Weekly Fiery Creek, 06/11/2016

This week in the news:

Town saved from politically correct alien menace, new danger approaches?

Thanks to everyone’s hard work – including most of the writers from this newspaper, which is the reason why this is going to be but a short note, followed by 75 blank pages -, the town has been saved from the politically correct aliens, and can enjoy peace once more. This time, Fiery Creek citizens have, for the first time, rid the town of the danger through cooperation, and everyone is now happily celebrating the end.

There is, however, this flying throne up in the air, menacingly looking at the town. Nobody seems too worried about it, but Amanda Alexander has asked everyone to stay in the Arc until they can confirm that we are out of danger. This should not be a problem, because most of the population has suddenly remembered what a shithole our town actually is, and have decided to stay in the paradise Eden that Joana has created in the Arc, conquering new planets and starting civilizations.

Oh, by the way, Satan vs Freddie Kruger election on Tuesday. Don’t forget to vote!


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