Important Sites of Fiery Creek 21: The Arc

Hello! We are back with a new edition of Important Sites of Fiery Creek, and are there news to tell you guys! We had initially thought about publishing a post about the Caliph’s Palace, now that it’s accessible once again, however, we are trapped inside the Arc because of some ‘politically correct alien’ invasion, and there is nowhere else to go, so let’s write about this new place.

The Arc is an underground fortress built by Joana Jauregi, a fairly unknown woman who has, however, managed to efficiently save town from all of the aliens, with no casualties whatsoever. She is part of Amanda Alexander and Vitor Vico’s group, and she is hailed as a hero by all of the townspeople. So, what makes the Arc such an special place that its creator should be admired?

There are two things that make the Arc so unique. The first one is that the Arc has an impressive defensive system. The whole Universe and Reality itself could be destroyed, and the Arc would be left intact, in the middle of the void, holding itself and all of its contained items inside, untouched. We have tried to ask Joana for explanations, but she is extremely elusive, and we could not find her. Engineers and magicians alike all praised her work and gave us some mumbo-jumbo explanation that we are not going to reproduce here, because fuck all of that jargon.

But the second reason why the Arc is incredible is that it nestles a layer of Reality inside it. That means that a completely new and different Multiverse is contained inside the Arc, a peaceful Multiverse in which there are no intelligent life forms, nature is generous and everything makes sense. There was more jargon for this, which we are not going to reproduce, either. It’s just incredible how a will could possibly bend Reality in such a marvelous way.

There is not much more to say. Enjoy the prairies and the mountains, the seas and lakes and rivers. Discover this new Multiverse and make a home here. Just enjoy.


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