Neighbours of Fiery Creek, 10/11/2016

This is a public space to send messages to neighbours, to strengthen our community bonds and resolving our disputes. No form of violent comments will be tolerated, so refrain from sending them to this forum. Thank you.

From D3. Everyone, I am the only Doris that is left. I think that someone has been hunting on us.

From Frank. Here we go again. Get ready for the corpse, @Eleanor.

-> Liked by Sean and Ryan.

From Rita. OMG, @D3, that’s horrible! Someone needs to stop this! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

From Denna. Guys, I need help, and this is serious. I’m trapped inside the house and my sister is trying to kill me. I am going to fight her, but I don’t want to injure her. The police doesn’t respond, so please, send some help.

From D3. Excuse, but I think that my problem is far more important. Would you please give some consideration to me? I don’t think it’s asking that much.

From Liza. Uze ze vater zpell zat you taught uz. Bitchez don’t like to get vet, @Denna.

-> Liked by Denna.

From Denna. Thank you, @Liza! I think it worked!

From D3. Thank you, @Rita.

From Alex. Hey, @Denna, if you’ve managed to immobilize her, would you take her to my office? I think your sister needs therapy. First month is free.

From Denna. Really, @Alex? Thank you! I’ll take her right away.

From D3. You are all a bunch of insensitive bastard. Can’t you give me the least bit of attention? I have real issues here! Someone is going to hunt on me and kill me!

The account @D3 has been deleted because it’s user has deceased.

From Frank. Oh, wow. Someone was actually hunting on them. Now you need to find the culprit, @Eleanor.

From Eleanor. As if I didn’t have enough work already, @Frank. I’m working on regularizing some alien immigrants.


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