The death of Stefano Luca had really affected Diane. She had managed to crack into the surface of Everything, and yet it had not been enough. When she met the Author, right after Stefano’s death, she understood the whole situation, she learnt all of the details of the Plan, and how the Author was correcting any details that might deviate from the Plan.

In fact, the noise that haunted Fiery Creek had all been a part of it. Anyone who dared to change the patterns of behaviour or who tried to destroy the Plan would be killed. The Author had set it all up so that the Plan always worked. Only Everything was immune to the noise, and anything else would die. The Author knew that Diane had all of the details of the Plan, but he also knew that she could not say a thing. She would die if she did.

This left her few alternatives. She studied her enemies, the Author and Everything, and looked for their flaws. She knew that the Author could be killed, because he was just a representation of the real Author, and that there would be no consequences to the world whatsoever. The world would not be destroyed. This, however, posed two problems: she did not know the Author’s whereabouts, and she did not have that kind of power.

The problem of Everything remained. The long research concluded in 1856, when she found out about the being’s weakness. Afraid that this might cause many deaths, she kept it all to herself and followed the Plan as the Author had laid it out. They would face Everything in 1857. Diane got ready through rigorous training.

In the attack, the opportunity just sort of happened. She flew towards It, who had been weakened, and she stabbed it with her dagger. The being cried.

“You are Everything, just a mass of power, great power, all of the power ever. And yet, you are so monstrous, that you are nothing definite. I hereby break you to pieces!” she recited.

The being exploded into three. One of the forms dissipated quickly, low of power, and another one turned into a concrete object, a toaster, holding great power, but not Everything anymore, just a powerful toaster. The appliance left the scene flying.

Diane was then surprised to find the third piece. It was a baby. A human baby. Devoid of evil, a girl that looked healthy. Diane held the baby in her arms, and saw the girl in the future, turning into one of the people who saved the world. She saw everything, she understood what she had to do, and she cried.

“Little one, you were created because of that crack I made, five years ago, in my innocence, to this being. You are pure, and beautiful, and you will face a lot of trouble. But your struggles will have results, and you will find friendship, and love and belonging. You are the piece to save the world, Anne Black. Now go into the future, where you are needed, and don’t forget about Fiery Creek”.

Diane opened a portal and left Anne in the door of the orphanage, with a note that said “Anne Black”. Diane cried, knowing what Anne would have to go through. But she knew she would be watching the whole time, and that she would be pride.

She dried her tears and went back to Fiery Creek, where she would need to start working. She prepared the letters, she built and started the project in Somewhere. And she always watched over the town, even after her death.


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