Important Sites of Fiery Creek 22: The flower garden

There is a flower garden in Fiery Creek, east of Main Square. It is the only place in town – apart from the Orchard and the nun’s abbey, of course – where plants other than cacti have managed to flourish. This remains one of the greatest mysteries in town, over anything else that has ever happened.

The garden appeared long ago, years ago, in the middle of the 10 years war. It was one of the safe havens that many citizens used to protect themselves from the fight that was going on everywhere in town. Somehow, these flowers managed to keep the bullets and the death spells away. In fact, most of the conflicts in town have left the place unaffected.

The thing is, these plants grow healthy in the middle of the desert, which sounds quite unlikely. There have been several theories about a secret gardener, someone who is protecting the wellbeing of the neighbourhood with her caring hand, by maintaining the garden in shape.

Several fingers have pointed towards Amanda Alexander, but nobody has seen her around the place, in fact, not even Doris Waters’ security systems have ever captured her approaching the place. Which brings us to the next point: in Doris’ peak of terror, in which the whole town was under surveillance, her security system was not able to see through the garden. In fact, she has never been able to go in there, either.

A small garden with flowers and a fountain, a simple thing like that, is the proof that not everything is explained out there, that there is mystery even in the commonest of things.


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