The start of something new

Everything had been taken care of. There were no more powerful beasts to worry about. The city had been rebuilt and cleaned from radiation, and the citizens of Somewhere had joined the community. many of the citizens of Fiery Creek had decided to stay in the Arc, which Joana had been fine with. Erin and John had finally married, and were now living together. Having confirmed the Council and the previous Mayor dead, Vee was elected the new Mayor of Fiery Creek. The town’s problems were being solved smoothly, thanks to the renewed attitude of the citizens and the host of powerful protectors that worked together.

Diane’s spirit and diaries had revealed the whole truth about the Author, how he had deceived humanity for millennia just to save his fantasy creation, and how Diane had manipulated the whole situation smoothly to destroy the Plan. She had used John’s tunnels to build Somewhere, and had also created a hex that made him conjure Doris into town without him knowing, which had meant that some sectors of his brain had been damaged for him to forget about what he had done. She had also had the people of Somewhere send the horoscopes to guide everyone for her. She also explained everything about Anne’s origins, and called her daughter.

This was a day of celebration, and the whole town had been decorated as such. But those who had made it possible were not in town, not yet. They were in a small oasis, enjoying their time with two spirits who had been central to the whole story.

They a went back to town, hearts warmed, and celebrated with the other citizens. There was Alex Cooney, and Eleanor West, who was talking to Frank. Daniel and Kyle, the two extraterrestrials, had deemed Earth more gay-friendly than their home systems, and had decided to stay. The Kulmala were playing around with their kids, and Jennifer played a couple of games with them too. John and Erin had escaped the celebration to have some privacy. Amanda and Joana were in a corner, speaking calmly, while Mamma, Ba’al and Laurel were louder in the centre of the celebration. Satan, who had lost the presidential elections against his opponent that same week, looked at Ba’al from a table.

Anne looked at them and smiled. Vee arrived with a drink for her.

“Is everything OK?”he asked.

“I’ve found my family and my lover, so I don’t think it could go any better” she smiled.

He sat next to her, and she pulled him towards her, kissing him in the lips.

The celbration lasted for hours.


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