It’s out!

This is the piece of news that I had been saving. The Fiery Creek novel is out.

It’s been a hard editing period, but finally, after revising and editing everything, the first ever Fiery Creek novel is out. It’s available in ebook format through the Amazon Kindle store.

You might think to yourself (I know that you will, I have hired a telepath to allow me to peek into your minds!): what does the ebook add to Fiery Creek if it’s all out here? Well, there is the editing and revising of the whole thing, which should hopefully clear out some points and correct some mistakes.

But there is more to it, of course. The reason why this book has taken a bit longer than expected to come out was that I was preparing a small surprise, by the title of:

The Kulmala come to town

This is an exclusive Fiery Creek novella that is only available with the Kindle edition of the book. It tells the story of how Liza and Mikloz Kulmala got to town, and what adventures they followed through the turbulent 90s (remember, that was the time of the Atomic Bomb Incident and Red Week 1997!).

So, hey, maybe check that out. If you finally decide to buy it, thank you for supporting this project! I really appreciate it.

But, whether you decide to buy it or not, thank you anyway, for following this project all the way here!


4 thoughts on “It’s out!”

    1. Hey! Thank you for being there from the beginning, you are part of the reason why I got all of the way here in the first place. Thank you! But this is just the beginning, I’m going to keep writing, and I hope you like it 😀 I hope to read from you soon!

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