Travelling south

“So we have dragged a yoga-cult sister with us?” Helena’s grandmother asked.

“Pretty much” Maud summarized, before Barbara could say anything. When the old woman looked at her, Maud introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Maud. I was trapped in there with those people, but I have nothing to do with them” she said, looking at Barbara with disgust.

“But sister, how can you say that…!” Barbara was astounded.

“I had been taken there against my will” Maud sentenced.

“Well… what am I going to do with you…?” Helena’s grandmother wondered.

One of the drivers interrupted. “There is a police car ahead. What should we do?”

Helena’s grandmother looked at the screen, and saw the two Smith agents, ordering them to go outside and to be as environmentally friendly as possible. “Just run over them” she ordered.

The tank advanced against the car, without stopping at the warnings. The two policemen were smart enough to get out of the way, but the car was crushed, and the tank continued its way. Helena’s grandmother then turned towards Barbara.

¿Qué voy a hacer contigo ahora, m’hija?” she asked.

“What does that mean?” Barbara was alert, expecting the worst.

“What’s her name?” Helena’s grandmother asked to Maud.

“Barbara” she answered.

“OK, then, Barbara…”

“I’m not Barbara! My enlightened name is…!” Barbara started to scream.

Helena’s grandmother brought out her gun and pointed it against Barbara. “Look, I’m going to make it easy for you. You either get out of the tank, or die”.

Afraid of what might happen, Barbara started to climb up and out of the tank. Before jumping she looked down and spoke to Helena. “You have a special way of connecting with nature, Helena. It’s very intense. The sisters and I will find you, and save you from these savages”.

Helena’s grandmother made sure that Barbara was left behind, and then turned towards Helena. “What did she mean about a special connection, honey?”

“I have no idea” Helena declared. “Apparently they do some sort of meditation thing, but I haven’t had the time to learn about it”.

“It’s some pseudo-yoga, but it’s mostly bullshit” Maud explained. “It’s an eco-friendly ‘religion’ that is intended to control people. These yoga retreats train a religious body that is spreading through the populated areas to preach a ‘truth’ and to force them into that kind of lifestyle”.

Helena’s grandmother seemed a bit worried. “That sounds dumb and elaborate. It’s not the normal kind of retard that is controlling the new eco-world order”.

“But the people there seemed quite convinced to me” Helena intervened. “So it cannot be that dumb. There must be some sort of smart manipulation going on”.

Helena’s grandmother shook her head. “Honey, don’t give them more credit than they have. They just select the dumbest people to have them under control. Smart people are getting exterminated”.

Helena thought about Dani’s group. It was composed mostly of scientists, engineers, architects, doctors, pharmacists, historians… People who were more or less smart, and had a lot of knowledge. Those were the ones being persecuted by the eco-regime, and the ones who had had to disappear into the void as soon as the eco-revolution had started. Not the corrupt politicians, or the evil businessmen who made their workers labour in inhuman conditions.

Helena sighed. “These people don’t make any sense to me”.

“They don’t make any sense in general” Maud stated.

“True. For an eco-friendly regime, they sure do use their cars a lot” Helena’s grandmother commented, thinking about all of the police cars that she had destroyed in the last couple of days.

Helena’s stomach rumbled. “I’m… sorry”.

“Oh, dear, you must be starving!” her grandmother said.

“They only gave us one meal in the retreat” Maud explained. “Which consisted of a bowl of vegetable soup. Supposedly that can make you live longer and healthier”.

Helena’s grandmother was outraged. “Only one meal! And they give you that! That’s inhuman! I wish I had killed those people personally!” She turned towards the drivers.

“Stop the tank!”

The vehicle stopped moving. They were in the middle of an abandoned road, and endless fields were visible on either side. They all came out under the night sky, and they prepared a small meal, using a gas stove that had been in the tank. Helena’s grandmother prepared sausages, and potatoes and vegetables to go with them.

“I would have prepared mashed potatoes, but I don’t have the necessary instruments” she explained.

“I don’t care. This is the most delicious meal I have had in the last couple of months, ever since December” Maud said, swallowing the food like a starving wolf.

When they had all eaten and were full (Helena’s grandmother had made a bit too much, and they had to put the leftovers in a small container), they were silent for a while, until Helena decided to ask.

“Grandma… how did you get these people to help you? And a tank?”

“Simple. I just asked” was the answer.

