23 – A

Melbourne had been nice. The rest of Australia, not so much.

You had visited all of the shithole towns in Australia’s countryside, but apparently, there had never been any person with the surname Black there. You were now in Beaufort, one of the largest municipalities in the region – which was still smaller than Fiery Creek, which you had initially considered a shithole town -, and you had not had any luck here, either. It sucked.

You paid for the hotel and took your rented car back to Melbourne. You had given up. You went to the airport and argued with some stupid clerk about getting an airport ticket back to Fiery Creek, which you finally managed to buy. Now you just had to wait to the night, and then you would be back with Vee, and you would try to figure out what was going on.

You boarded the plane quite relieved, maybe thinking that had not made a mistake, that you could possibly be from Fiery Creek, that crazy town in the middle of the desert. You fell asleep before the plane took off, reassured that you would somehow sort things out in Fiery Creek, with everyone’s help.

You did not wake up until the very end. You suddenly started to hear people screaming, and woke up in confusion. The man next to you was screaming in panic.

“What’s going on?” you asked.

WE’RE CRUSHING!” he shouted at you.

And then you felt it. The plane going down at an incredible speed. You somehow managed to create a protective spell, but it was too late. You protected yourself right in the moment in which the plane hit the ground, almost like a flan hitting the ground at an incredible speed. It just simply burst open, and all of its passengers splattered against the floor in a bloody fashion.

You found yourself standing next to your impaled neighbour, who had passed out on the spot. You looked around and saw a woman screaming in pain. You took your bag, which had also gone unscathed, and run towards her. Before you could even get there, a machete went through her.

“Mayor Laura García?! What are you doing!”

She turned towards you. “You… I know you… You are that newcomer girl… Black”.


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