The end

Anne could see the town from the air. They had sat her in a throne, up in the air, next to them. The toaster and that human-looking thing were both concentrating their magics, Anne could feel it. She was trying not to react, and had, in fact, suppressed her magic energy to a minimum. The being and the toaster did not seem pleased with Anne’s lack of collaboration – Anne did not magically know that the toaster was not pleased, it had charred a couple of pieces of toast to signal its displeasure -, and were thinking about alternatives.

“You need to stay calm” a voice said in her head.

“Diane?” she asked.

“Yes. They are trying to reunite into one, and will try to make you one with them” Diane explained.

“Why? Why me?” Anne wondered.

“Because you were born out of the monstrous being that they formed together” Diane explained, plainly.

“What?” Anne was in disbelief.

Diane explained all of the circumstances of Anne’s birth, including the parts that nobody in Fiery Creek had ever known. “That was the reason why the noise disappeared when you came to town, and the reason that you could harm the toaster. It was because you were part of it”.

“So then…” Anne was in tears, which made the other two even more nervous. “Then, if I am part of Everything… Then the Author is my father… Then I have to let myself be absorbed by them?”

“No” Diane said, sharply. “No, how dare you. You were born because I molded you out of Everything, and even though I did it accidentally and I didn’t know what I was doing very well, you are still like my daughter. You are a beautiful human being, who is capable of love and empathy, and who has gone out of her way to help others. You are not like this monster created by a deranged mind who is incapable of anything really human. It’s just a mass of incredible power that was created as a fantasy of omnipotence of the Author. You are not like that, you are worth of love, and you deserve to live next to those who love you. You are a person that should be proud of herself, Anne, and your origin should not change that in any way”.

Anne was in tears. “Diane… Mom…”

“Anne, look up. Somewhere far into the horizon you can see a small oasis of trees. Please, go there when everything finishes. And now jump out of the chair as soon as you can. You are in danger here”.

Anne tried to compose herself and looked at the two beings, who were looking at her. The ritual was almost complete, and they were thinking about forcing her into it. She could sense it. Before they could do anything, Anne freed herself and jumped.

“I’m out of here” she pronounced, as she went down with incredible speed. She did not have a spell ready, nothing to stop her from crushing into the ground. She closed her eyes, and tried to think about something, but the emotional turmoil that had just appeared with the discovery did not let her concentrate. She noticed two arms holding her.

“Are you OK?” Ba’al had flown to her.

“Yes!” she cried and hugged him.

Surprised by the sudden show of affection, Ba’al smiled, heart warmed. “Let’s go somewhere safe” he said, flapping his wings.

“To the Caliph’s Palace” Anne said.



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