Nobody said anything, and when it got cold, they walked into the tank. There were blankets, and they wrapped themselves in them. They took some time to sleep, but eventually all of them passed out.

The next morning, Helena woke up to the tank moving. Maud was sleeping next to her, and her grandma was already up, driving the tank. Helena kissed her in the cheek and sat next to her.

“What now?” she asked.

“We are going to the largest chakra-therapy centre in the country” Helena’s grandmother sentenced.

“Why?” Helena asked.

“We are going to get some intelligence on the environmentalists there. Right now we only know about the group that has started this whole thing, but there is no data on who the leaders of this organization are. We need to know who our targets are, so that we can kill them”.

“And then?”

“Then we destroy the chakra-therapy centre”.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2017!

I’m probably not saying anything new to anyone. But as the year is coming to an end, I feel the urge (I think there has to be something physiological about this, someone should study it. Maybe someone has already studied it, but the Reptilian Overlords who control the planet have not allowed them to make it public, because they discovered that it was all related to a mind-controlling agent that the Reptilians use to control us and create the illusion that we are the owners of our own lives. Maybe, or maybe not. Not like we have a way to check that) to look back and recap on all of the things that the year has given us.

It’s been a crazy year in most terms, a mad roller-coaster that has taken us through the highest highs and the lowest lows. We have managed to survive yet another year, and many are afraid of what is going to come next (Mostly because people don’t have divination powers. It’s OK, the world will not end any time soon. Unless you are reading this from dimension Q12O-TGA45-VX1O4, in which case you should make peace with your loved ones. Just a friendly suggestion).

In my case, I know what is going to come next (Or, at least, what I intend to make happen next). This has been a wonderful year in which I have completed my first novel, and it has all been possible thanks to the support and encouragement of all of you, my readers. I have really enjoyed writing these crazy stories, and I hope that you have enjoyed reading them and being part of the whole process. Seeing this, my intention is to keep writing new stories, and to share them with the few of you who have followed me through this crazy-crazy year.

Thank you for being there, and I hope that you all end the year well. I wish you the best for 2017!

The yoga retreat

Before she could even react, Helena was sitting on the floor in the yoga retreat, surrounded by women who were forming a circle, all looking at her and waiting for something to happen. A woman dressed in an expensive looking red tunic walked into the room, and looked at Helena. She walked ceremoniously to the centre of the circle, and took Helena by the arm.

“Women, let’s go outside” she ordered in a soft voice. “It’s the best place to connect with nature”.

It was freezing cold outside, and the women were not wearing much. Helena looked at them in pity, as they shivered. “I don’t think the weather is appropriate for this” she told the woman in red.

“The weather is always appropriate to connect with nature” the woman answered, in the arrogance than an ‘enlightened’ person uses with others. “You will learn”. The woman then looked around and talked to all of them. “Sisters, today we are welcoming a new member to our sisterhood. This is Helena, a woman that has been traumatized by a close family member’s meat eating habits. She has been brought here to heal and learn the principles of an eco-friendly and chakra balanced lifestyle”.

“Actually, as I told the officers before, I am not really traumatized…” Helena started to answer.

“Let’s chant for her, sisters!” the woman in red interrupted.

The chanting went over Helena’s voice, and nothing she said interrupted it. After a few minutes in which half the women looked like they were going through a seizure, Helena jumped out of the circle and started to run towards the fence that surrounded the green area outside. She jumped onto it with the intention of climbing it, but was soon thrown back by the electric shock.

“Shit!” she screamed in pain.

The women approached her, one of them before the rest. She was wearing a grey tunic, and had cut her blonde hair short. She helped Helena sit and whispered in her ear.

“If you want to escape this hell, we need to collaborate. Look for me, I’m Maud. But don’t say a thing to anyone else”.

The woman in red approached. “This is the first lesson Helena. You cannot escape from your fears, you need to confront them. All of the women here have undergone the same process, all of them afraid of facing the darkest in them. But they have learnt, isn’t that right, Maud?”

“It is” Maud answered, bowing her head.

The woman in red nodded. “You will now be taken to your room, where you are going to start your new life”.

One of the women took Helena into the building, up to the third floor – there were, of course, no elevators, so they had to walk up –, where Helena’s new room was located. The woman told her that she needed to shower and change into a grey tunic, and that she would wait outside until Helena was done. Helena looked around in the room: the only window available was locked, and there was no sort of sharp objects (or objects in general, really, as the room was pretty empty).

