Weekly Fiery Creek, 23/10/2016

This week in the news:

This is not what we were expecting

Remember how we had predicted that some incredible horror was coming to town? Well, the Confederacy of Extremely Politically Correct Sentient Beings and Non-Beings is here trying to kill us all for mysterious, unexplained reasons, and we are quite disappointed by the results of said attack.

Even though three of the powerhouses in town are out of town for business – Mamma Luca, Laurel Lewis and Anne Black -, there have only been two casualties and some destruction of public and private property. The casualties include Frank the goat, who was killed by the aliens twice, and then his body reformed instantaneously back to normal.

Everyone in town was saved thanks to Joana Jauregi, who took everyone to an underground Eden that she calls the Arc. She had previously been taken to prison precisely for building this fortress that can withstand absolutely any attack in city grounds, and she had won the case because nobody could actually go through the entrance to check that there was a building there. Though this proves that she had actually built a fortress illegally, we are extremely thankful to her and I don’t think anybody is actually going to arrest her or charge her with anything.

So, here is the thing. Having lived all of our lives in a town full of horrors where there was a genocide every other week, we cannot get used to this era of peace and no death. The extreme reproduction of population that had kept town from disappearing when a disaster struck has apparently also slowed down, and population is stabilizing as we ask ourselves: maybe the world is actually a beautiful and peaceful place?

We can’t understand our new situation, which produces a lot of anxiety. It’s almost like we are waiting for death to strike in some surprising and over the top way, yet, each time for a few months now, the disaster has been averted with minimal casualties. What this might mean, we don’t know.

We are trying to explore all possibilities, and we have no answers. Maybe God had abandoned our town and has given us redemption. Maybe nothing makes sense, not even the suffering of the people here, and this doesn’t make sense either. Maybe we all died in the Apocalypse and this is just our Purgatory. Maybe death is just an illusion and maybe suffering is not necessary to achieve salvation, or to lead a normal life, or to work out how to open a jar of olives that won’t budge. Maybe we are getting too philosophical with this, or maybe we aren’t, and maybe our town is being spared from the suffering because our country is going to elect either a bad president or a terrible one. Maybe we are the chosen ones, and maybe we are the innocent, maybe, just maybe, this world is actually inherently good, and not plagued with evils, like we had thought before. Maybe even, when you embrace the good stuff in life, life gives back good stuff, too, and maybe the people who keep protecting us and caring for us know what’s best for us because they are envoys from some merciful God who loves us.

We don’t know, and we are going to try to explore this through this issue, from pages 1 to the very end in page 75.


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