Helena’s grandmother could not walk outside without being recognized, so it was decided that Helena and Maud would be the ones infiltrating the chakra-therapy centre. They would use fake Sister identities to walk in and out of the building and obtain the data that they needed. They were wearing the same grey clothes that they had been given in the yoga retreat, the uniform of the Sisters, which would do the job for them.

They walked towards the chakra centre, an enormous set of buildings that had once been the largest hospital compound in the country. It all looked quite different now, and they noticed the smell of incense and herbs before they even got there. The women and men who worked there were wearing clothes with vivid colours that had clearly been imported from India (against what was supposed to be eco-friendly), and they spoke like the valium doses had just kicked in.

An assistant got in their way before they could get inside the complex. “Excuse me, but you need a pass to go inside. It’s a new thing, after an incident that happened a couple of days ago, you know, with that old lady” as he said this, Helena remembered her own grandmother kicking ass to all of those policemen. “The government is issuing passes only to those who are eco-friendly enough to deserve treatment, for security. Do you have them on you?”

Helena was a bit confused, but Maud was faster to react. “Don’t you see that we are Sisters from the Order? We are allowed to walk here” she said, in a proud tone.

Clearly embarrassed with his error, the assistant threw himself to the floor and kissed Maud’s feet. “I’m sorry, Sisters. I am unworthy”.

They ignored him and walked inside. Nobody asked them any questions, and they moved wherever they wanted to without any sort of interruption. They found an assistant and stopped her.

Excuse us” Helena asked.

The woman bowed to them, and kept her head down. “Sisters” she greeted, in an almost inaudible tone.

We have come to inspect this therapy centre. We have been sent to make sure that the chakra therapy is being carried out correctly and that the connection with nature is preserved at all times” Maud requested. “I have to check all of the director’s paperwork, and my sister needs to go around the building”.

Yes, of course. Your desires are my orders”.

The assistant walked them through the maze of corridors until they reached a large office. The director was not there, apparently he was undergoing a therapy session himself (the stress could be too much for him if he didn’t get those sessions), so Maud had the freedom to do whatever she wanted to do. Before going into the office, she looked at the assistant.

Please show my Sister around. We have one hour. Don’t try to lie to her or to deceive her, she is very sensitive to Nature’s Connection” Maud warned her.

The assistant showed Helena around the clinic. She stayed silent, afraid of doing something wrong and being discovered. What she didn’t know was that everyone was a lot more terrified of her presence than she was of their presences. In their eyes, she was a Sister, and an especially sensitive Sister. Her words could dictate life and death.

By the time they reached the storage rooms, most of the people in the chakra centre were extremely nervous. Their chakras were going out of control. Helena looked at all of the medicines and, without even noticing, she spoke out loud. “I didn’t think medicines were considered environmentally friendly”.

Chaos ensued. Hearing her words, the workers of the chakra-therapy centre all went into a state of mayhem, killing themselves and destroying everything. It started with the assistant, but the news spread like wildfire, and soon they were all slitting their own throats. Helena, surprised by the sudden chaos, decided that escaping was the best alternative, and ran out of the building before it collapsed.

She met Maud outside. Maud had gathered many papers and folders, and had barely made it outside. She looked at Helena, and then back at the chakra-therapy centre. “What the hell just happened?” she asked, as she saw the complex of buildings collapse at once.

I… I just commented on the fact that keeping medicines does not seem to be very eco-friendly” Helena explained.

And your comment has provoked this?” Maud could not understand a thing.

The tank approached. “Hey, girls” Helena’s grandmother greeted. “I don’t know how you’ve done this, but well done!”

They took half of the papers each, and climbed into the tank, which started to move away from the building complex. They put all of the papers back together.

There is a lot of material that I have considered interesting” Maud explained.

Good, good” Helena’s grandmother seemed satisfied.


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