Helena took the shower, and she heard noise in her room as she was taking it. When she came outside, her clothes and possessions had been taken away from her, and there was only the grey uniform that everyone else wore. She took it and went outside, looking for the woman that had accompanied her to the room, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Helena went down the stairs, where she met another woman in grey, who took her by an arm. “Hi! Welcome, Helena, I’m so glad that you joined. I used to be named Barbara, but my rebirth name is Kallpa, which means strength in Quechua. The Elder Sister has said that you and I are going to be study partners. We are now going to be inseparable”.

“What?” Helena had not been paying attention.

“We need to study together. It’s study time now” Barbara insisted, pulling Helena’s arm.

“Do I have an option?”

Yet another woman in grey approached. She was carrying a whip in her belt, and she stroked it with her hand. “No” she pronounced in a tone that left no room for doubt.
Helena decided that she had already had enough with the electric shock before, and that she’d rather not get whipped, too. She followed Barbara into the corridors of the building. When she thought they were far enough from the guard, Helena decided to get some information from Barbara.

“So, Barbara, what is study time all about? Do we have to read and understand books about some sort of philosophy?”

Barbara seemed a little bit distressed. “OK, I understand that Kallpa is unusual, but that is my name now. Please don’t call me Barbara. And books are one of the greatest sins of humanity against nature, because they make us cut trees. Damned be the moment in which books were created”.

“What? There are many other industrial applications that consume a lot more wood!”

Helena looked around the house. “For example, this whole house is made with wood, which could have been avoided through the use of other materials. There is also that pellet stove over there, which could be replaced by an electric stove” Helena pointed out.

“I don’t want to hear any of that, Helena! I used to be like you, questioning everything with logic and facts, but I now know the truth, thanks to my study here!”

Helena decided not to continue her questions, at least not in that direction. “So… What is this whole thing about? I’m new to it all”.

Barbara spoke in a more relaxed tone as they walked into a small room. “You just have to connect. Come on, sit here”.

Each of them sat on a cushion on the floor, facing each other, and Helena waited for something to happen. Nothing happened for a few minutes, just stillness. Helena was about to ask a question about what they were supposed to be doing when Barbara spoke.

“Oh, my. You’re doing this so well already. I am connecting with you in such a deep spiritual level, and this is only our first session! Keep going”.

Helena looked around and saw that was what it all was about. Barbara had her eyes closed through the whole process, so she could do whatever she wanted to, so long as Barbara did not notice. Helena spent a couple of boring hours looking outside the window, and then Barbara stood up and looked at her.

“Your ability to connect is incredible, Helena. I think you are ready to go through the First Test and the New Baptism” Barbara said happily.


“I’m going to go talk to the Elder Sister”.

Barbara ran out of the room, leaving Helena alone. She walked outside and found Maud, who had also finished her study session. She made a sign for Helena to accompany her, and they both walked into a large dining room. Helena followed Maud and took her dinner, which consisted of half a bowl of celery soup. They sat together.

“Is this our dinner?” Helena whispered.

“Yes” Maud nodded. “They starve us with this diet based on small rations of fruit and vegetables. It’s apparently a way to ‘attain transcendence’, or whatever. The Elder Sister, on the other hand, feasts on whatever she wants to. Anyway, how was your study session?”

“That Barbara was babbling some stuff about connecting, or whatever…”

Maud made a sign for Helena to shut up, and then looked back into her bowl. Barbara sat next to Helena, and greeted Maud.

“Hello, Sister Maud”.

“Greetings, Kallpa” Maud responded.

Barbara looked at Helena. “I have spoken to the Elder Sister, and she says that you can go through your New Baptism today!”

Helena was not as excited as Barbara. “Oh… that’s… Great, I guess”.

Barbara took her by the arm. “Come on, let’s go to the Elder Sister…”

“Um… well…” Helena was trying to make up an excuse.

There was a sudden burst sound and some shooting sound. A wall of the building collapsed, and a tank appeared in place. Helena’s grandmother was on top of the tank, shooting from the aperture.

¿Dónde está mi nieta?” she shouted authoritatively.

Helena ran towards the tank, and Maud and Barbara followed. “Abuela!” Helena shouted.

“I’m getting you out of here!” her grandma shouted.

Helena started to climb into the tank, and Maud did the same. But Helena soon found that she could not go any further. Barbara was holding her tight.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!” Helena shouted.

“No! You are my study partner! I’m not letting you go!”

