The Council’s Epic Adventure through the Universe 4: A Gas Station in the Middle of Nowhere

Summary: we have stopped at some space station, and the crowd here looks quite rough.

Another week has gone by, and we have finally stopped somewhere. This week has been silent, with a lack of interaction. After all, it’s not like we are going to forget what we did to Amelia that easily. None of us know what it is that we fear: to see the monster in others, or, through the reflection that they show us, to see the monster in us.

Thus, when the ship has finally notified us that we have stopped in a Gas Station and that we should take this time to go to the bar for drinks, we have seen each other for the first time since the Salt Mines. There has been little to no interaction, and we have all awkwardly walked through the bridge and onto the Gas Station.

We have ordered our drinks and we have all sat at different places in the bar. The people there have not looked at us, and we have not looked at them. The environment of the bar was clearly gloomy, almost as if we were breathing heavy air, our lungs unable to process the heavy liquid that is going to them.

That was, of course, until a rowdy crowd came. A few of the people that had been there with us disappeared, one to the toilet, and a few others through another exit. The one who looked like the leader of that group looked at the whole place, and saw us.

“Newbs” he said. “Come here, newbs. Learn how things work here”.

We tried to resist, but even William Sato was stripped from all of his possessions at gunpoint.

“Now take us to your ship, newbs. We are taking it” he ordered.

We walked towards the town council/spaceship, and got to the entrance, which opened for us, but warned that it would only let the Council members inside.

“Like we would not take such a nice from a group of newbs like you” he said.

An enormous mounted automatic machine gun appeared from out of nowhere. “You better hand in my people, or I’ll kill you”.

“Let’s see that”.

The spaceship shot ruthlessly. We found ourselves amidst a group of bloody corpses. We recovered our things and got into the ship, which, as we walked in, commented that “Only I get to kill you. Or yourselves, of course”.


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