started to get paranoid, making them advance and rest at random intervals that did not make any sense. Their route was chaotic, and they sometimes even went on circles just to make their pursuers lose track of them. But eventually, they always met some eco-soldiers that were looking for them.

They were resting at a campfire, Helena’s grandmother cleaning their weapons. They had slept for a bit and eaten some food. Helena was exhausted, and Maud did not look good, either. Helena’s grandmother had been silent for hours now, and she finally decided to speak.

“Whom of you is it?” she asked.

Helena did not understand. “What do you mean, grandma?”

“I’ve said, whom of you is it?” she repeated.

“You are not making any sense” Maud commented.

Helena’s grandmother was silent as she checked a gun. It was clean and ready for the next fight. She loaded it, and felt the weight in her hands. She then stood up and looked at both of them. She started to walk in circles, gun still in her hand, and looked concentrated. Helena was looking at her worriedly.

“What’s wrong, grandma?” she asked.

Helena was interrupted by her grandmother. “It’s pretty simple, really. It’s very, very simple”. She paused. “We are moving on foot, randomly, and have not gone through a town in the past five days. The eco-soldiers should not know where we are going, or what area we are going to walk through”.

“That must have been a coincidence” Helena hypothesized. “We were just not very lucky…”

“One time is a coincidence. Two times can still be a coincidence. Eight times in the span of five days is a pattern, Helena” her grandmother replied. “There is no denying it, they somehow know where we are going”. She paused again, and stopped walking in circles. She faced them both. “So one of you must be a traitor”.

“Wow, that’s quite a hurried conclusion. They might have some other intelligence on us, like someone following us” Maud said. “Helena’s friend knew where we were. Or maybe they have a high concentration of patrols around, knowing what we’ve done in Scotland”.

“Yes, that actually makes sense” Helena agreed.

Helena’s grandmother suddenly threw herself over Maud, and put the gun to her forehead. Maud panicked, and tried to get away from Helena’s grandmother, but her grip was too strong.

“Helena! Please, help me! Your grandmother is mad” Maud screamed.

Helena was crying, but did not know what to do. She looked around, and hesitated whether she should try to separate them or not. There were some noises coming from behind the two of them, and Helena saw eco-soldiers approaching. She gasped, and her grandmother and Maud looked around, until they saw the soldiers.

“Thank god!” Maud muttered. “This has gone on too long, please save me!” she shouted.

Helena’s grandmother looked at the soldiers, and then back at Maud. “I will take that as a confession” she stated, and shot Maud in the forehead, twice.

Helena was too slow to react. She was grabbed by some soldiers who administered some tranquilizer to her body. In the last fleeting moments of consciousness that she had, she just saw her grandmother killing the soldiers that were surrounding her.

Helena woke up with a headache. She was in a building made out of bamboo. The climate was cold and damp, and the building did not seem to adequately insulate from that. Even though the room had no windows, she knew that she was not in a tropical region. She wondered where she had been taken to.

Helena walked out of a circular space that acted as a door and into a large open space. There was an enormous balcony, which she walked to, and she peered outside. She was in a park in s city. It looked like… London? Helena was bewildered.

“What the hell is going on?” she wondered.

“Hello” a familiar voice said from behind her.

Helena turned towards the origin of the voice. “You… I…”

“Welcome once again, Sister” Barbara pronounced, with a smile.


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