Helena’s grandmother and Maud pulled them both up and into the tank. Helena breathed in relief as the tank started to move away from the yoga retreat. Helena hugged her grandmother.

“How did you know?” Helena asked her.

“I followed the police car all the way here” she explained.

“And the tank?”

“We have some business to talk about” she told Helena. Then, looking at the people in control of the tank, she ordered. “Speed south, and shoot this place to the ground!”

Barbara screamed in horror. “No! That is my community!”

Helena’s grandmother saw her for the first time. “Did we get one of these brainwashed retards with us? Damn it”.

Police investigation

Helena had not expected an investigation from the environmentalist police, but there was. The day after her grandmother had escaped from the justice in a scene that had gained her the title of Badass grandma, there was a knock on Helena’s door. She opened it, expecting the mailman to come, but found two environmentalist inspectors instead.

“Helena Stewart?” the woman asked.

“Yes?” Helena asked.

“We are inspectors Smith and Smith, and we are here to ask a few questions about your grandmother” the woman continued.

“From what we’ve gathered, she was responsible for the atrocities committed yesterday in the clinic. We would like to inspect the house” the man added.

“Don’t you need some sort of legal permission to do that?”

“That used to be the truth, but most laws are being rewritten right now, so the police can do what they judge best as long as it is inside the norm of environmental friendliness” the woman explained. “So it’s not like you have an option”.

Helena moved out of the way and let the two walk inside. They went directly to the kitchen, and started to open the fridge, and checking the pantry. Helena saw them bring most of their things out of place, and leave them wherever.

“Does your grandmother follow any sort of vegetarian diet?” the woman asked.

“No, she doesn’t” Helena responded.

The two policemen were paralyzed for a few seconds. They both got straight and looked at each other, and then they looked back at Helena. The woman made some sort of sign to the man that Helena did not understand, and she then approached Helena slowly, until they were face to face. She spoke in a soft, yet tense, voice.

“Are you sure that your grandmother did not follow any sort of vegetarian diet?” she asked.

Helena doubted. “Yes, I am sure. She ate meat, and fish. She liked poultry and beef, and…”

The man interrupted Helena. “Don’t continue! That’s enough. Your grandmother was a monster. One of those people who think that, because we have evolved to have omnivore diets, we need to have omnivore diets. This makes her even more dangerous than we thought that she is. I need to check the rest of the house”.

The man left, and the woman kept staring at Helena until she became extremely uncomfortable. Helena moved a few centimetres away from her.

“It’s normal that you feel inadequate” the woman said. “You’ve lived with a monster. But that has come to an end now. You are finally free” she continued.

Helena felt that the whole situation was extremely weird. “I am OK, I actually miss my grandma…”

“Oh, that’s just Stockholm syndrome, poor thing. I think you need help” the woman told her.

“I don’t need help. I love my grandma and wish that the incident that happened yesterday could have been avoided somehow” Helena responded, trying to make it clear that she did not want any kind of sympathy from that woman.

“It’s normal to think that you don’t need help. You’ve gone through traumatic years, under the rule of your tyrant grandmother who murdered animals and was happy with the suffering of other living beings, and you feel attached to the only person that was a meaningful part of your life. But the truth is that you need help” the woman held Helena from an arm as she said this.

Helena got free of the woman’s grip. “Please, don’t treat me like I’m some sort of victim who needs help, because I’m not. I…”

The man walked into the kitchen once more. “The rest of the house had nothing of interest”.

“The girl needs help” the woman told him.

“I don’t!” Helena reacted.

“She has Stockholm syndrome” the woman explained.

“That’s not true!”

“She is denying it. Classic Stockholm syndrome victim” the man nodded.

Helena was held from both arms and carried outside the house. Her mind was racing, trying to find a way for them to let her free. “I am traumatized!” she shouted as they got into the street. “I admit it!”

The two agents were silent, and Helena thought that she had managed to convince them that they needed to free her because she did not have Stockholm syndrome. The woman looked at her.

“See? The first step is to admit that you need help” she told Helena.

Helena was dragged into the car where they sat her. The front of the car was protected by a panel, and the back doors could not be unlocked from the inside, so she was trapped and to their mercy. She would be taken wherever they wanted to. Helena looked outside, trying to find some help. There was a silhouette of a woman, looking at the car in the corner of the street. Helena recognized the woman in the coat, and was about to shout, but the woman in the coat made her a quick signal, taking her index finger to her lips.

“We are going to be taking you to a nice place” the man said from the front of the car, as they drove off.

