Three people came running towards the remains of the dead Witch. At the same time, Laurel, Mamma and Anne crossed through a portal nearby.

“What’s going on?” Anne asked.

“It’s the final battle” Amanda said, pointing towards the sky.

“Laurel and I could probably handle it” Mamma proposed.

“Who do you think you are!” one of the three people shouted.

They all turned around towards the three who had gone to examine the remains of the Witch that Joana had killed.

“How dare you kill the Black Tortoise of the North?” the woman continued, with rage. She was wearing a white uniform.

A woman with a green suit spoke. “We are envoys of the highest, and you’ve dared, not only to attack, but also to kill one of us. That is disgraceful”.

“In our defense, you can’t prove that we killed her. We just fell over her and she died, but the events may or may not be related” Joana said.

“YOU SINNERS ALL DESERVE TO DIE!” the woman in the white suit shouted.

Laurel walked up to her. “Wow, you need to calm down a bit. Who are you, anyway?”

“I am the White Tiger of the West, follower of the highest, Witch of…”

Laurel looked angry. “Wait, what did you call yourself? White Tiger? That’s my title…” she said, and, in a swift move, beheaded her with her katana. “And that’s a title that you need to earn, bitch” Laurel finished.

The head flew hundreds of metres away, and the body fell down, dead. Mamma approached them too. “Look, I don’t know what you Witches have with us, but it’s not like we are going to let you take over, or something. That highest being is, if I’m correct, the greatest abomination of all time. It is a monster created by the fantasies of a mad Author who does not know how to handle his own emotions, and we had all been manipulated into saving that being”.

“You dare say that? You dare call it monster? You, who killed the High Witch, and didn’t even get tried for it?” the woman in green spoke.

“Is that what it all is about?” Mamma asked.


“And you plan to follow the highest to the very end?”


“OK, then you might join the High Witch quicker than you’d expect” Mamma said, producing a blast of energy that destroyed the being. “What about you?” she then asked to the man in blue.


He was interrupted by a shot. His head had been crossed by a bullet that nobody had seen. Everyone looked at Joana, whose hand was raised like a gun.

“What?” she asked. “It was going to happen eventually”.

“True” Anne agreed. “Also, that was the serial killer that Vee and I stopped. He probably wanted revenge, or something”.

Everyone nodded.

“It’s all in my youtube channel” Frank said. “Anyway, Joana, I’ve had a question for you for some time now. How come you weren’t featured in the Quantitators’ list if you’re so powerful?”

“You can make your results private if you want to” she explained with a smile.

“Oh” Frank realized. “So you are one of those five people…”

Something held Anne by the neck. She tried to scream, but she couldn’t. The creature started to fly away, and nothing that the rest did stopped it. Anne had been abducted.


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