The Council’s Epic Adventure through the Universe 3: The Salt Mines continued

Summary: this week has been pretty bad for us, so we are going to start with a joke.

Joke: what’s the hardest part of a vegetable to eat? The wheelchair. It’s even harder if the vegetable is not a vegetable, but a woman who just happens to be in a wheelchair and is not willing to die.

So, let’s get started with the week. The town hall/spaceship thing we are traveling in had taken us to this planet and told us to mine some salt for it. We insisted that we would not be doing any work at all. The spaceship just simply decided to cut our food and drink supplies until we got to work. It also decided that it was a good idea to play super high Skrillex while we were trying to sleep.

Even though we had to undergo those hardships, the Council as one decided to continue their work for Fiery Creek by rebelling against the machine, assuming that it had been programmed with the Three Laws of Robotics and that it could not harm us. We were wrong. Oh, yes, were we wrong, so wrong we were. The Council now stands with five members as a consequence of our foolishness.

We resisted the first day without problems, and though the second one was bad, our spirits were still high. The third day had us doubting, and the fourth one… Oh, the fourth day. It crushed our spirits. We reached the fifth day with no sleep, extremely hungry and thirsty, on the brink of madness and death. We decided that we had to get the work done.

The problem with this, however, was that nobody had any strength to carry so much salt to the spaceship. We needed nourishment. So we took extreme measures. The decision was taken and… Amelia Beyer was cannibalized, against her will. She fought against the rest of us, but not even the wheelchair was left when we were done with her.

We are murderers.

With the nutrients that her body and wheelchair gave us, we managed to carry out the salt mining, after which the spaceship gave us water and food, and let us sleep in peace. We asked what our next tasks were, but it told us the rest of the work had already been taken care of in this planet.

We are now heading to out next destination. We have crossed star system after star system, traveling towards some set destination we don’t know about. In our trip, we observe the celestial bodies, the ones we knew about and the ones we have just discovered, in silence, something broken inside us, a member missing from our unwanted expedition.


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