It took them quite a while to get to wherever they were taking her. They got lost a couple of times along the way, and the agents argued three or four times about which direction they needed to take to get to their destination. When they finally stopped and opened the door for her, Helena was expecting the worst. Her fears were soon confirmed when she looked at the building that she had been taken to.

She had been taken to a spiritual yoga retreat.

The incident of the clinic

Helena was reading calmly next to the breakfast table while her grandmother walked around, cleaning stuff up. She loaded the dishwasher and then walked back to the table, where she had left a letter before.

“Hey, Helena… It says here that I need to go to the clinic today” she said, a bit of doubt in her voice. “Do you think it’s going to be OK?”

Helena looked up from her book. “Mm… I guess so. I mean, they just said that they wanted to check your health, right?”

Her grandma did not seem convinced. “Yes, that’s true”.

Helena tried to reassure her. “I’m sure it’s nothing. Just take it easy” she said with a smile.

“OK, honey” her grandma answered with a smile.

Helena waited while her grandmother put on a coat and got her nice shoes on. She kissed her goodbye, and went back to the kitchen, where she took her book. As she was walking towards her bedroom, the phone rang.


“Helena, this is Dani. Did your grandma just leave for the clinic?”

Helena was surprised by hearing her friend’s voice. “Dani? Isn’t this call…?”

“I’m calling from a safe line, but we don’t have much time and this is crucial. Did your grandma leave for the clinic today?” Dani pressed on.

Helena was getting a bit anxious due to the intensity in her friend’s voice. “Yes, they just wanted to check on her, she has just left”.

Dani got furious. “Check on her? Did you really believe that bullshit?”

“That was what the letter said!” Helena tried to defend herself.

“Come on, Helena. The environmentalists have bowed to reduce world population to just below one billion people, and are carrying out genocides in most countries of the world. This is just part of it!” Dani shouted.

“But… but…” Helena refused to believe what her friend was saying.

“They also stated that old people are a burden to society! This check is just a way to kill old people!”

Helena ran to the window of the living room, trying to see whether her grandma had already left the street and headed towards the clinic. There was no sign of her grandmother.

“She is gone!” Helena shouted into the telephone, desperately. “She is gone, gone…”

“Don’t panic! You just have to…”

Helena did not hear anymore. She just ran out of the house like a lightning bolt, jumping down the stairs as fast as she could. She knew the way to the clinic, because she had helped her grandma there several times already. Her grandma was nowhere to be seen. Helena was in front of the clinic, about to cross the street, when there were gunshots from inside the building. Helena was about to barge in when someone held her from behind. It was a man of the environmentalist police.

“Let me in there! My grandma is inside!” she begged.

“This is the way it has to be” the man responded.

Some windows were shattered and there were screams in the clinic as the massacre continued. Helena tried to fight her way inside, but the man would not budge. After a few minutes, there was a long silence inside the building.

“It has all ended now” the man told Helena.

“No!” she dropped to her knees, crying. “No, no, no!”

The silence was broken as the entrance burst open in fire. Helena’s grandmother came out between the flames, coat open, a gun in each hand, ready to shoot at whoever was willing to oppose her with any sort of resistance. The police sirens were approaching already, as the clerks from inside the building had called the emergency services. Before the environmentalist policeman that was right behind Helena could react, her grandmother shot him twice in the chest.

Helena screamed as blood spurted out from the man and several police cars arrived at the scene. They all got ready to shoot, surrounding the entrance of the building, and a policeman soon started to shout from a microphone.

“Please, stop your violence or we will need to take action. This is not environmentally friendly at all”.

Helena’s grandmother looked at her surroundings, saw Helena and spoke. “Fine. I give up. We can make peace right here and right now, amigos”.

Helena realized what was about to happen and started to run. Her grandma, a proud Latin American woman who had emigrated to the country long ago, only spoke in Spanish when she got extremely angry. That had been, in part, a way to signal to Helena that she needed to take cover.

As Helena left the scene, her grandmother dropped the guns, leaving everyone relieved. The policemen started to lower their own weapons, deeming the situation under control. In a second, the woman had taken out a hand-held machine gun from her coat, and she shot in every direction.

Helena heard several explosions as she left the scene, and went directly home, expecting the worst. She cried for half an hour before the phone rang once more. She took it.


“Are you OK?”

“Dani?” she asked. “No, I’m… Not OK. My grandma… I’m never going to see her again”.

