23 – C

Mamma Luca and Aren walked to the remains of the Academy, where they had studied over two thousand years ago. Aren sighed.

“Good memories?” Mamma asked.

“Yes” he smiled.

“Memories of the times when we were young” she continued.

He looked at her with tender eyes. “Of course”.

Mamma nodded, and walked around the remains, appearing and disappearing from Aren’s sight, exploring the whole place. “What if I told you that this place was full of lies?”

“You have already told me that, and given me some proof, Alba” he said.

“I know, I know. Now comes the rest. But first, we need to talk about some… stuff. How I came to piece everything together”.

He looked interested. “Is this from your trip after the Ritual?”

“Definitely” she answered, with a serious tone in her voice. “But there were other trips, too”.

He was surprised. “I’d like to hear about those”.

Mamma nodded once more. “Everything has to go in order, though”.

She paused as she got in front of him and looked into his eyes for a second. She then started to circle around him, in circles of a regular radius.

“My beloved Stefano was used as a blood sacrifice, which intended to bring the three sisters for a witch Ritual. By this, Erin’s Library dimension and this dimension would collapse into one for a short period of time, in which she would be omnipotent in this universe, and she would adjust the flow of events to the Plan”.

“That’s all correct” he said.

“Thanks for the confirmation. Now, when I went around the world, trying to find peace, by chance, I happened to meet Aristokles, our master in this same Academy. He had been hiding across time and space, holding onto one of the philosopher’s stones” Mamma retold. “It seemed strange to me that, after they had told us that they would destroy the stones and die with their knowledge of the Plan to protect it, he kept living for centuries”.

“It is strange, true” he conceded.

“Or is it?” Mamma asked, as she stopped in front of Aren.

Aren gave her a weirded look. “What do you mean?”

Mamma resumed her circling. “Well, it is not very difficult to understand. At no point did any of the teachers state that them dying was part of the Plan. That was just something they told us so that we did not look for them and ask for the truth” she explained.

He was taken aback. “But… how? Why?”

“They can tell you themselves” she pronounced, as she cracked her fingers.

Together with the sound, the daylight disappeared and fires illuminated the whole area, a circle with Aren in the centre. Around it there were several old men and women, held by chains in the spot. They all looked up as if Aren and Alba had just appeared there.

“All of you… you were alive all of this time!” Aren cried.

None of them said a word. Mamma spoke from behind Aren. “That’s some pretty bad acting. So cut the crap” she cracked her fingers once more, and they appeared back in the Academy. 

He seemed offended, or angry. “What was that supposed to mean?”

“Laurel found them in her trips through space and time, when she became so powerful in such a short time. She told me about them, and together we understood. They lived because that was their payment, to live eternally in exchange of their services, for setting into motion a Plan designed to protect the creation and the creator. The whole Plan was a lie from the very beginning, a lie which, you, as the Author, created so that you horrific creation was never destroyed!”

His face was pure anger. “So what if it was? The Plan is being corrected right now. Anne Black is going to die in the Caribbean, and you are out here alone, no match against my power!”

“That’s why I’ve brought reinforcements”.

Laurel came out of Mamma’s bag, carrying a katana and turning back to normal size. She slashed through Aren’s body with all of her power, and before he could react, Mamma and her were performing a joint attack. Aren got destroyed.


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