The end

They had all gathered in the safe flower garden. It was just a small group: Vee, Mamma Luca, Ba’al, Laurel, Amanda, Joana, Erin, John, Denna, Frank, Jennifer and the Kulmala family. The rest were in the Arc, oblivious of everything that was transcending Reality.

“We need to recover Anne somehow!” Vee insisted.

“That thing is more powerful than any of us!” Mamma said, pointing towards the sky. “Laurel and I could probably hold it for a while, but not long. The rest of you would be small fry for it. If you can save Anne in the window of time that we can give you, then let’s do it, but know fully well what we are going into”.

Vee had tears in his eyes. “Then what? Are we just going to abandon Anne”.

Mamma Luca was also crying. “No… But everyone needs to know!”

“We have no plan whatsoever, we are going to have to go all out” Laurel said.

“We could lure that thing into the Library City” Erin proposed.

“No, that thing is not going to go into the Library City” Amanda said. “It knows better than that”.

“But, if we try…” John insisted.

“No, we would have to take the Library City to It” Amanda said. “And even then, I’m not sure that Erin could destroy it”.

“I’m omnipotent there” Erin said, raising an eyebrow.

“I know, but that thing is something else. It’s transcendental. It was created directly by the Author, and granted special status for the whole Multiverse. We probably cannot beat it even with our maximum power” Amanda explained.

“We need another monster to destroy it” Joana summarized.

“Yes, thank you” Amanda thanked.

“Guys, the clock is ticking. We need to decide quickly” Vee said.

“Ve don’t have enough pover to fight zat kind of zing. Ve vould be in ze way” Liza said.

“Yes, actually, you should be in the Arc” Vee agreed. “Frank, go with them”.

“But I want to record the whole thing!” Frank complained.

“Just go, OK?” John asked.

“OK, but you wear a camera in your head to record the whole thing” Frank asked, handing John a helmet with a camera on top.

They left towards the Arc, and the conversation resumed.

“OK, now what we should do…”

“No, that’s no good. Let’s go with…”

Joana interrupted the discussion. “Guys!” she pointed towards the sky.

Anne was falling at great speed. Ba’al was the first to react. “I’ll get her!” he said, as he flew like a dart towards her.

They followed him through the streets until he got Anne, and when he took to the Caliph’s Palace, they followed him there, too. They gathered inside the Palace, where they hugged Anne, relieved that she was OK. A burst of energy made them go still like rocks. They looked outside the windows, and saw it clearly: the creature had reformed into one.

“God, it’s horrible” Denna said.

“That’s the end of it” Jennifer continued.

“No, it’s not” Amanda was shaking her head. “The battle starts now”.

“What do you mean?” Vee asked.

“I think I’ve managed to understand it… It’s Zero vs ∞ now” Amanda explained.

“That would make sense” Joana said.

Another great power appeared, and jumped towarda the first one. The runes in the walls of the Palace went violet, and a protective barrier appeared around them.

“What is this?” Erin asked.

“The Palace did not have any security measures” Ba’al stated.

“This was Diane’s doing” Anne said.

Ba’al nodded.

“So we let the monsters fight?” Laurel asked.

“I guess” Mamma said, a bit disappointed.

They looked at the energy bursting in every direction, two creatures clawing and attacking each other. Suddenly John noticed something. 

“Is that… yes, it is!” he exclaimed.

“Who is it, John?” Erin asked.

“Zero! It’s Doris!”

“Doris Waters?” Anne asked.

Everyone looled at the fight carefully.

“It is her!”

“Yep, definitely Doris”.

Mamma laughed.

“What’s going on?” Vee asked.

“It all makes sense now! Doris Waters was somehow conjured into town years ago, and has terrorized the Fiery Creek ever since. She was the kind of combination of dangerous and ditzy that did not allow for incredible power” Mamma started to explain.

“Then what happened?” Denna asked.

“In the Apocalypse, she was observed by several people when she was in a state of division and could not collapse back into one. This led to several Dorises with different personalities and powers. Zero was the most dominant one, because zero was the amount of ditziness she had, and so she destroyed the other parts and absorbed all of the power”.

They looked at ythe clashing forces. The space-time continuum was getting ripped everywhere, and the battle was reaching its height. The city had been levelled, the sand of the desert pushed hundreds of kilometers away, and only the bedrock was left was left where there had been dunes.

And then it came. The moment when they destroyed each other into a fulminating ball of energy that was brighter than the sun, visible everywhere in the universe. Both creatures turned into pure energy in a blast that shook the whole Multiverse. 

As the energy dissipated, they saw the molten landscape. It was grim, but it had all ended. A violet spell activated where the Botomless Well had been, and a city emerged from the underground. The citizens of Somewhere saw the light for the first time in over a century.


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