The Eco-revolution: Prologue

2016 had been a year of surprises. Several unexpected events, like the Brexit vote result and the US presidential election result, had somehow transcended and, in a mass media storm, overturned all polls, studies and calculations in the last minute. By late November of the year, everyone was expecting the worst, anything from the destruction of the world economy to a nuclear war seemed plausible by that point. And the worst happened, but not in the way that anyone had expected it to happen.

Those who feared what people like Trump or Le Pen could do had nothing to be afraid of. None of them would ever govern.

In December of 2016, environmentalists took over. They had been organizing for a few years, and they had managed to silently prepare attacks on most mayor governments of the world. On the 7th December, they rose like an army, destroyed governments from the inside and started a new era for all of humanity. No army was capable of stopping them.

In a statement that was broadcast to the whole world using the BBC, the new president of the world made it very clear:

Citizens of the world. A new time has come. After decades of fighting,
decades of not agreeing what to do to save the planet, a brave few have
stepped up to do what needs to be done. Today we have started a new time
of freedom, in which we are finally free from our oppressive governments,
and we can finally save the only planet where we can live. This is how it starts.
The Organization has taken over the governments that were leading us
to assured destruction, and is now going to establish a new order that will
optimally balance the forces of humankind and nature. This is it.

Our first step already given, we are now going to destroy the corporations
that try to run this world. They only care about profit, about squeezing as many
of these (he showed a dollar bill) out of us. They are exploiting us, nature as one,
humanity being part of it, so that they can live over what’s normal. Their excess
greed and lust have been their sins, forcing us to commit unforgivable
sins against nature and, by extension, against all of humanity. The Organization
is going to cleanse the world of these people. Say goodbye to corporations, to industry
and to big pharma. This is going to be a new time of integration and harmony”.

Of course, nobody believed them in the beginning. Everyone thought that it was just some sort of extremely elaborate prank, and that the videos that had been released of several world leaders being assassinated were fake. That was, of course, until the hospitals and pharmacies started to get substituted by homeopathic-naturist-eco-friendly-chakra-therapy centres.

Then it dawned on all of humanity. Those people that everyone had made fun of, the anti-vaccine people who believed that it was not ‘natural’ for children to get vaccines, those who were supposedly going to be negatively selected because their immunity had been reduced and would die of common diseases, those were the ones who were ruling most of the world’s nations.

2016 had seemed a bad dream that everyone wanted to end. But the nightmare had just started.


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