Travelling south

“So we have dragged a yoga-cult sister with us?” Helena’s grandmother asked.

“Pretty much” Maud summarized, before Barbara could say anything. When the old woman looked at her, Maud introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Maud. I was trapped in there with those people, but I have nothing to do with them” she said, looking at Barbara with disgust.

“But sister, how can you say that…!” Barbara was astounded.

“I had been taken there against my will” Maud sentenced.

“Well… what am I going to do with you…?” Helena’s grandmother wondered.

One of the drivers interrupted. “There is a police car ahead. What should we do?”

Helena’s grandmother looked at the screen, and saw the two Smith agents, ordering them to go outside and to be as environmentally friendly as possible. “Just run over them” she ordered.

The tank advanced against the car, without stopping at the warnings. The two policemen were smart enough to get out of the way, but the car was crushed, and the tank continued its way. Helena’s grandmother then turned towards Barbara.

¿Qué voy a hacer contigo ahora, m’hija?” she asked.

“What does that mean?” Barbara was alert, expecting the worst.

“What’s her name?” Helena’s grandmother asked to Maud.

“Barbara” she answered.

“OK, then, Barbara…”

“I’m not Barbara! My enlightened name is…!” Barbara started to scream.

Helena’s grandmother brought out her gun and pointed it against Barbara. “Look, I’m going to make it easy for you. You either get out of the tank, or die”.

Afraid of what might happen, Barbara started to climb up and out of the tank. Before jumping she looked down and spoke to Helena. “You have a special way of connecting with nature, Helena. It’s very intense. The sisters and I will find you, and save you from these savages”.

Helena’s grandmother made sure that Barbara was left behind, and then turned towards Helena. “What did she mean about a special connection, honey?”

“I have no idea” Helena declared. “Apparently they do some sort of meditation thing, but I haven’t had the time to learn about it”.

“It’s some pseudo-yoga, but it’s mostly bullshit” Maud explained. “It’s an eco-friendly ‘religion’ that is intended to control people. These yoga retreats train a religious body that is spreading through the populated areas to preach a ‘truth’ and to force them into that kind of lifestyle”.

Helena’s grandmother seemed a bit worried. “That sounds dumb and elaborate. It’s not the normal kind of retard that is controlling the new eco-world order”.

“But the people there seemed quite convinced to me” Helena intervened. “So it cannot be that dumb. There must be some sort of smart manipulation going on”.

Helena’s grandmother shook her head. “Honey, don’t give them more credit than they have. They just select the dumbest people to have them under control. Smart people are getting exterminated”.

Helena thought about Dani’s group. It was composed mostly of scientists, engineers, architects, doctors, pharmacists, historians… People who were more or less smart, and had a lot of knowledge. Those were the ones being persecuted by the eco-regime, and the ones who had had to disappear into the void as soon as the eco-revolution had started. Not the corrupt politicians, or the evil businessmen who made their workers labour in inhuman conditions.

Helena sighed. “These people don’t make any sense to me”.

“They don’t make any sense in general” Maud stated.

“True. For an eco-friendly regime, they sure do use their cars a lot” Helena’s grandmother commented, thinking about all of the police cars that she had destroyed in the last couple of days.

Helena’s stomach rumbled. “I’m… sorry”.

“Oh, dear, you must be starving!” her grandmother said.

“They only gave us one meal in the retreat” Maud explained. “Which consisted of a bowl of vegetable soup. Supposedly that can make you live longer and healthier”.

Helena’s grandmother was outraged. “Only one meal! And they give you that! That’s inhuman! I wish I had killed those people personally!” She turned towards the drivers.

“Stop the tank!”

The vehicle stopped moving. They were in the middle of an abandoned road, and endless fields were visible on either side. They all came out under the night sky, and they prepared a small meal, using a gas stove that had been in the tank. Helena’s grandmother prepared sausages, and potatoes and vegetables to go with them.

“I would have prepared mashed potatoes, but I don’t have the necessary instruments” she explained.

“I don’t care. This is the most delicious meal I have had in the last couple of months, ever since December” Maud said, swallowing the food like a starving wolf.

When they had all eaten and were full (Helena’s grandmother had made a bit too much, and they had to put the leftovers in a small container), they were silent for a while, until Helena decided to ask.

“Grandma… how did you get these people to help you? And a tank?”

“Simple. I just asked” was the answer.

Nobody said anything, and when it got cold, they walked into the tank. There were blankets, and they wrapped themselves in them. They took some time to sleep, but eventually all of them passed out.

The next morning, Helena woke up to the tank moving. Maud was sleeping next to her, and her grandma was already up, driving the tank. Helena kissed her in the cheek and sat next to her.

“What now?” she asked.

“We are going to the largest chakra-therapy centre in the country” Helena’s grandmother sentenced.

“Why?” Helena asked.

“We are going to get some intelligence on the environmentalists there. Right now we only know about the group that has started this whole thing, but there is no data on who the leaders of this organization are. We need to know who our targets are, so that we can kill them”.

“And then?”

“Then we destroy the chakra-therapy centre”.


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