Important Sites of Fiery Creek 23: Fiery Creek Black Market

A lot of people think that, when news anchors say that “cocaine is being sold in the black market”, it means that cocaine is being sold illegally. And though it’s true that cocaine is being sold illegally, this is not what it means. What it actually means is that cocaine is being sold in Fiery Creek, in a place called Black Market.

Black Market is a supermarket in the Revenant District, in the north of Fiery Creek. It basically profits from the unwillingness of citizens – including police officers – to go to the Revenant District to sell all sorts of illegal products and services to whomever needs them. Do you want some drugs? Do you want poison? Do you need a sniper’s rifle to kill your nosy neighbour who is making too many questions about the disappearance of the postman, who had been the same in our neighbourhood for the last 10 years, even at the height of the conflict between cats and dogs, and it’s weird that everyone in the street up to your house had seen the postman the day of his disappearance on the 21st of October, but none of the houses after yours received their mail properly? You can find it in the Black Market up there.

The way it works is pretty simple, you just go there, ask for whatever illegal item or service you need, you pay in regular cash and receive what you have asked for. In fact, it would seem that it is too simple for it to be real, and that illegal items and services should be very common in Fiery Creek. The thing is, actually, illegal items and services are extremely rare in Fiery Creek itself. This is all because of a high level of exports.

Yes, you’ve read right. Exports. The Black Market shop also has a website in the deep web, offering the same goods and services as in the shop. The online shop also works simply: look for the object, place an order, pay for the order, receive the order. Simple, efficient and clean. There are also those who prefer to come to town just to visit the shop, but most of the shop’s activity is now through the website.


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