Weekly Fiery Creek, 30/10/2016

This week on the news:

Yet another week of no death, aliens being repelled by Fiery Creek forces

Just… wow. We don’t know what to say. This week, Denna Sanders and Vitor Vico have designed a strategy that has allowed many people in town to fight against the aliens. For the first time ever, the citizens of Fiery Creek have fought their way back against the invaders, instead of just waiting for a group of saviors to use their powers to take care of the threat.

In an utterly empowering move, the leaders of town, in collaboration with columnist Denna Sanders, who writes the Denna’s Charm of the Week section, have created and published a team strategy that has been successful at keeping the aliens at bay. In fact, all of Fiery Creek has fought alongside Joana Jauregi, Amanda Alexander, Vitor Vico and Jennifer to destroy the alien menace.

The battle continues, and killing some aliens does feel refreshing. Let’s fight! For Fiery Creek!


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