Police investigation

Helena had not expected an investigation from the environmentalist police, but there was. The day after her grandmother had escaped from the justice in a scene that had gained her the title of Badass grandma, there was a knock on Helena’s door. She opened it, expecting the mailman to come, but found two environmentalist inspectors instead.

“Helena Stewart?” the woman asked.

“Yes?” Helena asked.

“We are inspectors Smith and Smith, and we are here to ask a few questions about your grandmother” the woman continued.

“From what we’ve gathered, she was responsible for the atrocities committed yesterday in the clinic. We would like to inspect the house” the man added.

“Don’t you need some sort of legal permission to do that?”

“That used to be the truth, but most laws are being rewritten right now, so the police can do what they judge best as long as it is inside the norm of environmental friendliness” the woman explained. “So it’s not like you have an option”.

Helena moved out of the way and let the two walk inside. They went directly to the kitchen, and started to open the fridge, and checking the pantry. Helena saw them bring most of their things out of place, and leave them wherever.

“Does your grandmother follow any sort of vegetarian diet?” the woman asked.

“No, she doesn’t” Helena responded.

The two policemen were paralyzed for a few seconds. They both got straight and looked at each other, and then they looked back at Helena. The woman made some sort of sign to the man that Helena did not understand, and she then approached Helena slowly, until they were face to face. She spoke in a soft, yet tense, voice.

“Are you sure that your grandmother did not follow any sort of vegetarian diet?” she asked.

Helena doubted. “Yes, I am sure. She ate meat, and fish. She liked poultry and beef, and…”

The man interrupted Helena. “Don’t continue! That’s enough. Your grandmother was a monster. One of those people who think that, because we have evolved to have omnivore diets, we need to have omnivore diets. This makes her even more dangerous than we thought that she is. I need to check the rest of the house”.

The man left, and the woman kept staring at Helena until she became extremely uncomfortable. Helena moved a few centimetres away from her.

“It’s normal that you feel inadequate” the woman said. “You’ve lived with a monster. But that has come to an end now. You are finally free” she continued.

Helena felt that the whole situation was extremely weird. “I am OK, I actually miss my grandma…”

“Oh, that’s just Stockholm syndrome, poor thing. I think you need help” the woman told her.

“I don’t need help. I love my grandma and wish that the incident that happened yesterday could have been avoided somehow” Helena responded, trying to make it clear that she did not want any kind of sympathy from that woman.

“It’s normal to think that you don’t need help. You’ve gone through traumatic years, under the rule of your tyrant grandmother who murdered animals and was happy with the suffering of other living beings, and you feel attached to the only person that was a meaningful part of your life. But the truth is that you need help” the woman held Helena from an arm as she said this.

Helena got free of the woman’s grip. “Please, don’t treat me like I’m some sort of victim who needs help, because I’m not. I…”

The man walked into the kitchen once more. “The rest of the house had nothing of interest”.

“The girl needs help” the woman told him.

“I don’t!” Helena reacted.

“She has Stockholm syndrome” the woman explained.

“That’s not true!”

“She is denying it. Classic Stockholm syndrome victim” the man nodded.

Helena was held from both arms and carried outside the house. Her mind was racing, trying to find a way for them to let her free. “I am traumatized!” she shouted as they got into the street. “I admit it!”

The two agents were silent, and Helena thought that she had managed to convince them that they needed to free her because she did not have Stockholm syndrome. The woman looked at her.

“See? The first step is to admit that you need help” she told Helena.

Helena was dragged into the car where they sat her. The front of the car was protected by a panel, and the back doors could not be unlocked from the inside, so she was trapped and to their mercy. She would be taken wherever they wanted to. Helena looked outside, trying to find some help. There was a silhouette of a woman, looking at the car in the corner of the street. Helena recognized the woman in the coat, and was about to shout, but the woman in the coat made her a quick signal, taking her index finger to her lips.

“We are going to be taking you to a nice place” the man said from the front of the car, as they drove off.

It took them quite a while to get to wherever they were taking her. They got lost a couple of times along the way, and the agents argued three or four times about which direction they needed to take to get to their destination. When they finally stopped and opened the door for her, Helena was expecting the worst. Her fears were soon confirmed when she looked at the building that she had been taken to.

She had been taken to a spiritual yoga retreat.


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