The GMSs

“What the fuck” was the only thing that Maud was capable of saying.

“That is a Genetically Modified Soldier, a GMS” Helena’s grandmother explained. “I had heard rumours, but had never encountered one”.

“Wait, wait a minute. What?” Helena was puzzled. “Genetically Modified Soldiers? Is this a thing now?”

“It would seem so” her grandmother answered.

“But aren’t the environmentalists against GMOs? Creating Genetically Modified Soldiers wouldn’t make any sense!” Helena was bewildered.

“These people have never made any sense! But this would explain how they managed to take over the world” her grandmother answered.

There was a buzzing sound coming from the outside. Helena approached the crack that the mantis-man had opened in the tank silently. She peeked outside, and had to move away from a 30cm stinger that darted into the crack’s space. Helena gasped with horror. It was yet another GMS.

The tank started to move, as if lifted on two sides. Another GMS was widening the crack that had been opened before. Helena’s grandmother, gun in hand, shot that GMS in the face, placed her foot over his body, which was falling away, and used it as a springboard to jump in a pirouette and shoot as many GMSs as she possibly could. The rest followed. Helena and Maud jumped out of the tank safely into the ground, while the other two tried to emulate Helena’s grandmother’s coolness.

One of the men was stung right in the abdomen by a giant mosquito-human hybrid. The stinger crossed his whole body, and came out stained with blood. His corpse fell to the ground. Meanwhile, the other one fell to the floor, but could not land properly, so he broke a leg. The remaining GMSs approached and killed him in the blink of an eye.

Helena’s grandmother finished off the remaining ones, and the three survivors looked at the mess around them in disbelief. The tank was in no condition to keep going, and they were quite far from any mayor city. After the nuclear attack, there was no going back, and they could only pick up whatever supplies they could gather, and move on.

As they were about to leave, Helena’s grandmother set fire to the whole area.

“Why did you do that?” Maud asked.

“Several reasons. One of them is that, whatever these people have been treated with, we need to destroy it” Helena’s grandmother explained.

“And?” Maud continued.

“No need of talking about those things now. There are other issues, like the fact that the eco-government has somehow got the handle of some nuclear codes”.

“Who do you think they got the codes from?” Helena asked.

“I don’t know”.

“Do you… Do you think they might do the same with Scotland?” Maud asked.

“It’s quite unlikely” Helena’s grandmother continued, as she observed the fire.

“From what we know, there have been countless other rebellions all around the place. Ireland, Bavaria, Southern Italy… They are still struggling to seize control in some countries, like Spain and Portugal. And that’s just mentioning some European countries”.

“Well, we do know that the eco-government forces are getting rid of most of the African and Latin American population quite efficiently” Maud objected.

“They are, indeed. But their numbers are also being reduced by the day. They can’t afford to thin down their strength in a campaign against Scotland, and it’s not a region of mayor concern for them, anyway” Helena’s grandmother analysed.

“Then… What now?” Helena asked.

“We are going to move south now. Always south” Helena’s grandmother answered.

“To London, then?” Maud asked.

“Well, we are going to take a bit of an odd-route… But yeah, we will eventually make it to London” Helena’s grandmother said.

They started to walk. It was going to be a long journey, longer than usual without any form of transport. They spent the night outdoors, protected by the moon and the starry night. It was a calm night.


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