Dani’s voice seemed a lot more relaxed than before. “Never is quite a strong word. I would say you won’t be seeing her for a while”.

Helena was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Switch on the TV, or check the Internet. It’s everywhere” Dani told her, before hanging the phone.

Helena switched on the television, where she saw a news report that had interrupted the program that was going on at the moment. She put the volume up and listened to the news anchor.

“… the suspect had apparently been called to the clinic to be recycled, and in a completely environmentally unfriendly way, not only has she refused to be recycled, but also she has started to kill people and policemen in a fight that has taken the lives of 17 agents. The suspect is still on the loose, and the police is carrying out an investigation to find her. If you were to see her, don’t approach her, she is dangerous and should only be dealt with by the appropriate authorities…”

The news report was accompanied by a picture of her grandmother jumping over a police car, while simultaneously kicking a policeman in the face and shooting another one with a gun. Her grandmother might be a fugitive, but was still alive.

It’s out!

This is the piece of news that I had been saving. The Fiery Creek novel is out.

It’s been a hard editing period, but finally, after revising and editing everything, the first ever Fiery Creek novel is out. It’s available in ebook format through the Amazon Kindle store.

You might think to yourself (I know that you will, I have hired a telepath to allow me to peek into your minds!): what does the ebook add to Fiery Creek if it’s all out here? Well, there is the editing and revising of the whole thing, which should hopefully clear out some points and correct some mistakes.

But there is more to it, of course. The reason why this book has taken a bit longer than expected to come out was that I was preparing a small surprise, by the title of:

The Kulmala come to town

This is an exclusive Fiery Creek novella that is only available with the Kindle edition of the book. It tells the story of how Liza and Mikloz Kulmala got to town, and what adventures they followed through the turbulent 90s (remember, that was the time of the Atomic Bomb Incident and Red Week 1997!).

So, hey, maybe check that out. If you finally decide to buy it, thank you for supporting this project! I really appreciate it.

But, whether you decide to buy it or not, thank you anyway, for following this project all the way here!

The Eco-revolution: Prologue

2016 had been a year of surprises. Several unexpected events, like the Brexit vote result and the US presidential election result, had somehow transcended and, in a mass media storm, overturned all polls, studies and calculations in the last minute. By late November of the year, everyone was expecting the worst, anything from the destruction of the world economy to a nuclear war seemed plausible by that point. And the worst happened, but not in the way that anyone had expected it to happen.

Those who feared what people like Trump or Le Pen could do had nothing to be afraid of. None of them would ever govern.

In December of 2016, environmentalists took over. They had been organizing for a few years, and they had managed to silently prepare attacks on most mayor governments of the world. On the 7th December, they rose like an army, destroyed governments from the inside and started a new era for all of humanity. No army was capable of stopping them.

In a statement that was broadcast to the whole world using the BBC, the new president of the world made it very clear:

Citizens of the world. A new time has come. After decades of fighting,
decades of not agreeing what to do to save the planet, a brave few have
stepped up to do what needs to be done. Today we have started a new time
of freedom, in which we are finally free from our oppressive governments,
and we can finally save the only planet where we can live. This is how it starts.
The Organization has taken over the governments that were leading us
to assured destruction, and is now going to establish a new order that will
optimally balance the forces of humankind and nature. This is it.

Our first step already given, we are now going to destroy the corporations
that try to run this world. They only care about profit, about squeezing as many
of these (he showed a dollar bill) out of us. They are exploiting us, nature as one,
humanity being part of it, so that they can live over what’s normal. Their excess
greed and lust have been their sins, forcing us to commit unforgivable
sins against nature and, by extension, against all of humanity. The Organization
is going to cleanse the world of these people. Say goodbye to corporations, to industry
and to big pharma. This is going to be a new time of integration and harmony”.

Of course, nobody believed them in the beginning. Everyone thought that it was just some sort of extremely elaborate prank, and that the videos that had been released of several world leaders being assassinated were fake. That was, of course, until the hospitals and pharmacies started to get substituted by homeopathic-naturist-eco-friendly-chakra-therapy centres.

Then it dawned on all of humanity. Those people that everyone had made fun of, the anti-vaccine people who believed that it was not ‘natural’ for children to get vaccines, those who were supposedly going to be negatively selected because their immunity had been reduced and would die of common diseases, those were the ones who were ruling most of the world’s nations.

2016 had seemed a bad dream that everyone wanted to end. But the nightmare had just started.