23 – B

Not much here to tell, really. Just millions of aliens from the Confederacy of Extremely Politically Correct Sentient Beings and Non-Beings dead. Also, people wondering why aliens bring millions or even billions in their invasions of Earth. Also, lots of extremely inappropriate imagery going on around town, which is pretty normal for us, but apparently upsets many people. Status update on everyone:

  • Vee: planning the whole strategy against the aliens and leading the Fiery Creek forces.
  • Amanda: fighting some next to Joana – actually letting Joana do the hard work while she gathers intelligence on the aliens.
  • Joana: wrecking havoc of the aliens all by herself, thank you.
  • Frank: following Joana while recording everything with a Canon camera, later posts everything in his youtube channel, where he has over 1 billion views. He beat his own record by posting a video in which he stabbed an alien, which gathered 56 million views in just three seconds.
  • Erin and I: organizing everyone in the Arc, making sure that injuries are tended to and that everyone is eating proper food.
  • Denna: organizing the fighters, and making sure that they have proper knowledge of magic to fight.
  • Jennifer: fighting in the first line next to Vee. Her powerful energy ball attack has swiped dozens of aliens in one go – also several buildings.
  • The Kulmala family: collecting alien specimens and conserving them in ice, as apparently Mikloz needs them for his research on some unknown governmental agency.

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