The Council’s Epic Adventure through the Universe 5: Last Transmission

Summary: we are not going to make it back.

This week has been a nightmare, but unfortunately, it’s all coming to an end. That’s it. There is nothing more to say. The Council of Fiery Creek is going to end.

For some reason, Doris exploded yesterday, destroying a part of the ship’s hull in the process. Council member William Sato, who went there to check what was going on, was sucked into the void and killed instantly. His remains could not be recovered.

The remaining four of us put on our space suits and tried to cover the whole or solve the problem. The spaceship had gone crazy, pointing that the ship failure was unexpected, and that there were no emergency measures that could be taken to solve the problem.

We are left with whatever food or air we can get for our spacesuits. We are in the middle of an uninhabited star system where the spaceship wanted us to do some chores. We are thousands of kilometres away from the nearest planet.

We are lost. The spaceship malfunction cannot be solved, and we have no power to go anywhere. There is no damn escape from this place. We are all dead. We all are.

We don’t have enough usable resources that we can get, not enough air in our suits, or food or drinks that we can put inside without letting the air out and dying in the process. However you look at it, this is the end for everyone here.

In fact, I think that, as I write this, I am the only one who is left here, the rest of them dead. I am too afraid to go check, and I am too afraid of what I could do to myself in the next few hours. I can’t talk for everyone, so I’ll talk for myself.

I guess this is what corruption brings you. I guess you make enemies. And I guess that, when you don’t work hard, and when you surround yourself with people who are as bad or worse than you yourself are, you don’t learn the lessons of life, and you lose opportunities for growth. I guess when you only look for your own interests, the people around you won’t think about them, and that, when you don’t take the consequences that others suffer into account, the harmed will ask for revenge.

But I guess I’ve learned the lessons too late, and that this is the last transmission.



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