Diane had known everything from the beginning. She had known about Ba’al being her father, and had somehow guided her mother through the desert and all the way to Fiery Creek. She was definitely an anomalous combination, something out of this world, having been the daughter of a former god turned angel, turned Prince of Hell.

She had predicted the appearance of Everything at the age of 10 for the first time. She had gone into a trance an early morning of October of 1847, a morning of revelation that had spiked her predictive ability over anything that she had ever done before. Nobody had understood the significance of the rain, yet the most important moment in the history of Fiery Creek happened in those hours.

Diane had understood what Everything was. She was not afraid, because she knew she had time to prepare, and that she could come up with a plan to destroy the being that menaced the whole universe. Diane had never been one to panic. Diane had always been a resolute person, ready to plan and execute a solution for any problem that she had to face.

Thus, she started to build the Orchard to the south of Old Town Fiery Creek, knowing that it would be an important source of magical power that she could use. One day, while she was working on the seeds of the same trees that still stand in Fiery Creek, she found a coyote. It had been injured by some large monster, and Diane had cured its injuries, feeding the coyote for over a week, until it recovered. But when the day came for the coyote to leave, it just stayed there.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that. I was just helping you” Diane said, while she watered the sacred lemon tree.

The coyote made a small cry.

Diane sighed. “OK, you can stay. But don’t trample any of the trees, OK?”

The coyote nodded.

“Also, what’s your name?”

The coyote barked.

“San? OK, San, you will be my friend now”.

Time was broken in November 1847, so it’s hard to know how things happened next. At some point that may have come before or after the Kitties‘ attack had the time that month been linear, like it usually is not – it’s mostly the time traveling portals and other space-time distortions screwing the whole continuum that don’t allow for a linear account of town’s history -, Diane accidentally found herself out of Fiery Creek.

“Oh, shit”.

She started to walk around, trying to find her way somewhere, until she suddenly found herself in a never-ending library. She looked around with curiosity, and saw a girl who looked her age walking around between the aisles. Diane walked towards her.


The girl turned around, surprised. Diane’s powers were racing, her head aching at the presence of such a powerful being. Reading the mind of an omnipotent being had decidedly not been a good idea, and Diane was hit by the flow of information, the trillions of books and manuscripts that were stored in that girl’s mind. She fell to her knees, holding her head, trying to stop the flow of information. When she finally managed to calm down, the girl was still looking at her.

“Hello…?” the girl pronounced.

“I am Diane, and I kind of… got lost. Who are you and where am I?”

“I am Erin, the librarian… I have been the librarian since the year that you call 1823. This is the Library”.

Diane nodded. “I was working on something out there, and I’d like to go back to my town…”

The girl looked to the floor, then back at Diane. “Are you leaving already? It’s been a bit lonely here…”

Diane thought about it. “Want to be friends? Maybe we can make it happen. I live in the other side of the portal, I can come in some days, and you can come out some others”.

The girl looked excited. “And we can play! And learn magic! And…”

Diane saw the Library getting distorted by Erin’s sudden energy upheaval. “Yes, sure. Thing is, I’m building this thing called an Orchard, and I need to water the plants now… But if you want to, I can come back to play, and even bring my coyote friend with me. San has gotten really big, but he is very gentle”.

“Yes! I’ll be waiting here” Erin said.

Diane crossed the portal to the other side, and kept working on the Orchard, thinking that she would soon be joining her new friend. But her mind raced once again with the Kitties‘ arrival, and soon the events of November 1847 transcended. Thanks to Erin’s help, the Orchard and a fraction of the citizens were saved.

The next few years, which were not without incidents, Diane spent most of her time learning and devising strategies to fight against Everything. Yet when Everything first appeared, years later, she did not manage to destroy it. Stefano Luca was captured and sacrificed by the witches, and the Author’s evil Plan to save the abomination that he had created was still in place.


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