24 – A

You had followed Laura García out of the wreck. There had been no survivors – technically there had been you, and also that woman who had been murdered by the Mayor, but well… -, and nobody had gone to the region to check on the wreck, which seemed quite weird to you. Usually, when there was an accident of such epic proportions, there would be an emergency alert, and authorities and volunteers alike would all try to help the victims out of the ship.

“That’s because there is nobody left in this damned island, the Mayor killed all of them” a familiar voice said in your head.

“What?” you asked the voice. “Who is this?”

“This is Diane Vines. I am going to assist you in going back to where you belong, which happens to be your home town, Fiery Creek” the woman answered.

You walked next to some large dump. It smelled like decomposition, and the pile of what might have been tons of meat looked and smelled disgusting. You concentrated on answering to Diane while you covered your nose with a hand.

“Diane, you were the oracle of Fiery Creek, right? So you must know. You must know everything” you managed to think.

“I do. But explaining all of it would need another whole section in a blog, and this is not the time. Laura García is dangerous, and this is a crucial moment” Diane explained.

“What do you mean?”

“The greatest fight between the forces of the Multiverse is happening right now. Alba Luca and Laurel Lewis have destroyed the Author, which means that Everything is going to run free. This ‘accident’ had all been orchestrated by the Author himself to destroy you, because you have been a key factor in destroying his Plan. We can win the fight against It without you, but I’d rather you survived”.


“Because you are the nearest thing I’ve ever had to a daughter” she said.

You were so startled by the revelation that you did not see the rock lying in the path ahead of you, and almost fell to the ground. “What?” you murmured.

The Mayor turned around. “Did you say anything, Farn Black?”

“The fight is coming. You need to focus” Diane said.

“You need to explain everything. Including why the fuck nobody can seem to learn my name properly, it’s not like it’s difficult”.

“I know. She was so close, yet she ruined the whole thing by saying your name” Diane commented.

“Are you talking to someone?” the Mayor asked.

You concentrated on her. “Oh, no sorry. It’s just that this pile looked…” you were out of words.

“It’s great, isn’t it? It’s the corpse of the Kraken King. I killed it myself, and it gave me everything” the Mayor explained, her eyes wide open, like those of a deranged person, or a person with Graves’ disease. “Everything I need“.

You looked at the giant pile and wondered. It looked oddly familiar. “Isn’t this… yes, it must be! It’s the Eldritch abomination!”

“What did you call it?” the Mayor did not seem to like the comment. “No, it’s the Kraken King! It’s my Kraken King, and don’t you dare call it something else!” she sounded bewildered. Her eyes went white.

“What now?” you asked, getting ready for a fight.

Diane was the one to answer. “That was indeed the Eldritch abomination that Alba Luca kicked out of Fiery Creek. It was taken all the way to the Caribbean, where it took hold of the Eldritch abominations and giant squids of the seas, starting the army that the Council faced in their ‘holidays’ in Barbados. Laura tried to destroy this Eldritch abomination, but she absorbed its nucleus instead, obtaining its powers and going completely mad”.

“That’s helpful, but then that means that I have to face the enormous power of an Eldritch abomination all by myself?” you asked.

“Pretty much. Though I’ll be here to support you”.

The Mayor growled as her power started to show violently around her. You summoned your machete, and got a time field spell ready, just in case. Suddenly, the Mayor disappeared from sight. You released the spell, just to find out that she had almost got you. Her hand, which had grown incredible claws, was placed over your chest, almost touching it.

“She is too fast!”

“But you can counter that with the time spells that Ba’al taught you” Diane said.

“But then I would need to have that spell ready at any time!” you complained.

“You can do it, Anne. Concentrate on your enemy”.

You prepared another time spell with one hand, while, with the other, you sent the Mayor flying out of the first time field. She caught an incredible speed, going over Mach speed with a bang. She hit the trees and rocks, and left a huge trail as she blasted against a nearby hill. Laura García woke up, annoyed, but pretty much unharmed.


She disappeared from sight again, and you released the time spell. This time, she was still a metre in front of you in the middle of a jump with the intention of crushing you with her powerful fist. You realized that just throwing her around would not do much, so you concentrated on your best asset: using the Mayor’s own explosive power against herself. You prepared yet another time spell, and pierced the Mayor’s arm with the explosive power that she had put in her attack.

As the time field banished and Laura García fell against an opponent that had moved out of the way, her arm shattered in every direction, the bones turning brittle and breaking into millions of molecules. The Mayor screamed, and blood spilled out of her open injury, which she soon forced closed.

She moved quickly, and you stopped time once more. This time, you were surprised to have her in your back, her claws already into the superficial layers of your skin. You moved out of the way, surprised, and blasted her hand with a violent movement of your arm, manipulating her energy outwards. You then pushed her outside of the time field, without even bothering to create a new time spell. She went flying once more, and crushed into an enormous crater this time.

Her forearm bleeding, blood coming out of her mouth and nose, she stood up once more to face you. She was much quicker than you were, and tried to use that to her advantage. But you had already manipulated her energy twice, and knew what she was doing now. You hit her head-on, using her energy and your energy. Your forehead crushed against her nose, and, as it did, her head exploded in a bloody fashion. Her dead body fell to the ground.

“Wow, I didn’t expect anything as bloody as that, and I’m an oracle” Diane said.

You were calming down. “It’s done now” you fell to the ground, tired from the fight.

Mamma Luca and Laurel Lewis appeared through a portal. “That was insane” Laurel said. “Frank would’ve loved to put that in his youtube channel” she said.

“I actually did record it” Mamma said, putting a camera in her pocket.

“What?” if you have seen the whole thing, then why haven’t you helped me?” you asked, outraged and offended.

“We are all spent after having killed the Author” Mamma explained.

“In fact, we can’t even go back to Fiery Creek right now. We’ll have to restore our energies first” Laurel said.

“Well, I guess the people in Fiery Creek can handle whatever is going without us” you said.


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