History of Fiery Creek 25: The Second Battle

The intelligence provided by Satan pointed out that Everything would attack once more at some point in 1857. Mary Clark had started to prepare for the battle with time, getting the fighters that she could on point. The evacuation procedures had been arranged for, in fact, under the excuse that town was at war, Mary had made them move into the Library City, where Erin had prepared a space for them.

But Mary knew that her forces were not enough. She could compromise the citizens’ security by luring Everything into the Library City, thus making Erin – who, remember, was omnipotent in that dimension – deal with it, but the point was that the rest of the Multiverse would be compromised. Considering that Erin’s powers were not enough outside the Library City, Mary could only count on herself, Ba’al, Merlin and Diane.

One day that Mary was waiting, keeping the town under her watch, Satan appeared and greeted her. “Mary, I need to make a proposition”.

“If it’s about Ba’al, you know what the answer is” Mary answered.

“Darn, I had to try” he said, jokingly. “No, but more seriously, I think I know the way to beat It“.

Mary turned around from the watch with interest. “Tell me”.

“Basically, the idea is to let It spend its power in a giant attack, but opening a portal that will direct the energy somewhere else”.

“Where?” Mary asked.


Mary opened her eyes widely. “But that would destroy Hell! What about the souls trapped there? It’s also your home”.

“I am not bothered by that. I find the Earth to be a lot more fun to live in. Also, the souls there will be freed and go to Heaven” Satan explained.

Mary thought about it for a while. “OK, but then, what?”

“Then… I don’t know. We destroy It?” he proposed.

“I guess that could work” Mary said. “But how will we open such a large portal? Also, how are we going to be ready to do so when It comes?”

It likes populations of large power. If I bring the Infernal Army here, It will not take long to appear. We can open the portal together”.

“Are you sure about this whole thing?” Mary asked.


The preparations were swift. Mary did not want to wait. She hated waiting, and would rather apply a solution to the problem.

“Do you think we can trust Satan?” Ba’al asked Mary.

“I don’t know, Ba’al. But I’d rather try to face that monster with whatever we have than wait here for it to come kill us”.

Ba’al sighed. “I guess you are right”.

“You don’t need to participate if you don’t want to” Mary said. “Diane and you don’t need to get involved in this”.

“There’s no way I will not participate in this” Diane said, approaching them, fighting gear on.

“I guess it’s settled then” Ba’al said.

“OK, so Satan and I will keep the portal open. When the attack ends, you and the rest need to attack with all you’ve got” Mary explained.

They both nodded and got ready for the fight. They did not have to wait long, as Everything came out into scene just a few hours after the Infernal Army. It attacked the demons there first, killing most of them easily. Satan and Mary soon counteracted by opening up an enormous portal that covered the whole town.

It was not amused, and, from the air, threw a giant beam of destructive energy, which disappeared through the portal. The energy was overwhelming, and Everything did not stop attacking, trying to tire them until the portal closed. The continuous attack was taking its toll on Mary and Satan, who were spending all of their energy in keeping the portal open.

“Dad, go help them!” Diane shouted.

“What? But then who will attack…?”

“I’m ready! But the portal needs to be open for a bit more!”

Ba’al joined Mary and Satan, taking the load of energy that meant keeping the portal open. The monster was spending all of its energy, which seemed almost unending, into that massive attack, and they were managing to hold it. Suddenly, after a peak of energy, the energy output started to decrease.

Diane flew, dagger in hand, and the portal started to close. Satan, Ba’al and Mary looked up, and they did not see a thing. After a few minutes, Diane approached them calmly.

“Did you destroy it?” Satan asked.

“Yes and no” was her answer.

“What does that mean?” Ba’al asked.

“I have managed a deadly hit, but the creature has escaped. It shouldn’t bother us anymore” Diane said.

“If it means that the danger has disappeared… It’s good enough for me, I guess” Mary said. “Thank you for your help, Satan. We can now part ways in peace?” she offered her hand.

He shook her hand. “Actually, I have nowhere to go now, Hell being destroyed and all that. So I have to stay in here now. I think I’m going to go into politics” Satan said.

“That should be fun to see” Mary laughed.

The remaining forces of the Infernal Army looked at them. “Wait, you mean that we can’t go back home?”

“Had you told them about the destruction of Hell?” Ba’al asked Satan.

Satan looked extremely uncomfortable. “I might have… forgotten” Satan laughed nervously.

There was an upheaval. The few demons gave way to their rages, and their shared anger somehow turned them into one large, monstrous being.

“I have no strength to deal with that” Mary said, shaking her head.

“Same here” Ba’al said.

“It’s OK” Diane said, her eyes going violet. “Let’s take it to the Caliph’s Palace and seal it there. If it breaks something it will get back to normal, so that should help. We can deal with it later”.

She took control of the beast, and made it walk into the Caliph’s Palace. She left it there, and they sealed the Palace.

“That settles it, I guess” Satan said.

“It does” Diane said. “Now let’s go celebrate.

They never dealt with that monster, and the town was still at peace with that for years to come.


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