History of Fiery Creek 24: Commerce between Fiery Creek and Hell – A historical analysis

Excerpt taken from “Commerce between Fiery Creek and Hell – A historical analysis”:

It would seem that the citizens of Fiery Creek did maintain commercial relationships with Hell for a short period of time that spanned between 1854 and 1857, right before the destruction of Hell by Mary Clark. It is unclear how the relationships between both parts worked, whether they were friendly or not.

Currently, there are two main theses about what happened during this period of time: those who, like Smith-Anderson, believe that the relationships were actually quite good, which spawned strong commercial ties, and that an abrupt crisis in 1857 led to the destruction of Hell; and those who, like Kauffmann and Jameson, believe that the official relationship between Fiery Creek and Hell was rough, and that it was the lower classes of both populations who, out of necessity, almost in secret, led the commerce through those years.

The problem with Kauffmann and Jameson’s thesis is that the commercial ties between Hell and Fiery Creek were highly publicized, as can be seen in documents 7 through 24, and that all citizens from the time who are still alive confirm the commercial ties to be open and public. In fact, several sources [25, 33-44, 77, 84, 86 and 91] have extensively documented the existence of objects which came to earth from Hell, through Fiery Creek.

This would seem to prove the Smith-Anderson theory, however, the fact that commercial relationships were flourishing at the time would mean that the relationships between both factions were good, which cannot explain the abrupt events of August 1857. None of the living who survived those events have ever given a good account of what happened, and no documentation exists on how Hell was destroyed.


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