History of Fiery Creek 23: Reality

Merlin was recovering from his injuries. In the end, he had been the one with the slowest recovery, and was still in bed.

Alba Luca left the town for some time.

Diane was in a bitter mood, doing stuff by herself. Ba’al had tried to speak to her, but she had shut everyone out.

Odin had gone back to Asgard.

John had been grounded once more, after his parents knew of the horrors that he had witnessed.

Erin concentrated on her Library work.

Mary Clark was the only who was trying to lead a normal life. She had also been the one to bury The Cactus, all by herself.

That evening, she had poured a cup of coffee with sugar after a long day’s work. She looked at the walls of the Caliph’s Palace, looking nowhere in particular, pretty much emptying her mind from any thought. She had not slept been able to relax or take a moment to herself after the attack. She had not let herself, after they had all been overpowered with such ease.

Her state of emptiness was interrupted by a sudden entrance. Satan had come to the Palace. Mary could not help herself. “God, not you again, please. Just leave”.

Satan ignored her. “I’m not here for Ba’al, Mary. I’ve heard things. Horrible things”.

Mary had not expected that. “Oh”.

“I understand that you fought It“.

“It? What do you mean?” Mary seemed quite annoyed.

Satan was surprised. “You mean to tell me that you know absolutely nothing?”

“Nobody tells me anything in this town until it’s too late” Mary pronounced bitterly.

“Then I need to tell you”.

“You? What does someone like you have to tell me?”

“All of it” Satan said, solemnly.

Mary sighed. “OK, if you say so… But don’t expect me to hand over Ba’al in exchange”.

Satan smiled, as he took a seat in front of Mary. “Don’t worry about that. I will make him fall for me with other methods”.

Mary pulled a face of disgust, but offered a cup of coffee anyway, out of politeness. “Coffee?”

“Oh, thank you for the offer” Satan said, taking a generous cup of coffee. He took a sip of it. “It’s Arabian coffee, isn’t it?”

“It is” she answered, as he enjoyed the cup. He was taking quite long to get talking, so Mary coughed, trying to point out that she wanted explanations.

“Sorry, I almost forgot. Anyway, the first thing that you need to understand is the way Reality works. I think you already know about the multiple dimensions that exist. There are also levels of Reality. Lower levels are nestled inside higher levels, and there are infinitely many possible layers of Reality. Are you following me? It’s a bit complicated…”

“Shut up and keep talking, I’m not retarded” Mary urged him.

“OK, OK… I’m actually quite surprised that you follow. Anyway, there is a highest level of Reality, and that is what we would call God. All of the beings in all levels of Reality are connected with God” Satan added.

“And God created us all?” Mary asked.

“Not quite. The fact that something like It exists proves that this level of Reality was created by a human” Satan pointed out.


“Only a human’s brain could conceive such an abomination. The Author created this whole Universe, and inserted It within” Satan explained.

“But then… what about The Author, who sometimes appears in this Multiverse?”

“That is the Author inserting himself in his creation. It’s not that rare”.

Mary thought about all of the things that Satan was telling him, and suddenly thought about one of the most important question that she had. “Wait, how do you know any of this?”

“Oh, that’s because I am a representation of something that exists at least in The Author’s level of Reality. Same thing goes for Ba’al” Satan stood up, finishing his coffee. “Anyway, I understand that Ba’al usually goes back home around this time”. He made a rose appear out of thin air. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go talk to him for a while, and we can resume our conversation tomorrow”.

“Oh, God” Mary sighed, seeing him go.


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