22 – A

We all went to the airport to say goodbye – an airport that had been built just for your trip, and been connected with several airlines that were bewildered to find out that a new airport had spawned out of nowhere, and that they offered services to and from international destinations. Vee had prepared everything as a surprise, and he had even bought a ticket for you to go to Australia. You were amazed.

“Vee… but how? This is incredible!” you pronounced, eyes wide open, trying to get hold of the size and beauty of Fiery Creek International Terminal 2. After that, you looked at the other two terminals in the distance, Fiery Creek National Terminal 1, and Fiery Creek International Terminal 3.

“Anything is possible when you know the Dark Arts” he smiled.

“Why are there two international terminals? I mean, this one is huge, and the other one is so small… Looks like you could have had just one, am I right?” Amanda asked.

“Oh, that. Fiery Creek International Terminal 2 is for people coming from any country in the world… And Fiery Creek International Terminal 3 is for British people. After Brexit they started to get violent with people from other countries, even outside their borders, so… You know…”

Everyone understood exactly what he meant, and nodded. As we walked into the terminal, Joana stayed back a little, looking at British people getting outside of the terminal. They were going rabid against everyone who was not British. Frank looked in the direction Joana was looking at.

“Oh, those fucking retards. What a fucking ego that they have, it’s a pity that the black plague did not erase them from the planet” he commented.

Joana just raised her left arm and made it look like she was shooting the British tourists. She then shot towards the terminal. The Brits all fell to the floor, as if they had been shot by a round with an AK, and the terminal exploded. No British people were left.

“That’s brutal! I think I’m starting to like you” Frank said.

“I bet you do” Joana gave him a small smile.

Amanda came out of the terminal. “Guys, come in quick, Anne is leaving soon”.

Everyone met in a circle next to a control. Even Mamma Luca was there.

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to be in prison?” Eleanor asked.

“Like they can keep me there” Mamma laughed.

“Guess you are right” Eleanor raised her shoulders.

You started to hug everyone goodbye, including Frank and Jennifer. Joana seemed a bit uncomfortable with the hug, but still managed to hug you back. Erin hugged you hard and asked you to be safe, and Amanda gave you a kiss in the cheek.

“Where is Laurel?” you asked.

“She was busy and could not make it” Mamma explained. “But she asked me to say goodbye”.

“OK, I see” you moved near Mamma to hug her.

“Actually, I have to take a plane myself, so we can say goodbye while inside” she explained.

“Oh. Fine, then” you turned towards Vee. “Thank you” you hugged him and kissed him in the lips.

“Tsk” Erin and I started to write on our files. “These young people, no decency”.

“Unbelievable” I added.

Mamma Luca and you walked through the control, and said goodbye from the other side. You went inside, and we could not see you anymore. You were heading towards Australia now.



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